Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Is How We Do It

Just one of a nice collection of designs by Chris Murphy. More can be found HERE.


Don't get.. Ehh Nevermind


Here's What I Think Of Your Stupid Sign - Part 3


Mmm.. Tacos


Friday, January 15, 2010

NFL: The Marvin Harrison Story?

All of a sudden, the media is pulling out this Marvin Harrison story again, but right now! Nothing wrong with following up on the story. But late in the week that the Colts are preparing for their playoff run? We haven't heard anything about this story since mid-season..

C'mon Man!

The Best Times To Buy Almost Anything

My mom has a sixth sense when it comes to bargain hunting. Where I’m thrilled to get 25 percent off and free shipping, she’s finding deals of 70 percent off and getting inside scoop from the salespeople, who probably have her on speed dial should a ginormous everything-must-go-or-we-torch-it clearance sale come along.

Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but not by much. The point, however, is that the key to finding bargains is timing—off-season, end-of-season, new models bringing down prices on the old models. There’s a pattern and a perfect time to buy just about anything.

When possible, plan your purchases by using the following list to score the best deals:

Mattress — New mattresses arrive in stores in May, when you’ll find a good deal on the previous year’s models.

New car — New models roll into the lot in fall, so shop in September for last year’s model. Shop on a weekday at the end of the month to get the undivided attention of a salesperson trying to make their monthly quota.

Gasoline — Fuel up on a weekday, early in the morning if gas prices are rising or in the evening if gas prices are going down (prices are usually changed between 10 a.m. and noon).

Groceries (supermarket) — On Sunday evenings, you’ll save money through store sales (typically run Wednesday through Thursday), and by shopping in the evening, you can save even more on items that must be sold by day’s end. If you clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper, you’ll enjoy additional savings.

Cell phone — New customers get the best deals. For new phones, wait six months if you can. Search online for coupon codes, as well.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 Terrifying Seconds

..of the Haiti earthquake - caught on amateur footage. I know it would freak me out.

Wait For It!

I love it when owners train their dogs this well. I don't have that much patience. We have a family friend who used to have a couple poodles who were trained to wait this well. Pretty awesome!


Call Off The Tanks!


Doggy Ride Simulator


Training 101

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Weirdest Portable Stuff

Portable Fireplace
Stylish and striking, the Zeta fireplace is nothing if not original. Designed by John Dimopoulos, director of Geoform, Design & Architects Firm in Sydney. The EcoSmart Zeta fireplace is so-named because of its elliptical shape and pays homage to its Greek ‘origins'. A clever fusion of timber, leather andstainless steel, the portable Zeta fireplace sits on a brushed or polished stainless steel swivel base. The plywood body of the fire is shaped from a high frequency heated aluminium mold into the perfect elliptical shape. A ventlessstainless steel firebox insert is moulded to the internal face of the plywood, and the outer surface is upholstered in leather. The toughened glass screens that sit either side of the fire enhance the stunning visual effect created by the flame.

Portable Briefcase Seat
Apparently, office workers just like to sit! That's why artists Joan Korbes and Denis Oudendijk designed the Briefcase Seat so cubicle workers will have a place to sit after their long day of, um… sitting? Made using a standard briefcase, with a set of nylon straps crafted onto its body, the Briefcase Seat can be slung over any sturdy railing to provide a semi-comfortable seating arrangement for the time being.

Portable Washing Machine
If you're looking for a greener alternative to washing your clothes, it doesn't get much greener than our hand powered laundry machine. Technically, it isn't a machine since you have to use your hands, but this portable device requires no electricity, which saves money in energy bills. It is also portable, which enables you to use in places that don't have electricity. When you're in a hurry to wash a few items, this washing machine easily solves the problem of having to wait around for your electric or gas washing machine to complete a full load of laundry or feel bad about only washing a few items at a time.

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Introducing The Anti-Rape Piranha Condom

This is so brilliant! An anti-rape female condom invented by Sonette Ehlers… A South African women working as a blood technician with the South African Blood Transfusion Service, during which time she met and treated many rape victims.

