Saturday, September 5, 2009

40 Interesting Wheelchair Ramps

From Attuworld

50 Things Being Killed Off By The Internet

The internet has wrought huge changes on our lives – both positive and negative – in the fifteen years since its use became widespread. Tasks that once took days can be completed in seconds, while traditions and skills that emerged over centuries have been made all but redundant.

The internet is no respecter of reputations: innocent people have seen their lives ruined by viral clips distributed on the same World Wide Web used by activists to highlight injustices and bring down oppressive regimes. Continue reading..

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Handful of Quickies

The most awesome quizzes are here - MentalFloss

The 10 most hated people at the gym - Gunaxin

The 10 funniest cat videos of all-time - SuperTremendous

Some of the best panoramic pics - Brad Templeton's

And Flickr's Panorama Stream

Goodnight.. I'm finally done with my fantasy football prerankings list. My opponents are in trouble!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Walled World

A very interesting find from Information Is Beautiful: A Walled World. Be sure to also click their image to zoom.

Waffley Wedded Wife

Record Texas Heat: Are We Done Yet?

Well, it looks like this summer's record heat wave here in the San Antonio area (as well as most of the state, too) might be over. Yesterday during a bike ride, I realized that 90 actually felt pretty good. Most nights during the last 2 ½ months have barely dipped into the 70s, but lately we've actually enjoyed a few nights in the low 70s. The picture above was taken in the car in late July.. at 8:31pm!

To make matters worse, we've also only gotten a couple inches of rain the last few months. Yards are burnt brown, creeks & river levels are way down, and most of San Antonio has already been into stage-2 watering restrictions for most of the month. Needless to say, we're all looking forward to autumn.

Here is the official National Weather Service report showing all of these incredible statistics. Note the number of consecutive 100° days about half-way down (72 in New Braunfels). I don't remember the actual number, but the previous record, set a LONG time ago was in the high thirties! By far this has been the hottest year on record.

KFC employees caught serving food from trash (Hong Kong)

Cellphone video taken by a deliveryman at the KFC in Yuen Long Plaza in Hong Kong.

The deliveryman told Hong Kong's Next Magazine that in order to get off work on time, staff turn off the ovens, throw away the unsold food, and start cleaning up. During this time if a customer walks in, employees will pick up the food from the trash and serve it to customers. The restaurant's manager apparently More..allows this to save money.

The outrageous behaviour is said to have been the combined result of young workers, low wages, and the shop management's demand to make their branch an 'A grade' one by saving costs.

Duggar #19 on the way. “We are thrilled to announce that we found out we’re expecting our 19th child,” a glowing Michelle Duggar told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Tuesday from the family’s home in Springdale, Ark. Continue reading.. <--Source

Well, well, well

From DeadDog

Extreme Eating: 5 Most Fattening Foods Ever

A 7-pound burrito. A burger packed with more calories than most people need in two days. A deep-fried banana split. These are among the unbelievably fattening foods that have captured the popular imagination.

Shows like Man v. Food and Extreme: Pig Outs on the Travel Channel have showcased the sport of extreme eating. Continue reading..

Monday, August 31, 2009

Safe Baby Handling Tips

These are still hilarious! They are from a book by David and Kelly Sopp entitled, you guessed it, "Safe Baby Handling Tips".

Sunday, August 30, 2009

High School Band T-Shirts Create Stir Among Parents

T-shirts worn by the Smith-Cotton High School band have evolved into controversy among parents.

The shirts, which were designed to promote the band’s fall program, are light gray and feature an image of a monkey progressing through stages and eventually emerging as a man. Each figure holds a brass instrument. Several instruments decorate the background and the words “Smith-Cotton High School Tiger Pride Marching Band” and “Brass Evolutions 2009” are emblazoned above and below the image.

Continue reading.. <--Source

Shiner Bock: Spoetzl Brewery shines on 100th anniversary

First this town was called Half Moon, then New Half Moon, and it wasn't much more than a post office. Its early settlers, Germans and Czechs, came through the Port of Galveston to a land as vast and hostile as the immigrants were stubborn and independent. It's no coincidence that the first shot of the Texas revolution was fired just up the road in Gonzales. The people grew cotton and waited for the railroad until, in the late 1880s, Henry B. Shiner struck a deal with the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway to give 250 acres if the railroad would run through his land. This effectively relocated the town, which its grateful residents renamed Shiner.

Then they really got down to business: Being from that part of the world and being parched in the blazing Texas heat, they brewed beer.

Without a doubt - This is one of the best Texas microbrews.

The Spoetzl Brewery