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Spurs Update

Friday night at the AT&T Center the Spurs welcomed the New Orleans Hornets for the 4th time this season. All three of the previous ones were pretty close (2 were very close). This time, however, I expected something a little more impressive, the way we've been playing (9 straight wins).

Once again we were active inside early, as Tony had a several lay-ups, and Blair and Duncan both were pretty much scoring at will. The three combined for our first 16 points. It wasn't long before the game would take its shape. Manu would 7 of his own and the Spurs had a 34-24 1st-Q lead. Neal, Jack, and Diaw would chip in as well, while Carl Landry was carrying the Hornets. Ever since the score was 29-23 late in the 1st-Q, we would go on a 16-5 run (45-28), followed by another non-stop run that began with the score 48-36. Only 5½ minutes later the halftime score was 72-45 - so yeah,
Image Source (AP Photo/Darren Abate) - Pop proving his worth for CoY tonight

that's a 24-9 run, and our highest half of the season. By this point the Spurs were shooting a CRAZY 70+%.

Eric Gordon came out strong, and within 3 minutes our 27-pt. lead had shrunk to 20. We would again respond inside for possession after possession, but Gordon, Chris Kaman, and Greivis Vasquez would have a different plan. Our lead was now just 16 (85-69). Our second group was doing the most damage this game, so Pop put in Patty Mills with them, and things took off again. A 16-4 run later the 3rd-Q would end with the score 99-73 in our favor. Again - our largest 3Q output of the season.

Whatever lineup Pop put out there continued to dominate, so the rest of the game was pretty much a formality, as I would've bet the farm they wouldn't come back. They didn't. Tiago Splitter, Neal, and James Anderson carried us the rest of the way - with a little help from our new diamond in the rough, Patty Mills. The dominating 128-103 WIN was our highest point total of the season.

Not only that, but the Thunder lost in Indiana. And Miami lost at home to Memphis, snapping their 17-game home winning streak. And Houston beat the Lakers in LA. And Portland beat the Mavs in Dallas. So good things are upon us this night! The Spurs are now in first place, and the standings will follow. Here is the incredible boxscore.. Do notice how the points, rebounds, assists, and minutes are ALL spread-out. Yeah - that's how deep we are. We are now 27-5 since Jan. 30!

Here are the current NBA standings:

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Too Cute!

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The 2012 Masters Leaderboard

(Through Friday completion)


Click the image above to go see the complete leaderboard!   Or, here is the Masters homepage.

Go Freddie!!!

Godsmack - Rocky Mountain Way

(Brand new Joe Walsh cover)

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Timmy Being Timmy


Alcohol Warning Lights

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Adrenaline Mob - Undaunted


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The Masters - An Infographic

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Spurs Update

This past Tuesday and Wednesday the San Antonio Spurs braced themselves for back-to-back road games at Cleveland and at Boston. We've only had one game in the last five days (two days of rest on both sides), so we should definitely be ready to rumble.

Tuesday night in Cleveland Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard started us off with several early buckets, just before Tony & Tim were successful in most of the next several trips down the floor, as we took an early lead
Image Source (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

25-16. Manu, Jack, and Neal would pile it on for a 32-18 1st-Q lead. Tiago Splitter would have a great 2nd-Q, and help the Spurs to a 19-point 60-41 halftime lead. This was a quarter that also saw Daniel Green hit 2 more threes for a total of four for the first half!

Anthony Parker would lead a Cavs' charge to open the 2nd half, as they would pinch the lead down to 14. Tony Parker was not to be denied, however, as his 10 early 3rd-Q points, along with James Anderson's 5 would lead the Spurs to a serious 27-point lead (90-63). Enter Patty Mills.

Having already relieved TP for a solid 7 points late in the 3rd-Q, Mills would score another 13 in the 4th for an incredible 20-2-2 line on 8 of 11 shooting (4 of 5 from three). Blair & Neal had super 4th-Q's as well as the lead would balloon to as much as 37. Wow. The Cavaliers were never in this game, although to their credit, they had seven players in double figures - led by Antawn Jamison (15). We out-shot the Cavs 59%-42%, 46-27 rebs., 31-23 assts., and hit 11 of 23 from three - a nice 48%. The 125-90 beatdown WIN was an example of the way we should be beating almost every team right now. Here's the boxscore..

That would be 8 in a row, now.


