Friday, February 1, 2013

Fried Mushrooms

My pic

This makes some excellent fried mushrooms! I've actually never tried it at home before, but I was definitely impressed with my first attempt. Heat up a packet of instant cream gravy to go along with it.

Hint: Instead of 1/2 cup of mix & 1/3 cup water for the batter, use all the rest of the mix that's left after dusting the 'shrooms, in the correct proportion of course.. You'll need it all. Then you can drip batter into the deep fryer for crunchies!

I also added a pinch of salt, and a shake or two of both cayenne pepper & black pepper to the mix.

Link: Don's Chuck Wagon



  1. I love fried mushrooms. I was wondering if you picked this up at the HEB in Seguin.

  2. It was actually WalMart, but I believe it was in New Braunfels.