Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spurs Western Conference Finals Update

OK now we move the series to Memphis, up 2-0.

In the mean time the Heat and Pacers have played two incredible games in Miami. LeBron won the 1st in OT, after trailing a lot of the game, with a driving layup at the buzzer. Their heroics fell short in game 2, however, as Indiana held on for a game-2 win. Now they go to Indiana split.

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Spurs won game-1 pretty dominantly after leading by double-digits most of the game. Tony Allen tried to trip Tony Parker, but it wasn't even called a foul. Why is this important? I'll answer this later. Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard had super games. Matt Bonner hit 4 of 6 threes, as the Spurs established a playoff record, 14 of 29 shooting from three-point range. The Grizzlies came within 6 at one point, but that was as close as they would get. Spurs, 105-83.. 1-0. Here's ESPN's box score..

Game-2 saw pretty much the same basketball as did game-1. We led most of the game, although not by as much as in game-1. Seemingly culminating at half-time, a 46-31 Spurs lead wouldn't hold long. So far through 7 quarters, with the lead 76-63, my Spurs seriously played great basketball. But the 4th quarter of game-2 was terrible for the Spurs. With Timmy in foul trouble throughout a lot of the late 3rd quarter and early 4th, Memphis figured out a way to capitalize. So our shots didn't fall. We missed almost everything we put up in the 4th (too many threes).

With half a minute left, and a Spurs lead of 4... 85-81, Tony Allen had a break-away lay-up following a stupid Spurs turnover. Manu did what he should have, and fouled the shooter to put him on the line. Unfortunately, the refs ruled his foul was a flagrant-I. Allen made both free throws, and then Memphis scored on their ensuing possession. The game went to overtime, and Timmy ruled. Spurs win 93-89 (OT).. ESPN's Box score - HERE..

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Announced yesterday, Tony Allen was fined for "flopping" on the play. Here's the whole play:


You be the judge! Here's a funny .gif I found


What can we expect from this guy in game-3? Who knows. I'm not worried. I'll be back with my positive analysis of games 3 & 4. This could be a sweep, but I wouldn't feel bad at all putting all the money on 5 games.

Game-3 is in Memphis Saturday night. Spurs lead 2-0. Gonna be great! We just have to get one and come back to San Antonio to close it out.

Popcorn & Soda Together

~another entry from the "Why Didn't I Think of That" File..


So many new activities for the other hand. Pickle? Texting. What a great idea that apparently no one -until now- thought of.

For Some Reason, It's Never Enough

"Never Enough" - Dream Theater


This song is pretty personal to me. It means a lot of different things at a lot of different times. Besides all the meanings, it's just a really incredible song.

Nothin' Like a Barbecue! Oh Wait...


Not good. And hilarious at the same time.

Amazing Video of May 20th's Tornado in Moore, OK


Strike Three!

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I'm not sure why, but this picture makes me chuckle every time I see it. Which is about 3 times now in the last month. Sorry kiddo!

He Has Been Captured!