The device, known as The Rape-aXe, is a latex sheath embedded with shafts of sharp, inward-facing microscopic barbs that would be worn by a woman in her vagina like a tampon. If an attacker were to attempt vaginal rape, their penis would enter the latex sheath and be snagged by the barbs, causing the attacker pain during withdrawal and (ideally) giving the victim time to escape. The condom would remain attached to the attacker’s body when he withdrew and could only be removed surgically, which would alert hospital staff and police. This device could assist in the identification and prosecution of rapists.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'll be here as much as I can!

Sorry for my lack of a lot of posts lately. Please be patient as I continue to bust my ass getting rid of my PC's rootkit infection.

Wish me luck, it's a full four-days running now. The help I seek know what they're doing, but damn this has gone from a mere nuisance to a serious issue. And this baby was 4 years old to begin with.

Please pray for my friend, and I'll do my best in the meantime!

What Is Beer?

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Mark McGwire and the Media

It hasn't even been a full day yet, and the media is already totally blowing Mark McGuire's recent admissions way out of proportion!

Mark McGwire is one of the greatest hitters of all-time.

Yeah, he may have used some drugs that weren't banned from the game in most of the years he played. Yeah the substances that the docs recommended to him to help him heal his injuries just happened to manifest themselves in subsequent years as BAD STUFF.

There is no doubt in my mind that the following fact is completely true:

Most of these guys who were dabbling in stuff their doctors recommended for good health, healing, muscle growth (is it a crime to help your muscles grow?), had no idea that their actions in any way deviated from the popular public opinion at that time. Is this a banned substance? No it's not. I'll always be able to purchase something to do the things that my body needs right now.

Is there ever going to be a "fine line" in Major League Baseball?

Why hasn't the steroid issue been such a HUGE deal in anything except for MLB?

How does this affect his ______?

How does this affect MLB?

All I care about is that this guy gets SOME of the kudos he deserves. There happened to be an era in the big leagues in which a lot of guys used the newest technology in medicine - to help them heal, to help them rehab, to help their stamina, to help their muscle growth.

Is this safe? Yeah.. Is it legal? Yeah.. All I want to do is be the best player I can be!

Monday, January 11, 2010

World Population

Here's a really interesting stat I ran across today, but one which I would like to expand upon. It deals with the population of the world, its estimates from wayyy in the past, and the estimates 30-40 years into the future.. along with some fairly accurate numbers in between:

The world's population has doubled between:

1181 & 1715 (534 years)... approx. 375 to 750 million

1715 & 1881 (166 years)... approx. 750 to 1500 million (or 1.5 billion)

1881 & 1960 (79 years)... approx. 1.5 to 3 billion

1960 & 1999 (39 years)... approx. 3 to 6 billion

At this rate it will be at 9 billion by about 2038, and will double from 6 billion to 12 billion (gulp, that's 1,200,000,000, or 1.2 trillion) by about 2079 or 2080.

Here are some more graphics to help illustrate what I've just said:

Source 1 & Source 2

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Clean Energy?


The World's Safest Table Saw

This one's for you, Dad!

More info at


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Very Uncalled for Dad

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Total Domination!

I was really impressed with the Dallas defense. 4 Sacks, 3 FumRec, 1 Int., 56 yards rushing... This defense has been pissed off since about half-way through the San Diego game in week-14 (loss 20-17). They had come off a sloppy couple quarters against the G-Men in week-13, but 5 weeks of solid performance prior to those two games. Only 31 points allowed in 4 straight games now!

Felix Jones: 16-148 and 1TD, and a catch for 30. A star in the making.

Miles Austin: 7-82 and 1TD - still causing serious problems for defenses.

Tony Romo: 23 of 35 .. 244 yds. & 2TDs .. NO interceptions.. NO fumbles.. Sacked only twice. Has certainly grown up. Minnesota's D is probably better than Philly's. And Favre and his crew aren't in the funk that Philly has been. Be patient!