Friday, May 6, 2011

Determined Dog Dying For Stranger To Throw Stick


No Gloom Here

The final sentence in a Spurs Nation article titled "Sobering SI story predicts gloom for Spurs after Memphis series loss" goes as follows:

"...Does Spurs Nation believe the rest of the country has been too quick in writing the obituary for the Spurs’ dynasty?"

Of course they have. The only issue with our roster is Richard Jefferson... SIGH!

We are a couple of young, athletic 6'7"-6"9" guys from a perfect roster. Tim's got another year or two. Splitter, Neal, Anderson, and Blair will all be better next season. And of course, Da'Sean Butler is a perfect 6'7" compliment to step in and contribute some sweet defense and athleticism.

Sign a middle-of-the-road big man to back up Tim, Tiago, and DeJuan.. and it's all complete.

No doubt in my mind this team will be fine for a while.

Rush Quote

" was President Obama single-handedly and alone who came up with the strategy that brought about the effective assassination of Osama bin Laden... thank God for President Obama."


As we all know, he had a ton of help. But not from very much that was done by the Bush administration. But hey - thanks Rush for acknowledging that our President did something your president could not.

PETA Steak Sauce


MSNBC's Lawrence O’Donnell - "America Overreacted to 9/11"

Lawrence O'Donnell is an admitted socialist, and by posting this video, I am in no way supporting his political stance.

However, re-visiting some of John Kerry's comments from a 2004 debate, it's quite interesting to think about what it is he said - 7 years ago. (The video starts, "Time for tonight's rewrite.." so if that's not the first thing you hear, then try clicking on "playlist" in the lower right corner, and then on the top-left video containing Bush's face.)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can Dogs See Colors?

by Stanley Coren, Ph.D., F.R.S.C. in Canine Corner at Psychology Today Dot Com

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions about dog's vision is whether dogs see colors. The simple answer-namely that dogs are colorblind-has been misinterpreted by people as meaning that dogs see no color, but only shades of gray. This is wrong. Dogs do see colors, but the colors that they see are neither as rich nor as many as those seen by humans.

The eyes of both people and dogs contain special light catching cells called cones that respond to color. Dogs have fewer cones than humans which suggests that their color vision won't be as rich or intense as ours. However, the trick to seeing color is not just having cones, but having several different types of cones, each tuned to different wavelengths of light. Human beings have three different kinds of cones and the combined activity of these gives humans their full range of color vision.

The most common types of human colorblindness come about because the person is missing one of the three kinds of cones. With only two cones, the individual can still see colors, but many fewer than someone with normal color vision. This is the situation with dogs who also have only two kinds of cones.

Jay Neitz at the University of California, Santa Barbara, tested the color vision of dogs. For many test trials, dogs were shown... Click here to continue on to the rest of the article..

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Osama's Last Facebook Post


Doggy Halloween Costume


What a cool idea - that is if you're going to walk your dog while your kids are trick-or-treating, or something..

Cool Beam Bed


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Graphic Images Have Been Released

WARNING: Clicking this image will take you to a page where there are very graphic photos!

So, the U.S. government (or the President) has decided not to release the picture of a dead Osama bin Laden that we all want to see. However, some images were apparently sold to Reuters by an anonymous person earlier today. They contain very graphic images of several dead bodies, but there is no image of OBL.

Click the image of the helicopter rubble above to go see the pictures.


How To Stop Cats Urinating On Your Car

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That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while!

Not So Fast Mr. Bucher

Ric Bucher is an NBA reporter for ESPN.

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From Popovich's Exit Interview:

Reporter -- "Do you anticipate a lot of changes with this team.. next year, in terms of the roster?
Popovich -- "Well there's always gonna be, you know, some changes, but... we never get drastic in that sense, and start thinking.. Somebody asked me yesterday, 'you know we lost, so are we gonna blow it up'? I mean, you know, that's just the most preposterous attitude to have right after you lose, because 29 teams lose."

A-hem, 56-13 when Duncan went down (went on to win that game, by the way), so that's 57-13 (81.4% - still on pace for 67 wins..) before the 6 game-skid, the first 4 of which Duncan did not play. Duncan looked surprisingly sharp in his first game back against Boston (20 & 13 on 8 of 12 shooting in 33 minutes), and followed that up with another strong showing in Houston - on a back-to-back - with 23 & 13 on 9 of 16 shooting in 36 minutes. Both were losses (the Rockets in OT), but look at the situations and opponents.

We then went on to win 4 straight again (for the 9th time this season), and then give some key players some rest in the last two games. Manu injuring his elbow perhaps really only cost us that game, and game-1 against Memphis, because in my opinion, he played lights-out in that series. As Sean Elliott quoted on several occasions during the series, and of course I'm paraphrasing from my memory of the broadcasts, "this is one of the best individual playoff performances you will ever see."

I can explain 'that series' very succinctly: We ran into a buzzsaw! Before likewise resting their own players in the final two games, the Grizzlies were playing some of the best basketball in the league, and beating good teams in the process. Aside from the fact that we didn't shoot well the entire series - a tribute to the Grizzlies defense, the series exposed a major weakness for our team - young interior athleticism.

It's all pretty simple to me. Duncan's got another year on his contract, and I don't expect him to quit on next season. Dice will likely retire, but other than that, we'll have pretty much the same 9-10 guys next year. And yes, I think we add one young athletic big body. Imagine how much confidence Gary Neal and Tiago Splitter will have after a full off-season! James Anderson will also have an entire healthy off-season, as will DeJuan Blair going into his 3rd season. And in case no one paid attention, we also signed 2010 NCAA West Virginia sensation Da'Sean Butler, and he will help us a ton.

An immediate overhaul?? Not for a while, my friend.

The Hiding Place


The 33-in-1 Golf Club

Whether you're going on a flight and don't feel like taking your entire bag of clubs along with you (checking them costs $$$!), or you just don't have room in the car when on vacation, this club can be the solution. Obviously, however I'm sure it can't be PGA- nor USGA-approved for competition.

"This is the golf club that adjusts to 33 different loft angles, enabling you to carry more than twice the number of allowable clubs in one hand. A gear system inside the heel tilts the clubhead in 1/2-loft increments, allowing golfers to choose from five putters, two drivers, three fairway woods, 14 irons, or nine wedges with the twist of a dial. The club has the look and feel of a classic iron but its adjustable head quickly transforms it from a 64º super lob wedge for carrying bunkers to a perfectly vertical putter for saving par. Unlike a golf bag that requires an additional fee when flying, the club retracts to 19" long to enable free, convenient transport in a suitcase. The clubhead is made from 17-4 stainless steel - the same durable material used in professional metalwoods - and the shaft and clubhead lock into place to provide the same feel and response as a traditional club."

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


WooHoo! Only took us 10 years..