Saturday, April 24, 2010

How Europeans See America

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Lazy Saturday Afternoon


Makes Sense!

...or a couple weiner dogs.

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Well, That About Sums It Up


They Don't Use Computers


Colt To Cleveland


Congratulations to Colt McCoy and his family for waiting way-y-y too long to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Watching this draft it was pretty surprising that several other teams, notably the Raiders, Bills, Chiefs, and Seahawks, passed him over time & time again. Denver reached early-early for Tim Tebow, and Carolina did a great job of grabbing Jimmy Clausen when he fell to them.

So many teams, so many players. So many mistakes! But we shall see...

Congrats also to Jordan Shipley, who ironically was drafted one pick before Colt McCoy, to the Bengals. Also to Sergio Kindle, who will now grab a spot on the Ravens defensive front. And Earl Thomas will be the Seahawks' starting FS for a long time. Way to go you guys!

One more thing I wanna say. We shall see if the Rams truly messed up by not following what I said months ago: "Whoever has the #1 overall pick in the draft is an idiot if they don't get:

Ndamukong Suh!"

So kudos to Detroit for a great draft, and well.. We'll see if Sooner Sam Bradford is worth it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

As Is Consistent For Mathematicians

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Tacos Are Always Good


Biggest Wave Ever Surfed



Click the banner pic to have hours of fun with dozens of intant sound-effects buttons!

A few are not appropriate for children!


The Arm-Sleeper's Pillow

This is the memory foam pillow that promotes a full, uninterrupted night's slumber for those who sleep with their arm under their heads. A center groove and a recessed front edge let you fully extend your arm without it having to support the weight of your head and neck. By allowing you to lie comfortably in your preferred sleep position and relieving pressure that can make your arm fall asleep or cause muscle stiffness, the pillow helps you awaken feel rested and refreshed. The pillow's hypoallergenic contoured memory foam lifts your neck and tilts your head back slightly to open your airway and help relieve snoring. Its velour cover is removable and machine washable. 22" L x 5" H x 15" W.

There's more information here.. (Source)


Thank You Japanese Technology

Also effective in avoiding that stupid "smooch" pose.. (a.k.a. duckface)


Cool Vintage Budweiser Ad


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Please pardon me while I continue to try to get this PC back up to par. With all the time I've spent doing scans and such, it's actually pretty amazing that I've been able to keep up as much as I have. This thing is over 5 years old and showing all the signs.

My site is extremely important to me, so I'll be posting stuff via laptop as often as possible. Thank you for your continued visitation!

It'll only get better.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not A Good Time To Be Outa Line


Guitar Island

Too cool! Now I want more info, but can't find it. Grrr...


Drunk Guy vs. Flip Flops

Absolutely hilarious!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not A Vegetarian


I Is Gonna Has Good Teeth


Dunk You Very Much

And this guy's in high school!

Best dunk ever put down on a solo break in high school? Here is 6'2 Elijah Johnson pulling out all the stops at the Derby Classic in 2009.


Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Monday

But the weather was good..




Sunday, April 18, 2010

1000 Years Of War In 5 Minutes

This animation shows all important battles that took place over the last ten centuries. The sizes of the explosions and labels are proportional to the number of casualties. The music is "Ride Of The Valkyries" by Richard Wagner. The data comes from the wikipedia article, List of Battles.


Not Much Of A Review, But..

Had one of these tonight. Pretty darn good beer, I must say!

Very light - easy to drink. Kinda reminded me of a Corona, but I usually order Coronas with lime & salt.

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The Best Jobs In America

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You might think that determining what makes a job "great" is pretty easy, but the truth is there are so many factors that could play a role - from exceptional rates of pay, to superior growth prospects, to employee perks and benefits - that finding one definition often isn't as easy as it might first appear.

In fact, while for many workers the paycheck is the be all and end all, for others a sense that the work they are doing is more "meaningful" holds the key to job satisfaction.

And that's before you factor in issues pertaining to how organizations can match the needs of different generations of employees, a common challenge for HR managers.

Take a look at Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies To Work For list for 2009, for instance, which demonstrates how, even in this economy, some companies are going out of their way to please employees:
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Internet giant Google, for example, once revered as way out in front in terms of employee satisfaction, has now slipped considerably to fourth place this year - despite still attracting over 777,000 applications each year. Meanwhile, in its place, data management firm NatApp has been catapulted to the top spot, offering such benefits as five paid days for volunteer work, $11,390 adoption aid, and autism coverage - used by 43 employees since 2006 ,at a cost of $242,452.

But aside from individual companies looking to bolster their satisfaction credentials, there are some jobs that simply far outpace others in terms of "greatness." Some because of the paychecks they offer, others because of the long-term prospects they bring to workers, but all of them noteworthy.

And now, with the help of, CNN Money has rated and compiled a list of the Top 50 Jobs in the US - and you've guessed it, they all offer great pay and even better prospects.

The top end of the list is largely populated by roles in both the information technology (IT) and healthcare sectors, which are obviously determined after considerable investment from workers in terms of training and experience; but other roles, both in the financial services and government sectors also feature prominently, highlighting that there is room for true satisfaction in a plethora of fields.

At the top of the list the authors place the role of System Engineer - defined by CNN as the "big think managers on large, complex projects." According to the findings behind the list, demand is soaring for systems engineers, as what was once a niche job in the aerospace and defense industries has now become (or is becoming) commonplace among a diverse and expanding universe of employers.

The good news? Pay can easily reach six figures for top performers, and CNN highlights how there - even in this economy - remains ample opportunity for advancement.

Something else to make readers smile is that fact that, ranking pretty highly at twentieth on the list, is the role of Human Resources Manager, suggesting that HR's diversified role and transformation from a largely administrative role to a more strategic business player hasn't gone unnoticed. As CNN themselves put it, do HR Managers have great jobs or what?

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