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No Idea

why this is so funny..

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Moose May Destroy Your Vehicle


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A Damn Yankees Quadruple Play

High Enough

Coming of Age

Come Again

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Don't Tread on Me


The Trayvon Martin Case

-- has nothing to do with race.

The sooner all you black protesters realize this - the better.

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And why is it that it doesn't make national news when tons of people are upset about a white person's seemingly wrongful death? It's because we don't feel it is necessary to collectively come together and publicly RIOT every time a white person is wronged. It is always an issue with race for them whenever one of their own is wronged - in this country.

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A lot of people are pissed off at the way Kelly Thomas was murdered. But do you see mobs of white people protesting, and causing civil unrest because a handful of police officers beat him to a pulp? No. What you see there is an organized effort to investigate a group of officers who went overboard in their attempts to subdue a non-violent person, resulting in his death.

If you oppose the actions of the officers involved in the Kelly Thomas case, but are also blinded by reverse-racism in support of Trayvon Martin, then maybe you need to rethink exactly what you stand for. Go take some time and think about what it means to protect your own human life. Go take a moment to realize that George Zimmerman didn't want to pull the trigger any more than Kelly Thomas wanted to plead for his life for 15 minutes, while cops beat him to death.

Anatomy of a Wasp

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Bees actually have a nice little reason for being, so leave them be.

Wasps don't die when they sting, unlike bees. They also will sting when bothered. They will also swarm more often than bees. Other than the fact that they kill some other ugly insects, Wasps, do not have a great reason for being. When you encounter bees, back away, and leave them bee. On the other hand, there is no good reason not to kill a wasp. Especially the red wasps. They will come after you. Also the yellow jackets, hornets, black wasps, mud-dobbers, etc.. Just friggin' kill 'em.

Queensryche - The Mission


It's even better in the context of the entire album. And that entire Operation: Mindcrime album is one of the best ever.

Moon Bridge, Taipei, Taiwan

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Spurs' Success Starts at the Top

This is a terrific article by ESPN's John Hollinger (1, 2) about the Spurs' organization. I think the national media may be waking up to exactly what it is we've been doing here for many years now. I think I even heard several "experts" publicly praising us - who have never, ever praised us - now that we've won 16-straight, and in dominating fashion. Greg Anthony, Tim Legler, Jeff Van Gundy, and more.

This is an ESPN "Insider" article, which means it's an article you only get to read if you pay ESPN for their Insider package. I'll let you know now, I'm not the one who ripped it and posted it. That credit goes to georgestephanopoulos. But I give the guy a ton of thanks for sharing an incredible article with a ton of people who would have otherwise not seen it.

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Once the rest of the league starts to pay attention to what we've been doing for years & years, I think they might start to figure it out. Then again why has it taken them so long? More importantly once the media drops their "old & aging team" moniker that has been present since about, oh 2007, perhaps they'll also realize this franchise isn't gonna have a rebuilding stage. We're gonna be there - competing with the best of them - winning 50 games a season - for many, many years to come. My only hope is that Timmy & Pop stick around a little longer.

Just Hitler and an Alien

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That's all.

Spurs Semi-Finals Update

Tuesday night the second round series between the Spurs and Clippers finally got underway. I only say finally because we've been resting for 7 days now. And now I find out we have a back-to-back this weekend? Such a crock! Its like "Way to go Spurs & Thunder! For sweeping your 1st-round series, we're going to reward you with back-to-back games. But wait.. there's more! It's going to take place on the home court of the team who doesn't have home court advantage!"

So game-1 began, and it was obvious that we were a little rusty. We missed several layups, and were allowing way too many points in the paint early on. But with all the shots we were missing, the 1st-Q score of 29-29 was actually acceptable. K-Mart would hit a few jumpers, which he doesn't usually do, and Eric Bledsoe was beginning to make a mark as well. Then Manu & Neal would hit back-to-back threes. After the game had been pretty tight throughout, the Spurs finished off the half with a 16-7 run: Our halftime lead was 57-49.

