Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Team

After 8 Mock drafts and 3 weeks of preparation, this is my main team:

Forte RB
Murray RB
A.Johnson WR
Vick QB
Gates TE
Gore RB
DJackson WR
VJackson WR
Redman RB
Boldin WR
Palmer QB
DWilliams RB
GLittle WR
Gonzo TE
Detroit D/ST
Prater K

I had the 10th pick in a 10 team league.


On vacation Mon 27th - Wed 29th. Great posts will resume when we get back. See you then!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wrong Number Text

Earlier tonight I got a text from someone, and it was obviously a wrong-number situation - apparently from a kid who was about to begin school. So I decided to play along with the person, whom I did not know:

Image Source

Alex: Hey Ms. Fuentes! It's me Alex sorry to bother you if you were already asleep. I had a question on the dress code.
Me: What's your question?
Alex: If I wear a strapless shirt with a jean button up long sleeve jacket over (all-day) tomorrow will that be acceptable?
Me: That's fine
Alex: Okay thanks! (:

Feeling a little guilty, and thinking I could end up getting this kid sent home from school, I decided to let her off the hook.

Me: You're welcome, but this isn't Ms. Fuentes.
Alex: Who is this? o:
Me: [My phone number].. Not Ms. Fuentes.
Alex: Ummm okay....? Thanks anyways.
Me: Lol No prob.

And then I get this:

Alex: No this is Ms. Fuentes! I know how she acts smart and says that's fine. >:D
Alex: Beach ahhaa
Alex: *Bwahahaha

So this girl thinks I am Ms. Fuentes acting as if I'm not Ms. Fuentes.

Me: OK if you say so
Alex: Nope, I know so. Goodnight stranger :3
Me: Ok but if you can tell me how to prove to you that I'm not Ms. Fuentes, I will.
Alex: Say whaaaa?....

And I'll just leave it there for the time being.

Smart Pup

Via / Source: Chuck Ingwersen

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Round-Tuit


Fantasy Players Need More Options when Ranking Players!

The image is tiny on purpose. (It's not my point for you to look at it.)

The sooner that fantasy football sites allow its owners to upload a .txt file (or .wpd, or similar) of their player rankings list -- the better. The only option is to drag and drop each of about 150-200 players in your own order, and if you use a personal list that you've spent a lot of time compiling, it's worse than if you are lazy and want to use whatever list there is available to you! It really sucks to spend two hours ranking players at Yahoo, which is otherwise a

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VERY good free site for fantasy football. Even the site I pay $150 for my 14-year league has no better option.

Online fantasy football has been around now for how many years? 14? 15? Why can't they figure out this part? With all the other improvements each host site makes every year, I keep waiting for this one, but it never happens, and I'm challenging them NOW.

Huge sigh!!

And end rant.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fantasy Football is Almost Here!

Posts just might be a little slower than usual this week. The NFL season starts in 2 weeks, and I'll be drafting most of my teams this week. So I've been doing a bunch of player stats & research.. and stuff.

Don't worry, though.. I'll still find some good stuff! As always, I thank you for coming!

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The First Day