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The Periodic Table Of Meat

Scientists have long referred to meat as “the building blocks of delicious meals.” In an effort to catalog the world’s most popular (and unpopular) types of meat into an informative and easy-to-reference tabular form, I give you the Periodic Table of Meat.

Well not me, but pleated-jeans dot com does. Click the pic..

A Healthy K9 Diet


Friday, July 16, 2010


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How About A Meatsicle


Not sure about raw or frozen. Throw that thing on the grill, and I'll eat it up!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Annual July Birth Of Golf

The British Open is underway. It is always a birthday thing for me. I love golf, and I love watching the best in world. I love the Masters and the U.S. Open, but the British Open will always correspond with my own birthday, and I love it.

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My fourball challenge pick this year is as follows:

Justin Rose
Steve Stricker
Geoff Ogilvy
Tom Watson

Gonna get a nap and then go get some beer and enjoy the day!

Keep To Yourself


A Rare Beautiful Opportunity


Add To Cart? Oops Wait..


Meanwhile, On The Way To Aflac Headquarters...


Happy Birthday To Me


Nothing special, really. Last one - 39. Counting backwards from here on out. Hope you have all enjoyed my stuff this year.. There will be much more to come!

I Write Like..

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


Yikes! He hung himself at 46...

I may just have to find another selection of text. Using a flaming Dr. Pepper recipe isn't exactly a writing style, let alone MY writing style. More later..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steinbrenner Relished Wacky Depiction On Seinfeld

Even if you never watched a baseball game in your life, there was a pretty good chance you were well acquainted with George Steinbrenner, the 80-year-old New York Yankees owner who died on Tuesday.

Steinbrenner -- or at least a bumbling version of the baseball baron -- appeared on 14 episodes of "Seinfeld" as the boss of George Costanza
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(Jason Alexander), the assistant to the team's traveling secretary.

The Steinbrenner double, always with his back to the camera and voiced by series co-creator Larry David -- who had fantasized as a kid about working for the Yankees -- was depicted as a nitwit with a fondness for calzones, Pat Benatar and Cuban cigar wrappers.

"(David) really created this very caricature, this very mercurial personality who's just completely all over the place and neurotic," star and co-creator Jerry Seinfeld later recalled.

In one episode, the Steinbrenner character opines that "(Yankees icon) Babe Ruth was nothing more than a fat old man with little-girl legs."

He then reveals that he is wearing Lou Gehrig's baseball pants, but takes them off after worrying that he could catch the neurological disease that killed the baseball legend. "I'm too important to this team," he says. "Big Stein can't be flopping and twitching."

"If you can't laugh at yourself, then you're not much of a person," Steinbrenner told Entertainment Weekly in 1997. "It also pleases my grandchildren."

Seinfeld and David originally asked Steinbrenner to appear as himself, but he turned them down, wrongly thinking that the George character was a spoof on him. He eventually gave them the green light to use a double.

"I guess they did a pretty accurate job," he later recalled. "Nobody likes to admit they're quite like that, but I guess I was."
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Alas, Steinbrenner struck out with his one chance to play himself on the show. At Seinfeld's request, he stopped by the Los Angeles set in 1996 to appear in the final episode of the seventh season -- the one where George's fiancee dies from licking toxic envelopes.

Steinbrenner's character offered to accompany Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to the wedding as long as she lost a little weight. But the episode was too long -- a common problem on "Seinfeld" -- and it was cut for time. David was forced to call his idol to deliver the bad news.

Steinbrenner was actually pleased, telling Entertainment Weekly that he disapproved of the fiancee's death scene. "I felt it was sick," he said.


BONUS: Seinfeld's Greatest George Steinbrenner Moments (#8 is my all-time favorite.)

These Are Funny

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...and there are 18 more just like this here.


Drunk Australian Leaves Bar - Tries To Ride Crocodile

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SYDNEY (AFP) – An Australian man was lucky to be alive after drunkenly scaling the fence of a crocodile enclosure and trying to take a five-metre (16-foot) beast named "Fatso" for a ride, police said Tuesday.

