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In Case Anyone Needs A Babysitter


When It's Too Hot Even To Swim Outdoors


How To Find A Vegan


A Referee Materializes Out Of Nowhere


I can't figure it out. These things must just happen when there are fights in hockey. I wouldn't know - I rarely watch hockey.

Alcoholic Drinks & Their Calories/Alcohol Ratio

Click the chart to see the whole thing! Someone did a lot of work to put this together, and yes there's a LOT more to it..

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


1 - "Believer" (Diary of a Madman) - Dimebag Darrell's tribute to Randy Rhoads

Vocals - Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)
Rhythm Guitar - Kane Roberts
Lead Guitar - Dimebag Darrell (Pantera, Damageplan)
Drums - Michael Cartellone (Damn Yankees, Lynard Skynard)
Bass - Mike Bringardello

2 - Black Label Society - "In This River" - Zakk Wylde's Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

3 - Ozzy "Suicide Solution" from Randy Rhoads Tribute

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have An Old Ozzy Trio

...from the '80-'81 timeframe - Blizzard of Ozz & Diary of a Madman. For this post, please try to focus on just how talented are the musicians behind the Prince of Darkness. Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash in 1982, and might just be #1 on my list of "musicians tragically killed in their prime". He was already doing stuff that many guitarists would be known for 5-10 years later. It would've been amazing to see..

Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake were a great rhythm section, but not only that, they helped write this stuff just like every band member does. Bob was also the lyricist for the band, which most people do not realize. Neither of these two were given their royalties nor the fame & fortune that they should have all these years.

Mr. Crowley (Blizzard)

It's kind-of a shame that Don Airey (on keyboards) just had to join in with Randy on that solo. As the original recording shows, he's perfectly capable of doing it all by himself. But one of these three had to be a live video, and this one was my choice.

Tonight (Diary)

Why must they fade that out? C'mon, lemme hear all of it! This is without question my favorite "unknown" Ozzy songs.

Diary of a Madman (Diary)

Speechless. "Diary of a Madman" is simply a masterpiece, except it's pretty much guaranteed that most everyone already knows just how incredible it is. A brilliant piece of music. Quoting Bob Daisley in his interview, after they had this song written without him, Ozzy walked into the studio and began listening to what they had laid out for this song, and then said, "who do you think I am, Frank Zappa?"

Bob Daisley vs. The Osbournes

Image Source

Bob Daisley is an Australian musician, bassist, and lyricist who has performed in genres of rock, blues, rhythm and blues, hard rock, and metal. He was a long time member of the band Uriah Heep, but is arguably most famous for his contributions to and collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne and his first five solo albums. As the bass player, lyricist, and songwriter of the band that was supposed to be called Blizzard of Ozz, he was certainly instrumental in the creations of two of the best hard rock albums of all time, Ozzy's Blizzard of Ozz, and Diary of a Madman, yet for whatever reason was denied tons of royalties from these creations - as was drummer Lee Kerslake.

From Daisley's website: Over the years, many people have written in to the website to ask Bob Daisley about his work with Ozzy and the legal action taken against the Osbournes. Bob has kindly agreed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and a few of my own. It's worth noting that not only does Bob have an amazing memory, he's kept a detailed diary since 1976, these continue to prove useful. The answers in the following interview are an accurate account of what really happened and go some way to setting the record straight until Bob's autobiography reveals the whole story.

Click here to go read the interview.. This is a terrific read that will surely alter your opinion of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne in some fashion!

Here are a few of the questions and topics:

• Who were the original band members and in what order were they recruited?

• Who managed the band from day one and when did Sharon get involved?

• Why did you go back to work with Ozzy time and time again?

• Given Don Arden's [Sharon's father] statement that Ozzy's "command of the English language is minimal," and Ozzy's own admission that he can't play an instrument, how is it that Ozzy is the only person credited for songwriting on 'Bark At The Moon'?


How About A Mini Hummer?


The Amazing Golf Ball

A golfer, playing a round by himself, is about to tee off, and a greasy little salesman runs up to him, and yells, "Wait! Before you tee off, I have something really amazing to show you!"

The golfer, annoyed, says, "What is it?"

Image Source

"It's a special golf ball," says the salesman. "You can never lose it!"

"Whattaya mean," scoffs the golfer, "you can never lose it? What if you hit it into the water?"

"No problem," says the salesman. "It floats, and it detects where the shore is, and then it spins towards it."

"Well, what if you hit it into the woods?"

"Easy," says the salesman. "It emits a beeping sound, and you can find it with your
eyes closed."

"Okay," says the golfer, impressed. "But what if your round goes late and it gets

"No problem, sir, this golf ball glows in the dark! I'm telling you, you can never lose this golf ball!"

The golfer buys it at once. "Just one question," he says to the salesman. "Where did
you get it?"

"I found it."


Classy Officer - We Need More Like Him


The dude was even pushing the limit, almost to the point of being a jerk, and not only did the officer do exactly what he was supposed to, he was very courteous in doing so. Well done, Mr. Lyons, badge number #1093 from Oceanside, California!

