Friday, July 23, 2021


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As a child I remember hundreds of games, educational challenges, and sports, as well as other activities that challenged me as a young boy. No basketball player I knew would ever want to begin any game before anyone has dribbled and, of course, taken some shots. It's kinda like playing catch. With a baseball, and gloves, you throw it around a bit, and toss the football back & forth. Enter your own activity!

Nor in golf! As with anything else, it's important to get warmed-up first. Physically, in that you loosen your muscles, and in particular, in that you hit a few golf balls. Mentally, in that you've gained some confidence in your results during your preparation. Things are different on different courses. Your abilities and physicalities and mentalities are different at certain times (certain days, certain ages, and certain times of the day). Bad conditions = bad results. And by the way: Gain some confidence!

Same thing with blackjack. The last thing I want to happen when I sit down at a blackjack table is to have to get right back up in 10 minutes. The lowest minimum table at your bad-ass casinos don't have to be $15. I had the most fun at blackjack tables that were $5 minimum tables, and even $1 tables. That is how you allow all people to fall in love with the game. And why do you have to deal so fast? What's the fucking rush? We're all here to have a good time, and enjoy ourselves, right? Don't make prepared players feel like they aren't!

One of the only things I hated while playing golf in the mornings with my Dad is looking back towards the group behind us, and there were so-o-o many rounds that I'd see them, standing with their hands on their hips, infuriated by our pace of play - too slow for them. Why would they get mad that we were preventing them from getting this over with as quickly as possible? Why would anyone get upset that they couldn't complete that which they most enjoy sooner?? Must. Get. It. Over. With!! It's also not about beating your friends. They're also trying to beat the course. Just like in blackjack, your oponent is the dealer's dealt hand.

Music!! Soccer.. darts.. cornhole.. disc golf.. staying awake or getting up early.. any challenge.. great conversation...

And it's totally the same way with a ton of aspects of life: Friendship, creativity, marriage, grief, finances, life memories with loved ones -- Prepare, and then do it! Do what they don't expect, and as long as you're prepared, you're solid.. Just like you felt when you sank those 11 free throws in a row. Or those six straight 6-foot putts. Or that one phrase you uttered that made her laugh. But you must follow through!

Stop fighting proper preparation!