The 36-year-old jumped the wildlife compound's fence after being ejected from a pub in the northwestern city of Broome late Monday night, and tried to sit on the back of the massive saltwater reptile.

"He first climbed into a compound containing two female crocodiles, before approaching a five-meter long male called Fatso," a police spokeswoman told AFP.

"The man was bitten on his right leg as he tried to sit on its back. He managed to escape and make his way back to the pub, where an ambulance was called."

Pub manager Mark Phillips said staff told him that the man reappeared at about 11pm with bits of bark hanging off him and flesh gouged out of his limbs.

"They said he had chunks out of legs and things like that," Phillips told website.

He underwent surgery for severe lacerations, and park owner Malcolm Douglas said the man was lucky to have survived his encounter with the 800-kilogram (1,800-pound) croc.

"The crocodile didn't kill that guy because it was jammed in the corner," Douglas told thewest.

Douglas said Fatso, one of the largest reptiles in the park, could crush a man with a single bite.

An average of two people are killed each year in Australia by aggressive saltwater crocodiles, which can grow up to seven meters (23 feet) long and weigh more than a ton.

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13 Things Your Butcher Won't Tell You

From Reader's Digest

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1. Don’t be fooled by supermarket brand names like Butcher’s Brand, Rancher’s Reserve, and Blue Ribbon. The label to look for is USDA Quality Grade. Prime is the best (and most expensive), followed by choice, select, then standard.

2. A big part of our job is window dressing. We flip brown meat over, cut off fat, and dab away blood that might turn you off.

3. Your beef may get ground in Iowa, stuffed in a long tube of plastic, and trucked to our store, where we regrind and package it.

4. Some companies pump carbon monoxide into packaging to keep the meat from turning brown.

5. Make sure you check the price per pound or per serving. The regular size is often cheaper than the family pack.

6. Why are you so wedded to the cut of beef your recipe calls for? We can suggest cheaper options.

7. My favorite cut? The hanging tender. Also known as a hanger steak or a bistro steak, it’s got great flavor at a good price.

8. Take the meat tray at the bottom of the stack or the farthest in back. Just like milk, it tends to be fresher.

9. Save $1.50 to $2 a pound on boneless pork chops. Buy a whole boneless pork loin roast and slice it into chops an inch thick.

10. Yes, that 92/8 ground beef is lean, but if you make burgers with it, you might be disappointed. Your favorite burger joint probably uses beef that’s much fattier.

11. Even if those chicken breasts say “100 percent natural,” they may still be injected with sodium-laden broth, salt water, or seaweed extract. Always check the label.

12. Some of the best tasting cuts are the ugliest ones, like the flap meat on the belly part of beef.

13. Ask me to help. Even if it’s already on a tray wrapped in cellophane, I can cut the fat off a roast, trim a flank steak into stir-fry strips, or grind up a chuck roast. Then I’ll neatly wrap it back up for you. All for no extra charge.

Also: 9 More Secrets Your Butcher Won't Tell You


Extended TP Rule

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For you, Jessica!

The New Beautiful


Thank you, BP!

Smart Lab Honks For Help

A Labrador helped himself get out of a scorching situation by taking matters into his own paws.

Donna Gardner said 11-year-old Max is not just a dog. He's like another member of the family. "You have to know Max," Gardner said. "He's a very smart dog and he just does things that I don't think a normal dog does all the time."

The chocolate lab proved that a couple weeks ago. Gardner said she took Max with her when she ran an errand, but forgot the dog was still in the car when she returned home. "I came in and started cleaning and about an hour later I heard a horn blow," she said.

Gardner went outside, but didn't see anybody. "So, I came back in the house and I started cleaning again and the horn blew again," she said. This time, Gardner said she saw Max sitting in the driver's seat of her car.

