Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well Done, Doc!


Informative Post-Tornado Image From Joplin, MO


Yeah - That's a huge shard of wood through a concrete curbing! Doh!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Port Royal Golf Course - Southampton, Bermuda

Home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf

16th Hole - Port Royal Golf Club

Ranked among the world’s best public golf courses by Golf Digest and named Bermuda’s finest course by the New York Times, Port Royal features 18 championship holes over 6,842 manicured yards, the longest and most picturesque course in all of Bermuda.

Designed by world-renowned architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. in 1970, Port Royal has recently undergone a $14.5 million renovation, a complete makeover spearheaded by original design team member Robert Rulewich in preparation for the 2009/2010 PGA Grand Slam of Golf. With the support of the Bermuda Government, Port Royal is now one of the world’s premier public golf courses boasting TifEagle greens, a state-of-the art irrigation system and sweeping ocean views from nearly every hole. Add to that its 300-yard oceanfront driving range and the course’s luxurious clubhouse—including 64ยบ, its brand new bar and grill serving steaks and seafood daily—and your Port Royal experience is sure to be unforgettable.

In addition to welcoming you and your guests for a perfect day of golf, Port Royal is proud to host corporate, society or charity events and tournaments throughout the year. Your clients and colleagues will longingly reflect
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on a superb day in paradise made possible by our professional staff’s gracious hospitality and warm Bermudian charm.

Those left with any question might consider Port Royal’s signature hole. Widely regarded as one of the greatest par threes in golf, the 16th hole (the banner image above) is a 238-yard crescent-shaped beauty with nothing but the Atlantic Ocean between the tee and the pin. Experience it for yourself and you too will understand why Port Royal is indeed the number one golf course in Bermuda. (Source)

Here are a few more course pictures: (Source)

Click here for even more course images..

Mark Rolfing, host of Global Golf Adventure, visits the newly redesigned Port Royal Golf Course, a Robert Trent Jones Sr. design that offers breathtaking views of the ocean:


Port Royal's Homepage -- Be sure to check out the hole-by-hole page (with enlargeable pics), the scorecard page, and the course map.

There Ya' Go, Mr. President

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Ohioan Astronauts


That's Not A Bed!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greatest Notification Window Ever



There's A Smart Ass In Every Crowd


A Hiker's Nightmare


This would probably be the only reason I wouldn't want to live wayyy up north. The long, hard winters would be tough, but there are such things as heaters. Being in a situation like this guy was without a gun would be pretty terrifying.

Double Rainbow Over Joplin, Missouri


- (NSFW)

The Vicious Cycle


Tornado Infographic

Infographic: Tornado! How, When & Where Twisters Form

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Manu Played Through Broken Arm

The San Antonio Spurs are confirming to News 4 WOAI Monday that Manu Ginobili played with a fractured elbow in the playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies.

On April 13th in the final game of the regular season against the Phoenix Suns Ginobili injured his right elbow. The Spurs initially announced that it was a hyper-extension, and then later announced that it was a sprain.

Spurs fans still believed that Ginobili was a fighter for playing with a sprained elbow, but what they did not know was just how much Ginoibli was fighting.

Ginobili recently told the Argentine website that he fractured his humerus bone. But the Spurs told News 4 WOAI on Monday that Manu actually fractured his right ulna, which is the bone running from the elbow to the pinky.

Ginobili played 5 of the 6 playoff games against the Grizzlies with a fractured arm, and still lead the team with an average of 20.6 points per game.

“Last Wednesday I had an MRI with the San Antonio medical staff. The swelling has gone down and the small fracture is about 85 percent healed. I have to rest for about three weeks and then begin slowly," Ginobili Tweeted.

Ginobili chose to downplay his injury, while Boston’s Rajon Rondo was receiving a lot of national media credit for his ability to play through a hyper-extended elbow.

We'll put this right up there with the broken nose, killing the bat, and the rest of the stories when we write the book about the legend of Manu Ginobili.

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The 40mm Machine Gun

Another one from this guy, the one who I posted shooting the AA-12 Auto Shotgun.


Did you see the size of that missle round? OMG! You know, actually, that's no "machine gun", it's a mini immobile TANK!

People - Like You've Never Seen Them Before


Well, They Did It!

In reference to this post a few days ago, it appears a few (million) people got what they wanted!


Via Email

Way to go!!

NASA Aurora Borealis Image

Do enlarge!


C'Mon Sir, What's That Look Mean?