Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pink Floyd - Sorrow


This song is the DEFINITION of sorrow.. Wow! Such a beautiful creation.


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A Buddy's Time-Lapse Pool Construction Video

Courtesy Matt Smithey & Backyard Lagoons.

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Music: Injustice Down

The Massive Lightning Strike at a Rangers'/Twins Game

Video Screencap

During the 4th inning of the Texas Rangers' game vs. the Minnesota Twins on July 8, 2012, a storm produced a thunder-clap that freaked-out everyone on the field like I've never seen before. I had one of these the other night at home that caused me to seriously worry about going outside to get a lawn mower out of a truck bed. I can totally relate to these players & umpires.

Here is the video. (Courtesy MLB)

Dog Loves His Red Ball


What happens at :06 is hilarious. I wish my dogs were this aggressive with gigantic balls, but they only like racquetballs or tennis balls.

A Misunderstood Malfunction


Neil Peart's Incredible Set

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Computer Issues, and a Frustrating Story

Thank you to kboyk2 for his comment on a forum that saved me from what I was certain was an unrecoverable PC condition.

Firefox locked-up. Ctr-Alt-Del, and ending task on Firefox did nothing. Hard boot did nothing. When I realized I still had control of my PC, I decided to do a normal "restart".

Then Windows7 was locked in "logging off" mode for hours. Hard-booting and then hitting F8 for safe mode didn't even work, and once it booted, it was just stuck in logging off mode again. Other than F2, for Boot options, I had no control of my own PC.

Here was the comment from kboy2k that was the answer:

"I figured it out on my own-- but anyway -- you must hold down the power off key for 10 seconds (2-3 seconds wont work- this puts in sleep mode) - after ten seconds release - it - then wait a minute then power on and windows should boot up fine=-- worked for mine." (Comment Via)

Learn something every day.

When I figure out why Firefox locked-up like I've never seen any program lock-up, I'll let you know.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is a Lunatic

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And I say that in a good way - I love the guy!

Paul Ryan

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Not only that, but here's a great article from PoliticusUSA Dot Com entitled "The 5 Biggest Lies in Paul Ryan’s RNC Acceptance Speech." Be sure to read this if you are on the fence about the upcoming vote! (Thanks Barbara!)

UPDATE:  Now here's "The 5 Biggest Lies In Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech," again from PoliticusUSA Dot Com. Enjoy!!

Staind - Let It Out


Heard this song for the first time today, and as huge a Staind fan as I am, I'm embarrassed that I never knew it existed. What a beautiful song!

Beer Drinking Speed Analysis

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

As I Expected, There is No Hope

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Back From Vacation Safe & Sound (OC)


Hey everyone!

OK so very soon after my fantasy draft last Friday night, the wife and I took a short vacation to the coast. It seemed as if we were attempting to meet hurricane Isaac in Galveston. As it turned out, you would've never known by the weather the last two days down there, that there was a hurricane coming. We had a cool couple days, and made it home with a day or two to spare.

I'll have a few pictures to upload in a few days. Just know that I'm now back to posting at regular pace, and aside from normal fantasy football operations, things will be back to normal here at One For The Road.

Above is a picture I snapped quickly of the back of a truck with my phone. It was only afterward that I realized it was Michael Jordan's head. Must have been a truck carying a gigantic load of Michael Jordan cologne. At least that's what the truck says.

More to come about our little trip. Stay tuned!


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