Saturday, February 2, 2013

Soggy Butts


Pantera - Mouth for War


San Antonio Fire

KENS5 Staff pic of Childress Memorial Church of God in Christ burning

Story: Historic S.A. church goes up in flames; firefighters on scene..



Brand New Adam Gonteir - It's All in Your Hands



I do honestly wonder how in the heck I used to make 25-35 posts per week. I guess it's a combination of several things. I certainly don't surf like I used to. I know I don't spend as much time at the PC as I used to, but I have also cut down on smoking, so this is a good thing. I also didn't have a gaming system for a lot of that time. Now, thanks to my wife at Christmas, I do again! Sp that's gotta be the main reason I smoke less, drink less, and post less.

The moral? Go buy a gaming system! I've saved us money, but I've also shorthanded my fans, and that will change.

Right but seriously I'll be getting back to dedicating more of my time on finding good, new stuff to post. OK thanks, bye.



Friday, February 1, 2013

Fried Mushrooms

My pic

This makes some excellent fried mushrooms! I've actually never tried it at home before, but I was definitely impressed with my first attempt. Heat up a packet of instant cream gravy to go along with it.

Hint: Instead of 1/2 cup of mix & 1/3 cup water for the batter, use all the rest of the mix that's left after dusting the 'shrooms, in the correct proportion of course.. You'll need it all. Then you can drip batter into the deep fryer for crunchies!

I also added a pinch of salt, and a shake or two of both cayenne pepper & black pepper to the mix.

Link: Don's Chuck Wagon


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spurs Update

Apparently with our win earlier tonight, Gregg Popovich is guaranteed the job of coaching the West in the All-Star game. And this is a great honor! It's only been 9 games since my last update, but this is another good place to post one. Not only because of the All-Star coach deadline, but because it also marks the end of the January schedule for San Antonio: a month in which we went 12-3.

More importantly, we've strung together 9-straight since the loss @ Memphis.

Screenshot from here

Tony is back to form. Tim has sat for 4-straight games, due to a sore knee. Tiago Splitter has been incredible during this stretch, averaging 14.3 ppg, 8 rpg, and shooting 65%! Also during this 9-game streak, Aron Baynes made his season debut. In only a few appearances, he's already showing why he might just be the BIG we've needed this whole time. So yeah, DeJuan Blair's days might be numbered. Sorry buddy.

This 9-game winning streak should improve to 10 right before we go on our annual rodeo road-trip. By the way, a win Saturday would increase our home record to 22-2. Yikes! This year's rodeo trip lasts from Wednesday, Feb. 6 to Sunday, Feb. 24, and encompasses 9 games. Five of those opponents have losing records, so I expect nothing worse than 6-3, but 7-2 is more likely.

Sitting pretty at 37-11 right now, best record in the NBA, PPG scored 3rd overall, PPG allowed 6th overall, and a scoring differential of 8.4 - tied with OKC for tops. We also lead the league in assists per game, are 4th in assist-to-turnover ratio, 2nd in total shooting %, #1 in opponent 3-pt%, and 3rd in shooting defense.

Like a well-oiled machine, we are rolling.. smoooothly! But this is business as usual for us right about now.

All stats from

Model of the Addition to the Beijing Airport at Night


OK yeah, it's only a model.. But what a beautiful pic!

Here are some actual images from the same reddit source thread: one, & two

And here is the Google Maps view..

Best Friends

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Bad Combination


Neither does blogging and math, but that's a different post entirely. Blogging & alcohol? Well, that's OK.. I think.

How Pets See Us

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