Monday, July 1, 2013

Car Technology

Crash test: 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

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The Rattlesnake We Found a Few Nights Ago (OC)


Mine (Click 'em to enlarge!)

It was about 2 feet long, and as big around as my thumb.. 4 little rattles. I was watering at 11pm, with a little flashlight (NEVER AGAIN), and one of those little green lizards caught my eye on the plant just nearer to me than the one I was watering. Down on the ground I saw the snake slither by, back next to the outside of the garage door, and I almost had a heart attack. It took us about 45 minutes, but we finally figured out a way to get it into an easy enough position to kill it. That method was the wife beating it repeatedly with the flat of a broom. (Thinking back it was rather comical..) After she had it stunned quite a bit, I was able to get close enough to chop it hard behind the head, with a flat-edge shovel.. We don't have a hoe.

And no, I don't live out in the country! This is the first one I've ever found at this house, and I've lived here 11+ years. Many have been found nearby - where my Mom lives, and where my sister lives - but first one here. It's also the first one I've had to deal with. I hope we can go another 10 years before seeing one again!

Interesting Jordan/LeBron Comparison

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The shaded area is obviously still to be determined by LeBron James. What's cool about this is when you look at each's career together like this, you realize not only that LeBron has a hell of a lot left to achieve, but that it took Jordan a little longer to "get going" than most of us probably remember!

How About Some LIVE Dio

Dio - "The Last in Line" (LIVE)


Awesome Dog House


Tube Ping Pong


That's a really interesting concept.

Back to the Grindstone! (OC)

Sorry for the gigantic lapse of inactivity. I needed a break. Ever since the Spurs got ousted, I just haven't had the extra energy, nor the required desire to do much of anything productive.. Except for, you know, the stuff that MUST get done. I'm back tonight, however!

That's my Rusty - being lazy