Friday, May 14, 2010

Now That's A Car Advertisment!

• Top speed = 197 mph
• 0-60 in 3.7 seconds

More about the Mercedes Benz SLS here..

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10 Things Not To Do When Gardening

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Digging up flowers instead of weeds. Drowning the tulips. Real Simple readers reveal their growing woes and garden design pros plot out the solutions.

Mistake 1: Planting a Garden in the Wrong Spot
"Last year we built raised garden beds. They looked beautiful—with fresh mulch all around them and even a new spot watering system. But the mulch around the beds is always soggy—even in hot, dry Colorado." --Stacie Perrault Staub, Arvada, Colorado

(John Block/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Garden Fix
Good news: You don’t have to tear out the beds entirely, says Ivette Soler, a Los Angeles-based garden designer and writer of The Germinatrix blog. Empty the raised beds (dig out the plants and lay them on a tarp while you work) and spread a four-inch layer of gravel evenly over the underside of the planters to improve the drainage. Then refill the planters with fresh fluffy organic compost.

Mistake 2: Accidentally Pulling Up Flowers Instead of Weeds
"I planted some lovely perennials one summer. The following spring all the flowers sprouted along with some weeds. I pulled the weeds and lovingly tended to the flowers. I even staked a tall lanky plant that I was certain was going to produce a beautiful bloom. Then, one day my neighbor asked me why I had staked a weed. Turns out, I had pulled out the flowers and left the weeds. Oops." --Lisa Benter Rich, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

(Jacqui Hurst/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images)

Garden Fix
Tracking plants can be tough for any gardener, says Andrew Keys, a Boston area landscape designer and writer of the Garden Smackdown blog who cops to mistaking crabgrass for ornamental grass in his own garden. "The most efficient way to mark your plants is to use the nursery tags your plants come with." Another option: Label popsicle sticks and insert them into the ground near your varieties.

Mistake 3: Not Preparing the Soil
"We neglected to prepare our soil last year and, as a result, we ended up with a whole vegetable patch of plants that either never gave fruit or died." --Lydia Harris, San Angelo, Texas

Rachel Weill/Botanica/Getty Images

Garden Fix
Since soil varies dramatically by region, Keys recommends testing your soil annually to find out what type of soil you have and what it needs based on what you want to grow. (You can pick up an inexpensive at-home soil testing kit at the hardware store; watch this video to see how it works.) Then amend the soil as suggested. No matter what, says Soler, it’s a good idea to mix your soil with an equal amount of organic compost. "It’s the best foundation for your garden—it gives your plants the nutrients they need without overloading them with chemical fertilizers which can deplete the microbial activity needed for healthy plant growth."

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All About The Beer


Rock Paper Scissors - Metal Version


So True


The Committed Golfer


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No Beating Around The Bush Obama There

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Wait, what was I just doing?


Thanks For The Advanced Warning


They Love It

It's crazy how so many dogs do this so often, and it works so well to cool them off.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top 10 Grumpiest Andy Rooney Segments

I'm not posting any of them. I like the post that I'm about to link you to, but I'm not posting any of them because it seems to me that Andy Rooney is ALWAYS grumpy! I do give the guy a lot of credit - some of his segments have been very entertaining, and if nothing else, thought provoking throughout the years. But gimme a break - lately it seems the guy has no clue what is going on in the world these days!

Now I'm almost 39, but I'm surely not 19, so I've seen my share of his segments. But hey - the guy is 91 (NINETY-ONE) years old!! It is now time to retire, Mr Rooney. Swallow your pride and just do it. We'll be OK without you.

Some of the topics are:
~ Lady Gaga
~ Sleeping
~ Models & Advertising
~ When I was Your Age
~ Watches

Click here to see Time Magazine's rendition of Andy Rooney's top-10 Grumpiest Segments.


Mother Of The Year


Of Course You Do


A Novel Idea


More info here..

This is great! And even better if you include this pool of blood towel underneath you.

Pun Contest


Flip Flop Fly Ball

Thanks to Jonco over at Bits & Pieces, I just ran across an incredible site. If you're like me and like sports AND statistics, you'll love this one. There are literally tons of good stuff here.. It's mostly Major League Baseball charts and graphs, but really a lot more. And a lot of it is stuff you would never think of.

That's what statisticians do - come up with new stats and comparisons that have never before been considered (or realized). I could seriously spend hours at this site. I almost just have!

Please click the pictures to get a closer look..

This is cool - I've always kinda visualized this in my head, especially with football team names, and not just NFL. There's a challenge for ya' Craig! Aw heck, I may just do it and send it to you.

This one blows my mind, and gave me goosebumps when it first hit me. There are obviously major sunset and predominant wind issues here, but what else? How incredible is it that all 30 ballparks are contained within less than 180º? Well it's pretty incredible.

Yeah the Baltimore Colts are in Indy, and the Ravens are in Baltimore. I always wondered why they didn't just give the new Baltimore team their old name, and force Indy to come up with a new one? Similar story with the Arizona/Phoenix (St. Louis/Chicago) Cardinals, the St. Louis (Los Angeles/Cleveland) Rams, and the soon-to-be Los Angeles (Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland) Raiders. And how about those 1943 Phil-Pitt Steagles? Bet that's something you didn't know, unless of course you're from there, or over 75 years old, or both.

The NBA one I have in my head has got to be great too.

Circled in red is Mark McGwire's 33rd homer, which I happened to see live at the Astrodome in Houston. It went high into the left-center seats, which I'm still hitting myself for not getting. We took our chances on foul balls that night, sat up close but over just beyond 1st base, and yes we got a foul ball that day. No it wasn't autographed, and no I can't remember who hit it, but I do know my buddy's daughter was thrilled when Billy Wagner, who was then warming up, tossed it up to us.

And of course, you've gotta click here to go see the rest of Flip Flop Fly Ball by Craig Robinson. I'm thoroughly impressed!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Just a Feeling


The Boobsnuff


Let's see.. either:
1) this is how her mother taught her to pray
2) she's snuffing out a fire in her mouth
3) she loves the smell of her laundry detergent, or
4) she's about to smash some aluminum cans.

You can decide..

Fire Fighting..

You're doing it wrong!!!!1


U.S. Unemployment: A Historical View

Track the national unemployment rate since 1948 -- the first year in which the government provides data that can reliably be compared with the current rate. Numbers are seasonally adjusted. Updated: 05/07/2010

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Have You Found Jesus?


3rd Grade Science Class

I thought everybody knew this.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Ho Hum


Moving Forward

Well Spurs, here we go:
1. Gotta get a big guy (think 4.. Channing Frye, Dirk).. Someone to play PF so Duncan can be next year's McDyess/Robinson/etc.

2. Find some deadly SPOT-UP shooters. Jefferson is not one. He's an expensive back-up SG.

3. Find a small forward who can play defense, unless you wanna let Bogans actually play.

4. Why establish such a deep team only to never use anyone? (Mason, Mahinmi, Hairston, Jerrels, Gee.......) Give these guys some time early - maybe a few of them will show that they're having a hot night, and you'll know that.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Well..

Happy Mothers' Day! myspace graphic comments

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers out there! Most especially my Mom, and my wife Stephanie. But also my sisters Kathy, Barbara, and Lisa; Aunt Judy, Candace, Mom Gonyea, and my sis-in-law Kathy, all my readers' moms and wives, and my female friends who are moms. Enjoy your day to the fullest and make the hubbies and sons do all the work today!!