Wednesday night in Boston things didn't come quite as easy. The Celtics have been playing very well lately, having won their last 5, and 7 of 8. They would also get Ray Allen back tonight after several games with an injured ankle. Kevin Garnett would come out angry, and make almost everything he put up for the first several minutes. Boston would jump out to a quick 16-11 lead. Resilient, Parker, Splitter, and Jackson would lead the Spurs on a 16-4 run to close the 1st-Q for a
Image Source (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

27-20 lead. But then the Celtics would make the game close again very quickly, as Avery Bradley would nail 11-straight for them. He's a good player. (Former UT product!) The Spurs, however, would go on another serious 14-2 run to take the 36-36 tie to a 50-38 lead. Bonner, Neal, & Duncan were key in this little run. Danny Green would close out the exciting half with a three, and the 59-48 lead.

As fun as this has been so far, the 3rd-Q was probably the worst Q of basketball we've played this season. And it wasn't just us. Boston was "playing along" and supplemented our sloppiness with more sloppiness. For the quarter, it was Boston 16, Spurs 9. Six Spurs' turnovers, many bad decisions, and ...well you didn't miss anything at all if you missed this Q. I think we were scoreless for 8 total minutes in 2 separate stretches of the 3rd.

So holding a 4-pt. lead, the energy for the 4th-Q was.. no different. We continued to turn it over. But the good thing is Boston continued to miss shot after shot, and I remember thinking "how in the world are we up by 13???". Our scoring was spotty, as Boston started to make the shots they got, and would be within 2 at 70-68. After a dominant Splitter drive to take a 77-70 lead, we would again go scoreless for almost 4 minutes. This is the 3rd serious scoring drought of this game, and this is alarming. Manu would finally sink the toughest shot of the season, but a few seconds later, Boston would take their first lead since 18-17 in the 1st-Q (81-79).

After a clutch Duncan jumper, Brandon Bass would again hit a shot to take a 2-pt lead. But Gary Neal nailed the three we were expecting to give us the 1-pt lead at 84-83. A sweet defensive stop later, Timmy would hit 1 of 2 FTs, and then after a second critical D-stop again, Matt Bonner nailed a 10-footer from the block on a crazy pass from Manu, and our lead was 87-83. After a timeout, one of the best shooters in the game, Ray Allen hit the three they needed (87-86), and with 16 seconds, Danny Green missed a three that would've clinched it.

Celtics had one last play, but Paul Pierce missed his fade-away jumper on the drawn-up play. And we got away with one: An 87-86 WIN with a terrible 2nd half that consisted of a measly 28 points. We had 5 guys in double figures, and killed them on the boards 53-39, but 17 TOs, and 7 of 28 from three is no good at all.. not to mention only 17 assists. TP and Manu both had bad games the same night, and we still won, so yeah.. we're lucky tonight. Here's the boxscore..

And that's 9-straight. OKC lost at Miami tonight, so we are now tied in the loss column. Sweet!

Here are the current NBA standings, courtesy of ESPN Dot Com.


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Here's Your 2012 Masters Preview

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This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Someone said "if there's a golf course in Heaven, it would look just like Augusta National", and I believe it.

Here are a few good articles to get you pumped up for the 2012 Masters, which begins today, Thursday, April 5:

Hype vs. Reality -- By Mike McAllister, PGATOUR.COM Managing Editor

Tiger Woods Focused on Five -- By Gene Wojciechowski |

Solving the Mystery of Augusta's Greens -- By Thomas Bonk

The Field - Pairings

PGA Tour's Expert Picks

Masters Dot Com for all your online coverage..

My two foursomes for ESPN's Best Ball Majors Challenge are: (1) Mickelson, Couples, Stricker, and Wagner --and-- (2) Woods, McIlroy, Clarke, and Yang.

They're Taking Over the World

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
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Ever Seen a Shotgun Rainbow?

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Lots more cool shooting videos at the source page listed under the video!

Wind Map

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"An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us — energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US.

Read more about wind and about wind power." (Source)

Click the banner image to go see your Wind Map.

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What a Sweet Knife!

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More information HERE..

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The Mother of all Hot Wheels Tracks

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The tracks we had when I was a kid weren't nearly this "advanced". I'm referring mostly to the angled turns..

But what about all these things?
I assume they have something to do with maintaining the car's speed, or something?

Incredible footage, nonetheless!

(Image screen-capped from video)

Whoa! Oops! Doh!!

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Quick - Let's Take a Picture

...before calling 911, or helping out.


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Urinating on the Floor at Work

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Good or Bad


Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name (LIVE)


They put on such a great show. They're coming to SA again, and I'm trying to convince my wife to go.