Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here You Go Clips


OK ok.. this one might be better:


Friday, February 17, 2012

An Amazing Balcony in Switzerland

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We Have our Godsmack & Staind Mass Chaos Tickets

and it's gonna be incredible!

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This is pretty awesome! My wife and I ordered these tickets a few weeks ago, but I'm proud to announce now that we will be there. Both Godsmack and Staind are two of our favorite bands. We've seen them SEVEN times already separately, and now they're touring together? You'd better believe we're gonna be there. It will be an AWESOME show.

And tickets were reasonably priced, compared with a lot of the others these days, like the new Van Halen tour. Even tickets for Staind's last tour were $50 minimum.

Here's a Godsmack/Staind set:

Godsmack - "What If"

Staind - "Not Again"

Godsmack - "The Enemy" (IV)

Staind - "Paper Wings"

Staind - "The Bottom"

And the best for last, of course:

Godsmack - "The Oracle"


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Spurs Update

Once the Spurs beat New Jersey on Saturday night, they knew another couple days off were awaiting, for only the 2nd time this season. So after 4 days off in 5 days in the NYC area, we were off to take on the Pistons in Detroit. on Valentine's Day.

After a sluggish start by both teams (16-16, 3:15 1Q), SA outscored Detroit 16-6 in those 3 minutes to lead 32-22 after 1Q. Pistons would cut into it immediately and draw within, but the Spurs would push it right back out to 10 before both teams went scoreless for well over 2 minutes (44-34). A late Bonner three would seal the 1st half lead at 9, 55-46.

The 3rd Q would follow the same trend established in the 1st half. We held our lead well throughout, and even extended it to 14 shortly before the 3rd ended 74-62. While the Spurs went scoreless again for 3 minutes, Rodney Stuckey, and Jonas Jerebko

Image Source (Photo by J. Dennis/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

narrowed the deficit to 1 with 7:22 to go. Pistons would take the lead, then give it up, and with 4 minutes to go, it was clear this was gonna be a fight. But Tony & Timmy took it upon themselves to pull it out. The clincher was a Ben Gordon technical foul with 21 seconds left trailing by 3. Not smart at all. Spurs WIN 99-95.

Spurs had SEVEN guys in double figures scoring (Duncan 18 & 13). Stuckey & Prince led them with 23 & 18, respectively.

Not 24 hours later, we'd take the court against the Raptors in Toronto. Oddly enough our shooting was a lot better tonight than in Detroit, holding leads of 8-0, 12-6, and 23-12 after Manu's 1st three since his comeback. A Barbosa buzzer-beater-runner three ended the 1st Q at 25-17. Once again total team contribution would help us hold a nice lead throughout the 2nd Q.. 55-45.

Raptors quickly closed to within 6, then 4, and then tied it up half-way through the 3rd. With some super D, and some great shots by Manu, Bonner, & Tiago, our lead became 9, but wound up 83-78 after 3 Q.

Image Source (Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images)

Tony Parker has already been playing lights-out yet again, and it was at this time that he & Tiago began a series of several trips down the floor with unstoppable Pick-n-Roll. It was good enough that Pop left Timmy on the bench the rest of the way, until a few defensive breakdowns led to the Raptors closing to within 3 (101-98) with about 2 min. left. Another successful Tiago PnR with Tony, and a trip to the FT line the very next time down the floor, and Toronto was in foul mode with 29 seconds left.

Spurs hit 8 of 9 FTs in the last 1:05 to close out the WIN 113-106. Tony Parker had 34 and 14 asst. on 11-23 shooting, and 12 of 12 FTs. Duncan only had to play 19 minutes while netting 8, while yet again we had SIX players in double figures. Raptors out-shot us 55%-54%, but 8 of 19 from three range, and 23 assists on 41 FGs is good stuff. We even out-rebounded them 37-35.

And that's 9-straight wins! We will travel home to repack, and then finish out this rodeo road trip with some much tougher games, starting tomorrow night at Staples Center vs. the Clippers. Utah, Portland, Denver, and then Chicago back at home. See what I mean?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dream Theater - "Eve"

"The Silent Man" single B-side from 1994.


The Proverbial Fork in the Road has been Found

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How About an Over-the-top Modded Scooter

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Stupid People


Which reminds me.. Have you seen that commercial during basketball games where several players are making the point that calling a player's moves "gay" instead of "dumb or stupid" is offensive to gay people?

Is calling their their moves "stupid" offensive to stupid people?

Or how about this: "Hey dude, that dunk was SICK!"

"Shut your mouth, man, I'm sick over here.."

Why Cats Purr


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7-10 Split? No Problem..


The Beautiful Australian Coast



Weather: Only in Texas

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Such is the weather in south Texas. Overnight last Saturday night it got down to 33º, and we were dripping faucets, and stuff. Then the high Sunday was only about 65º before an overnight low again of about 40º, with rain. Then Monday's high never reached 60º, but it was a clear, very beautiful day. So then last night's low was probably 45º, with more drizzle. Needless to say, we needed the heater for 48 hours or a little more, moderately.

Then today it got up to 71º, and we opened up the windows, but there was no wind.. Then the wind kicked up and helped a bit. But a few hours ago I turned on the A/C because the sun set, and it was still 68º with probably 95% humidity. Yeah I'm always warm like that, and my wife is always cold. So when our heater is on, I barely have it set at 64 or so..

Anyway the A/C decision was a good one, because it's still drizzling, and the overnight low tonight is only 63º, but it's supposed to be a muggy, rainy 75º later today, and then get down to 48º again Thursday morning. The 5-day forecast right now shows a high of low-60s, and a low of mid-to-high 40s, which means we'll probably need the heater again. Ugh!

Only in Texas!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golf's Not Hard

A late-90's Tiger Woods Nike commercial..

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Blood-type Chart


Something we all probably learned in school, but have nonetheless forgotten.

NBA Triple-Doubles

Here's a great chart I ran across, that shows just how much more rare the feat of the triple-double is becoming over the years.

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Anybody remember David Robinson's 1994 quadruple-double? Hakeem Olajuwon did it, as did Nate Thurmond, and probably a handful of other guys before certain stats were officially scored. But only 4 have gone down as official, and the 4th player on this exclusive list was another Spur - Alvin Robertson in 1986. Here's a great Spurs Nation article about Robinson's historic game.

Here's the all-time list of NBA triple-doubles:

Click to enlarge!

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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

I don't watch the show "Hoarders," because anything more than a short video clip of just how nasty & trashed-out the residence is.. well that would just be unnecessary overkill. Here is a great example of someone who obviously failed Housekeeping 101: (Warning - this is about as gross as it gets.)

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Then again, this isn't really hoarding, but for lack of the proper terminology, it's just flat-out sick. One can only wonder what goes through the minds of people who choose to live like this. (Note the caption at one point - it says they found a decomposing cat corpse amongst all the mess. Yikes!)

Lake District, Langdale Pikes, England

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Lake District Wiki link - includes several more images from the beautiful area.

Google Maps link..

Hipster Candies


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spurs Update

The San Antonio Spurs finally had a nice, long practice, and some much needed rest. Then it was time for stop #3 on the rodeo road trip in New Jersey Saturday night. And the news of the night was the return of Manu Ginobili, after missing 22 games since breaking his hand on Jan. 2.

I ran across a super review of this game over at PoundingTheRock Dot Com, so I tip my hat to the author, Fred Silva, for a great article.. and for saving me some time.

Here is the game review. (Spurs WIN 103-89 and increase their win streak to seven.)

Clever Dog is Clever

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A Young Bill Clinton Meets JFK

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Just Once..