Saturday, February 16, 2013


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Dear NBA,

Do away with the dunk contest.

If you insist on having a dunk contest, then may I suggest the following:
(1) Bring some superstars to the table.
(2) No props.
(3) One person.
(4) One basketball.
(5) One chance.

OK maybe a second try, but after that.. THAT'S IT! You get a zero.

Thank you.

Allow me to remind you of this, as I end this rant.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The 2/15/13 Meteor Fly-by Has Happened

So this was reported to happen several days ago.. on several sites.

There are now new videos on the Internets showing that it actually happened.

An asteroid, or meteor has been recorded on video passing very close to earth in the sky above Russia.


And another:


And Another:


And another:


All videos Via Reddit

"Possible meteorite hits central Russia" - from Reuters

Hundreds hurt after Russian meteor shower - from KSAT12 News, San Antonio

Another very accurate Russian news report - from

And most national news channels are focusing on the docking of the crippled Carnival cruise ship...


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spurs Update

Your San Antonio Spurs have gone 5-1 since my last update. We stand at 42-12 at the all-star break, and that's good for the best record in the NBA.. 2½ games clear of Oklahoma City, who have lost 2-straight, and 4 ahead of Miami.

Here are the current standings, and here is a look at the complete Spurs' season schedule, of which the following screenshot is taken.


The hiccup in Detroit can only be attributed to a Pistons squad who wanted it more. They shot well, and out-rebounded us 49-33. Tim and Manu had both missed a bunch of games, and Tony & Stephen Jackson even missed 1 and 2 respectively, but the last one in Cleveland saw the big-3 playing together for the first time in weeks. Tim & tony will get their quick minutes during this all-star weekend, and that'll be that. Pop's coaching, so I'd be surprised to see either of them on the floor for more than about 10-12 minutes each. Matt Bonner and Kawhi Leonard, on the other hand, I expect to have coming out parties this weekend. Then we'll be back on the road to finish up the rodeo road trip.

Jaw Scratchers for Kitty

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Comment from Reddit's AverageHornedOwl: "That thing had damned well better be called a 'Catty Corner'".

More info can be found HERE..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dio - Heaven and Hell (LIVE)


Here's the original, in case you wanted to compare. Yes, it's actually a Black Sabbath song, but while Ronnie James Dio was their singer. It was on their first album release with Dio as front man - in 1980, and he wrote the lyrics, although they're usually credited to Sabbath as a band.

Jodi Arias Live Trial Coverage

Jodi Arias with her victim, Travis Alexander (Image Source, and Via)

I don't know if any of you are following this trial, but it's getting into the seriously important stages. Click the image above to go to the live coverage page. Jodi, herself, has been on the stand for days, but tomorrow and the rest of this week should focus on the day of the murder itself. So far she's been narrating just about every detail of her life for the couple years leading up to June 4, 2008. I'm not into this case anywhere near as much as I was with Casey Anthony's, so I have still have no idea why it took 5 years for this to go to trial.

Anyway, here is another live coverage link if the one above isn't working.


UPDATE: There was no court on Thursday, as the judge was ill. For some reason there is also no court on Fridays for this case (not official for Fridays past today). Monday is a holiday, so no court Monday. So this will all resume again on Tuesday.

Doggie Bedtime


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