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1 World Trade Center - Beautiful Progress

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My Picks

Spurs over Jazz in 5.
Grizzlies over Clippers in 6.
Thunder over Mavs in 6.
Lakers over Nuggets in 6.

Bulls over 76ers in 6.
Celtics over Hawks in 7.
Heat over Knicks in 6.
Pacers over Magic in 5.


Spurs over Grizzlies in 4.
Thunder over Lakers in 6.

Celtics over Bulls in 7.
Heat over Pacers in 5.


Spurs over Thunder in 5.
Heat over Celtics in 6.


Spurs over Heat in 5.

Championship #5 for my Spurs.

2012 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Looks like this:

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And here is the entire Round-1 schedule.. Source - (

Ra - Do You Call My Name


One of my favorites, here.. Not a lot of people know about Ra, but here is more info. When this song came out in 2001, it was HOT, and an instant favorite of mine. Then they kinda faded into obscurity. Oh well..

What a Cool Little Natural Fort

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Spurs Update

Finishing out the 2011-2012 NBA regular season with 13 games in 19 days, and 4 games in the last 5 days (geeeez), the Spurs traveled to both Phoenix and Golden State for the final two games. After complete warm-ups prior to Wednesday's game in Phoenix, it was decided that Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili would fly back to San Antonio, and not play these two games. However, We're also missing Gary Neal due to a sore shoulder from a great pick set by Kurt Thomas Monday against Portland. What was the most surprising, however, is that Gregg Popovich decided to fly back with them. So without four of our top players, and our head coach, Assistant Coach Mike Budenholzer would take the reigns for these two.

Both games were close most of the way, as the Suns were set finishing up with a winning record, but the Warriors were set on giving the youngsters some serious experience.

Wednesday the Suns even gave Nash a final hoorah late in the 4th-Q, down by only a few. It could be his last game in Phoenix, but who knows. At least the home crowd was prepared. So he came in the game, and promptly turned it over, after a pretty decent 8 pts., 7 asst., and 3 reb. in only 17 minutes. Shannon Brown and Sebastian Telfair led them in scoring with 21 & 20 respectively, but our energy was too high, and the Spurs pulled out WIN #9 in a row, 110-106. Patty Mills & Tiago Splitter both registered career-highs with 27 & 26 respectively, while FIVE others contributed 10 or 9 each. Here's the boxscore..
Splitter was huge - Image Source (Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)

Thursday night in Oakland, the Warriors started 5 rookies - marking the first time in NBA history any team has ever done so. They had started 4 rookies against us just 10 days ago, but this was unprecedented. Close all the way just as it was the
Mills had back-to-back career games - Image Source (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

previous night, the Spurs would capitalize on a few too many Warriors' late mistakes, despite being out-shot 52% to 44%. Patty Mills was again the hero as he bested his new career-high from last night by 7. He had 34 pts., 12 asst., and 5 boards in 43 solid minutes. DeJuan Blair & James Anderson followed with 22 & 19. It was Mills' two straight threes with the score tied at 95, and about 5 minutes left, that would ultimately do in the Warriors on this last day of the regular season. The Spurs' 107-101 WIN was the 10th straight win, as we were not only the only team with a double digit winning streak this season, but we wrapped it up in style with THREE of them (11, 11, 10). Here is the boxscore..

The San Antonio Spurs finish the 2011-2012 regular season with a record of 50-16, and will have home-court advantage over everyone except the Chicago Bulls, who also finished at 50-16. Thankfully, our first game is Sunday at Noon. I'll be back with more amazing regular-season stats later! WooHoo!

Here are the FINAL NBA standings for 2011-2012:

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Source (

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Alter Bridge - Blackbird (LIVE)

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Mine's Pretty Great

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OK, If I Must


Whenever I cross a sign that says "dip", I always reach into my pocket for my can of Skoal... Family isn't usually amused.

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Korn - Coming Undone


Yeah we're going to see them - for $5 - in San Antonio on Thursday night at Fiesta. Not my favorite band.. but I can say this is my favorite Korn song. It should be a good time.

Spurs Update

Sunday and Monday the Spurs played their last two home games of the season against Cleveland and Portland. Duncan dressed, but would only play if necessary Sunday, as Diaw started in his place. It's really hard to write about these games, and still try to not portray a sense of arrogance, or act as if I know what's going to happen, but things are flowing so well that they're very nearly foregone conclusions. Just as we have the last few weeks, we put up 29 against Cleveland's22 for the 1st-Q.

Just halfway through the 2nd-Q it was pretty obvious by the look of Pop's face, that Timmy may as well go bury himself in a book in the locker room. Manu, Neal, Green, and Jack were all hitting shots, and it was 43-27 before you knew it. The fiesty Cavs would, however, make a run and close to within 52-44 at the break. DeJuan Blair would then score 13 3rd-Q points, as we slowly pulled away to begin the 4th-Q at 81-70.