Totally Looks Like


ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Himalayan Golf Course - Pokhara, Nepal

...the highest altitude golf course in the world.                                                                   Via

Pokhara may be well known for it's awe-inspiring mountain scenery but a great many golfers are now discovering that if you want a real golfing high , The Himalayan Golf Course, Pokhara is the place to head for in Nepal. It’s a must for the golfing connoisseur. Considered by many to be one of the 10 most unique golf courses in the world. In the Googles search for - "The most unique golf courses in the world", The Himalayan Golf Course gets 3 hits on the first page.

Adventure golf at its truest, the course’s includes some of the most visually dynamic holes known to golf.

Himalayan Golf Course has certainly been very successful in putting Pokhara in the golfer's map. The course was designed and constructed by an Ex British Army Sandhurst commissioned officer Major Ram Gurung MBE , and opened for play in January 1998. The course has been the venue for the Nepal Surya Western (professional) Open for the past twelve years.

Located just seven kms. away from downtown Pokhara, the twice played 9 hole course is well laid out for championships at 6,900 yards with a par of 73. It has 11 greens and different tee positions and lies for the most part inside a sweeping canyon created by the Himalayan snowed waters of the Bijayapur river. The course is now being upgraded to a 18 holes and is targeted to be operational from October 2011.

Source: Himalayan Golf Course website, which has a lot more pictures..

And here's another terrific article about the course..

Johnny Rabb & Benny Greb: Excerpts From Meinl Festival

Via Cobus Potgeiter

Johnny Rebb's website

Benny Greb's website

Monday, July 18, 2011

Incredible Photo Snapped In New Zealand

Must CTE!                                                                                                                                           Via

With a circular polarizer on his camera lens, Redditor thewormauger took this image through the windshield of a moving vehicle. What an amazingly beautiful area, too. I spent a little while on Google Maps street view trying to find the location, based upon the comment in the thread, "about ~10km inland from Haast heading towards Wanaka. Around where the rivers join."

And I found it. His photo is much more striking, but note the two yellow signs and the "65" on the 2nd one. He was also able to get a much better angle than the Google car driver. They take screenshots of videos anyway.

Encouraging News From Green Bay

Though the labor deal still isn’t done and no one knows for sure when and if it will be, the defending world champions are making it known that players should be ready to show up at the team facility on Saturday for a meeting.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Packers are telling players that the doors will open on Friday, and that the team wants the players in town in order to get started on preparations for training camp and the preseason.

This presumes that the remaining issues between the NFL and the NFLPA* will be resolved in time for the players and the owners to separately approve the new agreement. The fact that the Packers are getting the word out shows how widespread that presumption currently is.

Of course, teams aren’t supposed to be talking to players during the lockout. For many teams, however, that ship sailed a long, long time ago.


What A Pool!

The pool on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Marilyn Monroe Statue Erected in Chicago

That pose, that dress, the blonde hair, the luscious lips ...

A 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe towering above tourists in the middle of Chicago was unveiled on Friday to much applause.

Desperate to keep her identity a secret until Friday, workers who put the statue in place on Thursday had to put a rather unsightly cloth bag over the poor girl's head, albeit it one in red, white and blue.

The statue, by artist Seward Johnson, replicates the actress's famous subway scene in 1955 film The Seven Year Itch and was unveiled on Chicago's Pioneer Court.

In the scene Monroe stands over a subway grate as a breeze from a train passing below blows her skirt over her panties.

It was shot in New York but as the Windy City, Chicago seems like the second best location for such an art work.

While their wives and girlfriends were not there, the men from a wedding party took scores of photos from all different angles..

The stainless steel and aluminium sculpture, which weighs a whopping 34,000lbs, has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Not least because visitors to the plaza are at once confronted with Monroe's pert bottom in gleaming white panties and her perfect pins bedecked in white, open-toe kitten heels.

Watch the statue midway through construction:

Source - Continue to the rest of the article..

Casey Anthony Release: Didn't Drop The Ball, Did You, HLN?

Sorry but I found this extremely hilarious! HLN has been like "we've got your coverage for anything and everything Casey Anthony" ever since the trial started, but even going back to 3 years ago when Nancy Grace got ahold of it..... yada yada yada

MSNBC, FOX, and CNN all broke into coverage a little bit ago when she was released. HLN? The channel that carried 100% of trial coverage, and everything else? Nope. Their CEOs must have forgotten that Sunday starts at midnight.

'Amid tight security, Casey Anthony, a Florida woman found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, walked out of a Florida jail early on Sunday.

Witnesses saw Anthony, who had been acquitted on July 5 of culpability in Caylee's death, exit escorted by guards wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying rifles, and stepped into a black SUV a few minutes after midnight. The Orange County Jail later confirmed her release.

A crowd of 300 had been waiting since midafternoon Saturday for Anthony's release, and many rushed into the street to follow the vehicle as she was driven away, briefly blocking the eastbound lanes of a six-lane road before police cleared them away.

Many carried signs for and against Casey Anthony, and some chanted Caylee's name.

A large police presence included the sheriff's mobile command center, five horse-mounted officers and at least 20 uniformed officers on foot, many wearing bullet-proof vests. Three news helicopters hovered overhead.' (Source)