"I rushed over and got him out real fast and he was panting like crazy," she said. "I brought him in the house and he just dropped to the floor." Gardner gave him water and cooled him down with cold, wet rags. Her daughter called the vet, who said Max was a little weak but otherwise OK.


I Saw Nothing


New Printer

It's cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy new printer ink.

OK, not always, but it's something to think about.

It's so expensive I haven't bought new ink for my 4-year old printer in about 2 years. Text prints fine in another color besides black. Otherwise - I don't print.

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Flaming Dr. Pepper

That's an awesome trick this guy's (almost) perfected.

The recipe:
Fill a beer mug about 2/3-full of beer of your choice - a lighter beer is better than a heavy, dark beer.

Fill a normal-sized shot glass almost 1/2-full with Amaretto.

Carefully top-off the shot glass with Bacardi 151. You can use a little spoon to help prevent it from blending. You can also be a wuss and use a lot more Amaretto, and a lot less 151.

Light the damn thing on fire.

Drop the shot glass into the mug o' beer.

Chug it.

Be sure to make videos of your stupid friends doing it wrong, and burning themselves.

Post those videos on YouTube.

History Lesson: The Story Of Beer

Click the image for the entire infographic..


New And Improved Soccer


HOME                                                                                                                           AWAY



25 Chill Pills To Control Costly Stress


Stress is a killer -- literally. It also leads to wanton spending, unanticipated medical expenses and income loss.

In the worst case scenario, high stress can lead to suicide. The annual indirect cost for each attempted suicide is $31,616 and each completed suicide is $446,314. The emotional cost to family, friends and the community is incalculable.

None of us want to end up in debt because of stress, particularly stress that can be managed. Some problems simply can't be avoided (Are you listening BP?): Others we can control.

I'm one of those people who used to stress out over simple things, like laundry. It's taken me YEARS and lots of money to develop tricks for controlling this mania. I'd like to share 25 tips learned along my merry therapeutic path. Hopefully, they'll save you money without spending your money.

1. Avoid Human Stress Magnets
Limit exposure to those who create stress in your life, particularly if they refuse to change. You might even consider ending the relationship entirely. That can create more stress during the process, but the result can be surprisingly blissful.

2. Control Your Environment
Is this you? You're driving home, listening to the evening news when someone spouts an unbelievable inanity. You clutch the steering wheel and scream! (Okay. Maybe that's not you, but it's sure me.) That's why I now listen to music or books on CD during drive times.

If it's the traffic that makes you tense, take a longer but less-traveled route. If going to the market drives you up the wall, delegate the job to someone else, shop during slower hours or do the bulk of your shopping at farmers' markets, community-supported agriculture groups or bodegas/neighborhood stores.

3. Flip the Switch on Hot Buttons
Discussions of religion, politics and the economy make some people see red. If certain hot buttons just drive you 'round the bend, cross them off your conversation list. If you repeatedly argue about the same subject with the same people, stop introducing the topic or excuse yourself when they start in again. With enough practice, you might even be able to laugh off their foolish viewpoints.

4. Just Say No
We all have limits, but not all of us insist others recognize them. Refuse to accept excessive responsibilities, whether in your professional or personal life. You may be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you'll receive. Then again, you may not. But you won't know until you try; and you deserve to try.

5. Create a To-Don't List
Identify the "shoulds" and "musts" on your to-do list and eliminate or drop the non-necessities to the bottom. Shoot the "shoulds" to the top of the list if they ever become "musts," (if that makes sense).

Continue to the rest of the list..

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Whoa! Ow... OWW!!


No seriously.. read the title along with it, it's even funnier!

Animation Of All Global Nuclear Explosions 1945-1998

Obviously, this is going to start slow.


Pretty incredible what happens, oh, about 1992!

Nuclear Weapons Testing WIKI

I'z Just Havin A Sip


This looks so-o-o much like Harley, it's crazy!

Ms. Floyd


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Love Is


For you, Stephanie