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The Appraisal

An acquaintance of mine whose daughter was about to be married decided to give her a diamond ring that had been in the family for several generations.

The stone had never been appraised, so the father asked a gemologist friend

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if she would take a look at it.

She agreed, but said that instead of a fee she'd accept lunch at one of Houston's finer restaurants.

A few days later, as he and the gem expert sat sipping a glass of Chablis, he showed her the ring.

She took out her jeweler's magnifier, examined the diamond carefully and handed it back.

"Wow," said a tourist who had been watching from the next table.

"These Texas women are tough!"

Thanks Larry!

All Tat Places Need This Sign




OK you may or may not have heard by now, but this was actually part of the Casey Anthony trial, if you can believe it. There were arguments regarding whether trash was called "trash" or "garbage", and whether garbage was called "garbage" or "trash", or both... refuge, waste, chloroformed baby with duct tape around her face in a black trash bag ..

Good! OK Balance.. Wait, Watch Out For That...

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And So They Stay

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Safe Drinking Water


Friday, June 17, 2011

Famous Getty Image Of The Vancouver Riots The Other Night

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So yeah this couple decided there was no better place nor time to make the best of their moment. The priceless picture is completely innocent, yet it's 100% perfection from a photographer's point of view. Riots are happening here. Cars are burning, hundreds of people are creating a situation in which riot police have to be dispatched. And yet these two people in love will be forever known as "the couple who were making out in downtown Vancouver amidst riots" - all because their hometown NHL team lost a Stanley Cup Final game-7. Badly.

For them? Ehh who won?

The story behind the picture..

Updated story here.. It turns out there's more to it than just a young couple kissing in the road!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tony Romo's Color-Coordinated Wife & Bridesmaids Photo

CTE                                                                                                                                                 Source

Notice how they arranged all these hot women by hair color? I must admit I heard about this on a news report which contained Whoopie Goldberg stating this observation. Nevertheless, way to go Tony! Not only does your new wife have a lot of hot friends, but their hair colors cover the entire female hair color spectrum!

This Just Really Messes With Your Eyes


..and brain. /That's all.

San Antonio Spurs Named Top NBA Franchise In ESPN The Magazine’s 2011 Ultimate Standings List

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SAN ANTONIO (June 15, 2011) – ESPN The Magazine released its ‘The Ultimate Standings’ rankings for 2011 today and the San Antonio Spurs were named the top NBA franchise and the fifth-best professional team out of 122 total teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB franchises. The Spurs have ranked as the top NBA franchise six times and is the only franchise to have been named the top overall team twice among the four major sports since ESPN introduced its annual survey in 2003.

"It is with great pride that we congratulate the San Antonio Spurs for being ranked as ESPN The Magazine's top NBA franchise for the sixth time," said NBA Commissioner David Stern. "San Antonio's commitment to excellence starts with owner Peter Holt, is instilled in every member of the organization, and makes the Spurs a model franchise both on and off the court."

The Spurs ranked number one overall in two categories that were part of the judging process to determine the best overall sports franchise; 'fan relations' and 'players.' 'Fan relations' is described as the openness and consideration of players, coaches and management toward fans and the 'players' category is described as the effort on the court and the likeability off the court of franchise players.

Spurs Chairman and CEO Peter Holt was ranked as the top NBA “Ultimate Boss,” second overall among sports franchise owners, based on the criteria of honesty, commitment to their communities and loyalty to core players.

“This is truly a testament to the outstanding leadership and dedicated commitment to excellence from our basketball and business operations,” said Spurs Sports & Entertainment Chairman and CEO Peter Holt. “Our success is measured not only by what we do, but how we do it. By once again ranking first in fan relations showcases our loyalty to our community and exemplifies the passion our fans have as the best among professional teams.”

Spurs Chairman & CEO Peter Holt (Source)

The Ultimate Standings debuted in 2003 with the Spurs ranked #3 overall with the Green Bay Packers at #1. and the Arizona Diamondbacks at #2. In 2004, the Spurs garnered their first title ranking from ESPN, followed by the Dallas Mavericks at #2 and the Green Bay Packers at #3. In 2005, the Spurs ranked an impressive #2 behind the Detroit Pistons, and ahead of the #3 ranked Indianapolis Colts. In 2006, a year after their third NBA Title, the Spurs were voted to the top of the list again with the Detroit Pistons at #2 and Pittsburgh Steelers at #3.The Spurs finished second behind the Buffalo Sabers and above NBA Division Rival the Dallas Mavericks (#3) in 2007. The following year, the Spurs were ranked second overall behind the Indianapolis Colts (#1). In 2009, San Antonio ranked #9 overall and in 2010 ranked 7th.


Crazy UFO-Shaped Cloud Over Austin The Other Day


The Casey Anthony Timeline

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November, 2004: Casey Anthony becomes pregnant with Caylee Anthony.
March 19, 2005: Casey Anthony turns 19.
August 9, 2005: Caylee Anthony's date of birth.
March 19, 2006: Casey's 20th birthday.
August 9, 2006: Caylee's 1st birthday.
March 19, 2007: Casey's 21st birthday.
August 9, 2007: Caylee's 2nd birthday.
March 19, 2008: Casey's 22nd birthday.

