Friday, August 23, 2013

Fantasy Football Player Rankings Rant

All these major sites, who host hundreds of thousands fantasy leagues (ESPN, NFL, Yahoo, CBS...), should definitely have an application on their site that allows the owner to UPLOAD an Excel (or Works) spreadsheet, which converts into your player rankings. No, not every person who plays
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fantasy football is gonna spend the time to create his or her own spreadsheet (player list), but I guarantee for as many who do, there are probably the same amount who have one that someone else created for them.

Nevertheless, most people who play, and want to win, rank their players at the particular site prior to their draft, right? And it is those people - who have spent their time preparing - who deserve to save a few hours of their time by not having to drag & drop (or click up & down) 150+ players into a particular order.

Why is this not already a thing? We go apply for jobs, and sites instantly read our resumes, and not only show you the resume, but they take certain fields of information, and place that information where it is needed into their application!

C'mon... this is 2013 already!

Attn: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football, Yahoo Fantasy Football, and CBS Sportsline Fantasy Football


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fantasy Football is Right Around the Corner!


That's why my posts have been very limited lately. I'm utilizing a lot of time preparing. Just letting you know so you don't think I quit posting at all. No worries!