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The 9 People You'll See At Every Golf Course

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The Misogynist
Description: He doesn’t so much enjoy golf as he enjoys having an environment where it’s acceptable to complain about women and crudely talk about sex. Leave a putt short or hit a weak drive? “Come on, Sally! You hit that like a pu***! Nice skirt! Does your husband play?” Hit a putt past the hole or crush a drive? “Whoa! Someone’s wife isn’t giving him enough of the ********! Look at all that extra aggression!” Whatever The Misogynist shoots in a round, put him down for double that number on uses of the terms “old lady” and “ole’ ball and chain.”

Fun Fact: The Misogynist has been banned from 12 courses for trying to feel up the beverage cart girl.

The Rules Official
Description: He has read the USGA rules book two dozen times and has a copy of it in his golf bag that he will display at a moment’s notice. You better not be trying to move your ball out of that mud patch in the middle of the fairway because, according to Rule 13-b(1.4), that particular mud patch, due to its lack of distinguishing marks, does not fit the criteria for “ground under repair.” I mean, sure, if you want to play that way, fine. But if this was the US Open you’d be getting a significant penalty.

Fun Fact: The Rules Official received a severe beating in 8th grade after reminding his math teacher that she had forgotten to assign homework.

The Mulligan Man
Description: He is the complete opposite of The Rules Official. To him, it’s always winter rules … wherever his ball lands, he just finds the nearest and best lie without any sort of obstruction between him and the hole. And then he props it up on a cluster of grass like a tee. Golf’s not so hard! Whoops! Hit one out of bounds again? Just like on the last four holes? Nope! Not really! He didn’t use his 5th hole mulligan yet! And that’s a gimme from 10-feet, right? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. He’s going to count the putt whether it goes in or not. Put him down for yet another par!

Fun Fact: Despite losing 14 balls during the round, Mulligan Man still managed to shoot 78. Amazing!

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Rush - "Headlong Flight"

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I Think This One Has Historical Significance


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Coachella Hologram Lineup Poster

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Timmy's Dunk on McRoberts Tuesday

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Cat Turds

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Spurs Update

The Spurs visited the Golden St. Warriors on Monday night to start a B2B2B, knowing this game would probably be just a formality in the grand scheme of things. Warriors would start 4 rookies. Doh! Spurs were at full strength. Very similar to the last game vs. Phoenix, we came out hot, and determined. In our highest scoring 1st-Q of the season, 39-24, there probably wouldn't be much doubt with this one.

That lead would be extended to 21 by halftime (70-49), a lead that would continue, with the Spurs' big-three on the bench resting - awaiting tomorrow night in LA - toward the 3rd-Q score of 96-72!
Neal leads the Spurs Image Source (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Golden St. would actually make a run to come within 18, but the excitement was never as high as it was in the final few seconds of the game. Apparently the fans get free food if the team scores 100 points. So they did what they had to do.. foul.. as if it were a game they were trying to win. But those terrible Spurs prevented it from happening. The final was 120-99, and a good WIN on the road, with the big-3 playing 41 minutes TOTAL. Already given that stat, we shot 39%, no Spur had more than 17 points, and we still scored 120. You gotta believe it. Here's the boxscore..

As it turned out, OKC lost to the Clippers while we were beating the Warriors, so as of now, we own the #1 seed in the West going into the game against the Lakers tomorrow night! And don't let the media mislead you - We were really already in first because we own the tiebreaker with OKC. Now they are effectively behind by two games.


The very next night in LA, Spurs fans were delighted to hear that Tiago would start the game along side Timmy! It's about time, Pop! Seeking revenge @ the LA Lakers Tuesday night, it felt like a playoff game. The game was very tight for most of the beginning. Early large leads were 6 by LA (very early), and 6 by SA (mid 2nd-Q). Bynum was scoring pretty much at will, but so was Tony Parker. Spurs were also competitive on the boards this time, as this one had the look of a nail-biter so far.

Then something happened. With a 41-39 lead, and 5:41 left in the 2nd-Q, the Lakers would turn it over 5 times and miss 2 shots in 7 possessions, while my Spurs capitalized on 8 straight shots, and an 18-0 run. Our halftime lead was 16: 63-47.

In less than 2 more minutes, Tony & Timmy increased that lead to 23, and the rout was on. It's great when we come out and increase a big halftime lead in the early 3rd-Q, while so often we drop our guard and come out flat. Tony schooled Ramon Sessions most of this game, and our bigs held Bynum off the boards for the most part. Manu
Tony dominated - Image Source (AP Photo/Jason Redmond)

was also a force, as he shot 6 of 13 for 15 pts., with 6 boards and 4 assists. When Tony wasn't in charge of creating - Manu was. The end of the 3rd-Q was a scoring fest - 91-70 going toward the 4th.

Lakers brought this to 91-77 quickly with our stars resting. Manu & Gary Neal would continue the aggressiveness, and with an 18-pt. lead Pop brought Timmy back to action. This, along with starting Tiago, and resting the young guys, was a clear sign it was very important for us to get our revenge for the other night's loss to this team. Success.. we ran away with it. Tony Parker's performance, and Pop's coaching were HUGE statements in this nationally-televised game that we aren't screwing around - and beating the Lakers is just as important to us as being helthy for the playoffs. OK maybe not, but we certainly succeeded with our 112-91 dominating WIN.

