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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poor Dog


Why Does Every Country Has a Different Plug?

Ok, maybe not every country, but with at least 12 different sockets in widespread use it sure as hell feels like it to anyone who's ever traveled. So why in the world, literally, are there so many? Funny story!

The more you look at the writhing orgy of plugs in the world, the sillier it seems. If you buy a phone charger at the airport in Florida, you won't be able to use it when your flight lands in France. If you buy a three-pronged adapter for le portable in Paris, you might not be able to plug it in when your train drops you off in Germany. And when your flight finally bounces to a stop on the runway in London, get ready to buy a comically large adapter to tap into the grid there. But that's cool! You can take the same adapter to Singapore with you! And parts of Nigeria! Oh yeah, and if said charger doesn't support 240v power natively, make sure you buy a converter, or else it might explode.

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I Felt It!

A super oldie but goodie!

Express Lane

I guess they change the number depending upon what time of day it is..

The Cutest Puppies in the World

..because we all love puppies!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ginobili Undergoes Rabies Shots

Updating this post, San Antonio Spurs' guard Manu Ginobili posted to his Facebook page that he had to undergo a series rabies shots. Late in the first period of the Spurs win over the Kings on Saturday a bat swooped into the AT&T Center and descended onto the court. Players scattered and officials stopped play. The bat circled and left only to return -- briefly.

That's when Ginobili performed his Halloween trick, swatting the bat out of the air with a bare hand. He then carried the creature off the court to thunderous cheers.

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Mood Foods

This is the time of year when days begin to feel shorter and shorter. We see the sun much less, and when we do, it's often fighting a battle of gloominess with an impending cold front.

This gloominess hits us all pretty hard. In fact, if you've ever believed that you had a case of the Winter Blues, this is what we're talking about. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is no laughing matter because these dark-gray-rainy days have a huge impact on your mood and energy level. The good news is that we can all partially escape this mental zapping.

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Do You Smell BBQ?

Bud Light


Social Networks 2009


Monday, November 2, 2009

The Oasis of the Seas

Nautical fans got a treat today when the world's biggest cruise ship sailed into British waters.

The 20-storey, 1,180ft Oasis of the Seas dwarfed the Isle of Wight ferry as it made its way along the South Coast to drop off hundreds of workers who have been making the finishing touches to its onboard luxuries.

Enthusiasts flocked to the cliffs of Hampshire in the hope of catching a glimpse of the ship - not that they could miss it. It is three times the size of the QE2 - and five times as big as the Titanic.

The £855million vessel can accommodate a staggering 6,360 passengers and 2,160 crew in recession-defying luxury, with cabins including 'multi-level urban-style loft suites' boasting floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Have You Ever Felt Better Than You Do Right Now?

Callaway Golf Home

Is There Nothing He Can't Do?

San Antonio Spurs' guard Manu Ginobili showing off never-before-seen skills on Halloween night in San Antonio vs. the Sacramento Kings.

CSI: Zoom In