Saturday, January 14, 2012

You're Busted


Vote For Miss Survivor

All you Survivor enthusiasts, this is certainly for you. If you're a fan of Survivor, and have watched all the seasons (or most of them), then this should be no trouble for you - especially for you men out there. But I know Survivor has tons of women fans.

It's pretty easy.. All you have to do is go to the site, take 20 seconds to read the rules, and then write-in your top-5 Survivor women of all-time.

Or you can click the banner image..

I wanted to be thorough, so I found a place where I could quickly revisit the one's whose names I couldn't remember. So here is a Wikipedia link to help you out in that manner. Google-searching their names will bring up images, and almost instantly refresh your memory.

Myself.. I had to make a chicken-scratched short list of (GULP) 29 of them.. ordered by how I figured they'd end up ranked on my list. I was pretty surprised how difficult it was to pick only FIVE.

Here are mine:
1 - Stephenie LaGrossa
2 - Amanda Kimmel
3 - Jenna Morasca
4 - Natalie Tenerelli
5 - Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper

And I made it a point to include my next five in the comments, although I doubt they'll be considered: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Natalie White, Christa Hastie, Jenna Lewis, and Ashley Trainer.

Have fun with it, but go vote!

Thanks to Sugar's Facebook for reminding me!

Things Change, Teach


The older you are, the more sense this makes. If you're under about 26-27, you probably don't understand the mind set of your teachers telling you that most of math must be done with your mind and hard work (rather than a calculator). No doubt everyone my age, and a few years younger realize why the had competitions like "Number Sense" in high school. Touche' teachers - you can't use this excuse any more!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Spurs 99 - Trail Blazers 83

Always nice when you can get 45 points from your bench. Yeah, 45! Going into the 4th quarter tonight against Portland, Spurs had a total of 18 points from Parker, Duncan, and Jefferson. Tony had a sweet 12-point 4th quarter to complete a
Image Source - (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

super 20 pt./9 ast. night. But it was 14 pts. 4 rbs. from Splitter, 11 & 5 from Kawhi Leonard, and 13 & 6 (plus 3 blocks) from Danny Green that allowed Duncan and RJ to rest. Completing the total TEAM contribution, DeJuan Blair had 13 big points along with 11 boards. Gary Neal and James Anderson combined for another 13 pts.

Great 99-83 Spurs WIN against a Portland team who's gonna be right there with us near the top of the West at the end.

Stats source (complete box score)

Here's Another Presidential Candidate Match Quiz

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Magic's Dwight Howard's Stat-line from Last Night

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spurs Update

We lost a game we should've won in Milwaukee Wednesday night. But as has been consistent with the last few games, our opponents continue to shoot a great percentage. Tony took it a little bit too much upon himself near the end of this one, and tried to do a lot of it himself. Nevertheless, RJ had a chance at the buzzer, and it didn't fall this time.
Image Source

L 103-106

I'm glad we beat Houston (in San Antonio) tonight. Those guys don't need to get it in their heads that they can beat us. After two preseason games in which we split victories, we have now split two regular season games. And there will be two more in the next three weeks. Sigh.

It was close the whole game, and it sucked that we had to go to overtime to win, because the play under their basket with only 12 seconds left should've been determined a shot-clock violation. After a Duncan block on Kyle Lowry that didn't hit the rim, Danny Green touched the ball only to save it from going out of bounds. Amidst the chaos, the shot clock should've ended, but was shown to be shut off at :05 (before Danny Green touched the ball during his under-the-basket save), and the Rockets were awarded the basketball under their own basket. Scola then hit a running hook-shot with a few ticks remaining on the clock to tie the game and send it to OT.

At any rate, Tony had hit a crazy shot that I thought would give us the win with 1:22 left. Nevertheless the aforementioned screwed-up play happened, and we have to win it in OT.

If not for the fact that Kyle Lowry hit two nasty threes - one in the final minute of regulation, and the other in the final minute of OT, it would've been a lot less exhausting. Duncan missed 3 of 4 FTs, and another wide-open jump shot. Two minutes and 28 seconds went by in OT before anyone scored. But it was (once again)
Image Source

an RJ three at 1:08 and a Duncan post-move shot after a Houston timeout that gave us a 4-point lead. Immediately after Lowry's second amazing three (96-95, Spurs), Parker draws a foul which leads to two crucial made FTs, followed by a stellar defensive stop, and rebound by Kawhi Leonard. He then ices the game with a FT, and two more from Tony, and it goes down as a 101-95 Spurs OT WIN.

Saturday night we host Portland, and that one will be TOUGH. Then Monday night it's Phoenix here in SA. I would hope we can get that one because the next two after this will be a difficult back-to-back on the road, at Orlando and Miami next Wed-Thurs.