We shot 60% to their 50%.. Tony had 29 & 13.. Duncan had 19 & 8.. Manu had 15-6-4. Bynum had 21 & 7. Rebounds were 37-37. So yeah.. this was VERY pleasing. Now the other guys are rested to go take care of bidness tomorrow night in Sacramento! Here's the boxscore..

Here's a TINY game review from ESPN:

And their resulting article from their Daily Dime. But the way ESPN configures their links, you won't be able to see this DAILY DIME after the next DAILY DIME is posted, so you may have to look around.

Here are the current NBA Standings after Tuesday night's games.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spurs Update

Thursday night the Spurs hosted the Memphis Grizzlies for the 4th and final time this year. The race is tightening, but we've beaten the Grizzlies 3 times already. Tim Duncan (28 & 12 on this night) would continue to turn back the clock, as he and the guys come out strong. The Spurs did well containing the Grizzlies' interior play - a weakness exposed the night
Image Source (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

before by the Lakers. But Duncan guaranteed a better performance, and he certainly delivered. Spurs ended the 1st-Q with a 10-4 run (27-21).

For most of the 2nd-Q, we would hold a small lead while the starters rested, until about the 5½ minute mark, when Conley hit a three to give them the lead 37-36. But that wasn't all. We were scoreless for almost 6 minutes, during which Memphis scored 13 straight to change the game (44-36, Memphis). Duncan & Diaw would be the ones to bring us back, however, as some tight D and several key shots brought the half to an end - down by just 4, 49-45: a Spurs 13-1 run!

This time it was the 3rd-Q which proved to decide the game, for the most part, as Duncan would score 14 in the quarter. Everyone was back to sharing the ball at this point again, and lock-down D allowed a 13-5 Spurs run to end the 3rd-Q with an 8-pt. lead, 82-74. But the run continued - Manu & Bonner increased our lead to 14, as most of the rest of the final quarter, we maintained a small 5-8 point lead. What a perfectly bad time for a 5-minute Spurs' scoring drought. OJ Mayo hit a shot to bring them to within 2 at 94-92 with 2:54 left. Sigh.. Suddenly the game was on again.

The last 2 minutes were tight, but everything seemed to go our way, as our BIG THREE were all working like a well-oiled machine, and Timmy continued his dominance. Almost all our shots fell, and we got the stops we needed. Manu hit all 6 final-minute FTs in Memphis's foul-mode to clinch the 4-0 SWEEP of the Grizzlies with the 107-97 WIN. Here is the boxscore.


After a nice day of rest, the team took the court Saturday night to face a Phoenix Suns squad, who won in Houston on Friday, in the comfy confines of our AT&T Center. This one featured a spectacular start by the home team, and to be honest, it was nearly over after one quarter. We jumped out to a 21-4 lead before a Phx timeout, and then poured it on with ultra-high intensity to take a 35-13 1st-Q lead.

The Suns would finally start to maintain the pace (coming to within 17 at 47-30), but an 11-0 run peaked our lead at 28, but became 62-38 at
Image Source (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

halftime. Since Phoenix was so far behind, Pop started Manu for the 2nd-half, in the hopes that he, too, could sit while the bench closed it out. Word surfaced that Steve Nash & Grant Hill would not return due to injury tweaks, and with that, we went up 27 again (74-47). But by 3rd-Q's end, Suns closed to within 19 (84-65).

Phoenix continued to fight back, and after outscoring us by 5 in the 3rd, they would do the same in the 4th, but it was too little too late. We shot 53% for the game and 9 of 18 from three. Everyone got in on the action once again, as all 13 Spurs had double-figure minutes, and everyone scored. The dominating 105-91 WIN sealed the Spurs' Southwest Division Championship. But yeah - we've got much, much larger goals. My man Timmy was definitely the #1 factor for these two games. Already playing younger than his years, I believe he got a little wake-up call.. Thanks, Andrew Bynum! We'll see you Tuesday! Here's the boxscore..

Our second B2B2B is Mon-Tues-Wed. all on the road against Golden St., the Lakers, and Sacramento. All eyes are on you, Pop! I expect minimal minutes out of Tony, Manu, & Tim for the first one.

Welcome to Las Vegas

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Mother Nature Caught

San Francisco's Bay Bridge struck by an intense amount of lightning -- Click to enlarge!

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"The Way I See It . . ."

-- Major Frank Burns (Larry Linville), M*A*S*H Season 4 Episode 20 "The Novocaine Mutiny".   Original airdate: January 27, 1976.

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Top-25 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

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No way JFK belongs at #25 - more like top-5. Still a pretty good list.

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True Greatness

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Tummy Warning

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We actually have a 1-year-old kitty who absolutely loves having her belly rubbed. She'll usually start stretching, and lie on her back for several minutes before she gets tired of it.