2008 - Links to events, and my highlights
(Clicking these links will take you to a page where the selected time period is broken down into much, much more detail, including a lot more links to reports, photos, interviews, depositions, and the like.)
June 1 to June 14
June 15 to June 21: Last confirmed sighting of Caylee alive (16th)
June 24 to June 30: Casey's car towed from Amscot Financial (30th)
July 2 to July 7: Approximate date of Casey's new tattoo: "Bella Vita" (2nd); Mysterious Cindy Anthony MySpace post (3rd) and Casey MySpace post (7th) - both since deleted
July 15 to July 21: Accused of stealing checks, $700, and car by friend and mother Cindy (15th) [Listen to the three 911 calls: (01, 02, 03)]; Casey Arrested / First mention of "Nanny" Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez (16th); Attorney Jose Baez hired (18th)
July 22 to July 27
July 28 to July 31
August 1 to August 5: Casey formally charged with felony child neglect & 1 other charge (5th)
August 6 to August 10: Would've been Caylee's 3rd birthday (9th)
August 11 to August 15
August 16 to August 25: Casey released (21st) Bail: 500,200; 400 pages of court documents released (25th)
August 26 to September 2: Casey re-arrested for forgery, fraudulent use of personal information, and petty theft (29th); Bond revoked (30th)
September 2 to September 9: Casey released with ankle monitor (5th) Bail: $500,000
September 10 to September 16: Casey voluntarily submits for arrest a 3rd time for the same 3 charges as the 2nd arrest, plus several new charges (15th); Casey released (16th) - Bail: $1,250
September 17 to September 23: 591 pages of discovery evidence released including interviews with several persons of interest (23rd);

September 24 to September 30: More audio interviews released (26th), and Casey's cell phone records and text messages released (30th)
October 1 to October 10: Grand Jury charges surface (8th)
October 11 to October 17: 7-count Grand Jury Indictment including murder passed down (14th); Casey arrested for 4th (final) time, and sent to protective custody (15th); Pleas "not-guilty" to all charges (17th)
October 18 to November 10: 1,700 more pages of new evidence released (27th)
November 11 to December 01
December 02 to December 31: Toddler's remains found (11th) & determined to be Caylee by Dr. G (19th)

Click to enlarge..                                                                                                     Link

2009 - Links to events, and highlights
January 01 to January 31: George Anthony sends suicidal messages to family members (22nd)
February 01 to February 28
March 01 to March 31: Casey's 22nd birthday (19th)
April 01 to June 31: Caylee autopsy results released (19th)
July 01 to July 31
Would've been Caylee's 4th birthday (Aug. 9th)
August 25 to September 29
October 6 to December 18: Defense alleges meter-reader Roy Kronk (who found the body) may have killed Caylee (20th)

2010 - Links to events, and highlights
February 16 to April 23: Casey's 24th birthday (19th); Trial date set for May 9, 2011 (March 8); Casey declared indegent (18th)
May 11 to June 10
July 15 to August 30: Would have been Caylee's 5th birthday (9th)
September 15 to December 14

2011 - Links to events, and highlights
January 6 to February 16
March to April: Casey's 25th birthday (19th)
May: Jury selection begins (9th); Trial begins (24th)
June - Latest

Sources: primary here, also here, here, here, and here. (Please see all my sources for much more information!)

Tons more case information here at docstoc dot com

As always this is where you go for live trial coverage..

If you have any questions whatsoever - contact me, and I'll find it for you!

A Building On Mars?


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Go Home LeBron



Thundershirt - The Best Solution For Dog Anxiety

Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure is a terrific solution for many types of dog anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.

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Click the banner image to go learn more about Thundershirt..


Fear of Thunder/ Fireworks
Separation Anxiety

Travel Anxiety
Crate Training

Problem Barking

Leash Pulling
And More!

Hockey Rink To Basketball Court Conversion

Workers change the floor of Arco Arena from an ice rink to a basketball court for the Sacramento Kings - 15 work hours time-lapsed to 3 minutes 31 seconds.


Mmmm What a Great Table


Cell Phone Knowledge


Sunday, June 12, 2011

3-Way Street

by ronconcocacola

"By summer 2010, the expansion of bike lanes in NYC exposed a clash of long-standing bad habits — such as pedestrians jaywalking, cyclists running red lights, and motorists plowing through crosswalks.

By focusing on one intersection as a case study, my video aims to show our interconnection and shared role in improving the safety and usability of our streets.

The video is part of a larger campaign I created called '3-Way Street'. Please see for more details.

Music: Peter Gunn / Theme by Art of Noise, available on iTunes."


If You Can't Take The Heat - Get Out Of The Kitchen


The Armpillow


I think I've posted something like this before, because I already had "arm-sleeper's" in my saved tags. But what the heck - I'd love to try one out. You know, I actually invented this one night laying in bed, while I was having trouble sleeping - specifically due to the fact that it didn't seem like I could find a place to put my arm. But obviously someone beat me to the patent office..

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