Two quick Caron Butler jumpers opened the 2nd half, but right after we would respond with 7 of our own, the Clippers took a timeout (65-53). Spurs would

Timmy dominated.. Image Source (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

proceed to score almost every time down the floor - responding to Caron Butler's 13-pt. 3rd-Q, but by the 1:54 mark, our lead had ballooned to 19.. 83-64, thanks to Manu & Diaw. Manu's 9-pt. 3rd-Q led us to the 87-72 3rd-Q lead.

After Jack extended the lead to 18 again, the Clips would go on a 10-0 run to close within 8 (90-82). Then our defense tightened-down like always for a 4th quarter playoff game. An 11-3 run combined with solid defense on Chris Paul resulted in a 101-85 lead with just 2:33 left. And the Spurs would close out the 108-92 WIN with perfect execution down the stretch.

1-0. I don't think they knew what hit them. Here is ESPN's boxscore..

Manu came through with 22 in 27 minutes. Kawhi & Danny combined for 31 and 12 boards, too! Boris Diaw is so important to us: 7 pts. 12 reb. 5 assts. and a +/- rating of (gulp) +24. Tony's was +26 even though he had a bad game - that goes to show you his stats don't have to be good for us to win. Then there's Timmy, who turned the clock back yet again with 26 & 10 on 12 of 20 shooting in 35 minutes.

That's 15-straight wins - and counting. We haven't lost since April 11th! APRIL 11.

Game-2 is Thursday night - again in San Antonio.

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This one's mine..

Mom's best friend these days. She's a good kitty. One of the loviest I've ever known. Just had to share a pretty good Mother's Day picture of TT.

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Buddy - At the Eye Nose Doc's

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Project - Sea Lion

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Amphibious Car Project - Sea Lion
Manufacturer: M. Witt

On display @ Fantasy Junction: (

Video by Eric Costanzo - Video Corner Studios (

Special Notice

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CTE!                                                                                                           Source

I think Hallmark may have created this particular card just to screw some guy(s) over. Some are even worse, however. They don't reveal it until the inside of the card. So.. Men out there: Read the darn card!!

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This is Reese


Does anybody - who has a LOT of land - want a very loyal, sweet, non-aggressive dog??

Please disregard the super-old chair!

We would like to give her away to a good home. Regardless of the level of attention she receives, she can't stand being confined in a large backyard. She loves to come inside, and is very good with our 2 dachshunds. I've never found a potty mess of hers in the house, and she even knows several commands. She's a great watchdog - She'll bark outside when our dachshunds bark inside, and she'll bark at anyone who's near our house. She's never been aggressive that we've seen, in fact she's pretty shy. It's very difficult to get her to come to us, and get her back inside when she has gotten out.

And that's the issue. We have a 30-year old wooden privacy fence, which contains a backyard that's about 60 x 25 yards. If there's a storm nearby, or she just feels like it otherwise, she'll find an old slat and chew on it until she can squeeze out. It comes in waves depending upon storms, and how well we fix the places from which she escapes. A few years ago, she escaped and was even gone for days. Weeks went by, and we thought we'd never see her again. We got a call from a guy almost 5 miles away saying he had our dog.. 33 days later. And she was even spayed! The reunion was a pretty special moment, as she went nuts when she heard my voice.

The fact remains.. We'd rather her have a place to run - like acres & acres. She continues to damage an old fence that would cost us thousands to completely replace, and if it's not the fence, she'll find a way to dig out.

Reese's specs:
• 7 years old, is spayed
• Rottweiler - Sheppard - Chow - mix
• About 50-55 pounds
• Knows "sit", "paw", "kiss", "lay down" -- Somehow can't figure out "come". Guess we didn't work hard enough on that one.
• 100% potty-trained
• Hates storms, and will let you know they're coming hours in advance
• Left ear won't stand up

Please let me know if you'd like to give her a good home!