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England


Bodiam Castle is a 14th-century moated castle near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England. It was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III, with the permission of Richard II, ostensibly to defend the area against French invasion during the Hundred Years' War. Of quadrangular plan, Bodiam Castle has no keep, having its various chambers built around the outer defensive walls and inner courts. Its corners and entrance are marked by towers, and topped by crenellations. Its structure, details and situation in an artificial watery landscape indicate that display was an important aspect of the castle's design as well as defence. It was the home of the Dalyngrigge family and the centre of the manor of Bodiam. Wikipedia Source

More images of Bodiam Castle..

Some Cute, Simple, Thought-Provoking Illustrations

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- (NSFW)

Here are the rest of them: HERE -and- HERE

And because I always do the right thing, SOPA supporters, I do think I have found the original source.

An Expensive Mistake, It Is


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brand New Van Halen - Tattoo


Don't really like it, but I'm sure gonna post it. Maybe the next one will be better.

Tracking Casey Anthony

Click the image above to go to the main site where you can join, and then get all the pertinent information about the latest news on Casey Anthony. Or don't..

Plenty of news has surfaced lately, including a couple "video diaries", and so has this site. It's not bad, if you want to continue to be informed about everything Casey Anthony.

Mapping People Living with an HIV Diagnosis

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Just something to think about. More importantly, it's something to take a few minutes, and look at critically. Look at several counties you've been a part of. Look at poor states, and rich states. Look at the borders, and the big cities. It's a map that completely blows away most of your pre-determined thoughts, isn't it?

The Colorado Flatirons

Clicky clicky


Colorado Flatirons Wiki

Even more images here..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spurs Review

The last post capped off an exciting 4th quarter of the game against the Golden State Warriors last Wednesday.

Since then there was an ugly 93-71 Spurs WIN at home against the old champions, the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday. I say ugly because the Mavs provided very little competition, but neither team could buy a bucket for a lot of the game (Spurs 40% Dallas 35% shooting). Another reason it was ugly was that our Spurs led 55-29 at halftime. So rather than allowing the 2nd-team to go in and play decent basketball to seal it early in the third, it seemed like it just got uglier for both teams.

In the 4th both teams finally started hitting shots, and made it interesting, but by this time, the game was pretty much decided.

A few highlights worth mentioning: The Spurs did manage a whopping 16 of 33 from three point range (49%), but the problem was inside the arc, they shot 18 of 53 (34%).. Go figure! Matt Bonner was 5 of 9 from three-range, Gary Neal made 4 of 7, and RJ also extended his hot shooting with a 3 of 7 night.
Image Source

Saturday's game vs. Denver was a pretty fun game. It was a shoot-out. Spurs jumped out to a 37-25 lead after one quarter, only to see it cut into a bit by halftime, 62-55.

Going into the 4th, we held a 9-point lead that was cut to only two by the 6-minute mark. The next 4 minutes we would outscore them 9-4 with critical jumpers by RJ, Ford, and Parker. Oddly enough a Danilo Galinari 3-pointer with 7 seconds left would cut our lead to 3, but Danny Green, who led the Spurs in scoring with 24 points - on 9 of 13
Image Source

shooting, made the clutch FTs required to seal the Spurs' WIN 121-117.

Six other Spurs scored in double figures, including Tony with 19, and RJ with an additional 19. Jeferson again shot a very nice 5-8 from three-range.

Having not yet won a game on the road yet, I knew the game at Oklahoma City would be very, very tough, notwithstanding that it would be their 3rd game in 3 nights. Once the contest approached the end of the 1st quarter, the Spurs never led, but were able to keep the game close for a chance to pull it out throughout.

Down by 2 after 1, and by 6 at the half (48-54), as is often the case, the 3rd quarter proved to be crucial, as their lead was 11 in less than 4 minutes. Bad Spurs shooting and several turnovers led to this lead becoming 16 in just a few more minutes. With a 22-point lead after 3 quarters,
Image Source

our starters sat, while our second team rallied late in the game to outscore the Thunder 15-4 in the final 3 minutes of the Spurs' LOSS -- 96-108.

Gary Neal had 18 on 7-12 shooting, and Kawhi Leonard & Richard Jefferson combined to hold Kevin Durant to only 21 points, but it was James Harden who was the man for OKC. The 6th man had 20, and was unstoppable for the most part.

Coming up is Tuesday night @ Milwaukee, followed immediately by a home game against Houston Wednesday - the 4th time we'll play Houston in a matter of a month.

I expect us to get both of these.

Stats Source

RJ Block & Three

The awesome game-clinching play against the Denver Nuggets the other night.


The Secret of Meat Glue

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Only in Wisconsin


How About a Mirror-Finish DeLorean

Here's the rest of the pictures..

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Falling Asleep

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A Foggy NYC