Monday, March 14, 2022

Dream Theater - Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ -- March 9, 2022 *Full Show*


I have tickets for March 21st! But I just don't think it's a risk that needs to be taken now. The $78 can be a tip to the band for all they've done FOR ME for THIRTY-ONE years. See that's nothing. The band gets about half. But for my generosity (all Ticketmaster fees being 100% irrelevant) JP gets 5, JM gets 5, Labrie gets 4, JR gets 5, Mangini gets 5... About 100 other people get a few dollars, and so on and on.. and then the venue gets the rest. Sound guy might get the most! Lights guy is in the conversation as well. No one makes less money because I won't actually be therem except for maybe a $17 beverage.

Many tickets are also still available, so there's that, too..

I also buy all their albums.

"The moment that you recognize
Just where your limits lie.
Hanging on the brink of death
You're never more alive.
When you reach the pinnacle
The world is at your feet.
Welcome to the mind unleashed."