I think both Manu & Jackson were extra-determined, because they were huge factors in extending a late 3rd-Q 9-pt.
Manu made it clear: "I'm ready!" - Via (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

lead to 20 with 5:11 left. Jackson had 13 of his 17 in the 4th. Trying to make NBA history by winning 6 straight games by 21+, the Spurs would fall short of the record, but the 114-98 WIN was nothing to slouch about. Not our best game of the last several, but we still shot 55%, shot 40% from three, out-rebounded and out-assisted our opponent. Five players in double-figures, and ten scored 7 or more. Here is the boxscore..


The next night with Portland coming to the AT&T Center, most of us were remembering a Feb. 21 trip to Portland in which Pop rested Duncan & Parker, with Manu & Tiago both hurt. Oh, we also had an 11-game winning streak on the line, but Pop let it go by the wayside in order to have our guys rested as much as he wanted them. We lost by 40. So yeah, you bet we'd be at full-strength - at least for a while.

Danny Green started us off with two threes. The team was solid, and the Blazers weren't hitting anything. 27-10 it was with more than 2 minutes left in the first. A little Portland run closed the 1st-Q at 31-18, but Splitter & Green would come out with 6-straight (37-18), followed by 10-straight from Babbitt & Flynn (37-28)! Then Neal & Green would score 8-straight, and our lead was 45-28. It was at this point when the Blazers were already looking gassed. Tony, Timmy, Neal, & Jack kept up the aggression towards a 63-41 halftime lead.

Danny Green had a perfect night - Via (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Duncan would play sparingly from here on out, but of course, Pop still needs to keep him in "game-shape", and when he was in he dominated (26 min. 18 pts. 8 reb. 4 blk. on 8 of 13 shooting). By the end of the 3rd-Q it was obviously our game, and a little more-so (91-65). In almost back-to-back plays, a Diaw assist to James Anderson was very Globetrotter-like, followed by a sweet right-handed tip-in rebound from Manu.

Portland continued to turn it over, miss shots, relax on D, and we continued to score at will by this point. Jack hit 6, Anderson hit 5 more quick ones, and then Patty Mills entered to get some revenge on his former team - and he did so with 3 4th-Q threes. Everything was clicking as we closed out our regular-season at home with a 37-pt. beatdown WIN vs. the Trailblazers 124-89. Season-high 34 assists on 48 FGs - this with Tony playing only 22 minutes. SIX players in double-figures, and two more with 9 & 8 respectively. Oh yeah, and Manu also had 6-2-3-2 in 17 fully-charged minutes. Here's the boxscore..

With this, our 31st double-digit win of the season (NBA best), we secured the #1 Western Conference Seed. Already leading the NBA in both shooting and 3-pt. shooting, the Spurs are also now fractions of a point behind Denver for the highest-scoring team in the NBA, after averaging 116+ ppg the last eight games, and 112.3 in our last 22 wins (a 22-5 stretch), and 108.5 in our last 31 games overall (25-6). No, these are not the Spurs of old. Old? And no we're not old, either.

The last two games are at Phoenix, and at Golden State. I do not expect many - IF ANY - minutes from Tim, Tony, or Manu. They may not even travel. The #1-seed is already ours, and barring the challenge with the Bulls for the best overall record, I know Pop isn't going to go overboard in these last two games. We know he has a much larger goal in mind.

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Inevitable Metta World Peace Violence Suspension


Without wasting too much of my time on Ron Artest, I will say I wouldn't be surprised at all if David Stern threw him out of the league for good. Based on his numerous altercations, fines, suspensions (86 games for the Malice at the Palace), it would be warranted. But this is unlikely. Even more unlikely I think is that he gets a handful of games (let's say 10), which include playoff games. While either one of these options would be just fine, the guy is probably going to get a huge fine along with a suspension of maybe 5 games - not including playoff games. I think it's absurd, but I wouldn't put it past David Stern to go this route either.

C'mon Mr Stern.. make him an example!

Clever Kitty

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Words That Aren't

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MSG - Nightmare


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Ultimate Procrastination


Spurs Update

Wednesday night, the Spurs wrapped-up their second B2B2B of the season vs. the Kings in Sacramento, but they would do it without Tim Duncan (resting). I'm a little surprised at this decision by Pop, but I'm also happy that he's allowing Tony & Manu to go. So rather than Timmy & Tiago, DeJuan Blair would reclaim his usual starting slot back, along with Boris Diaw. As one would expect out of a team who has been playing SO many games lately, we came out a little flat & lazy. But the defense was there, and the shots started to fall. As soon as Manu entered the game at about the 7 minute mark, his impact was instant. We would go from down-4 to up-1 during his 5 minutes on the floor, and it was a tight 29-28 game after 1-Q.

The contest would stay pretty tight throughout the 2nd-Q, as our bench was shooting well, and the Kings' crowd was feeding their high intensity. It's hard to believe this team hasn't won more than 20 games, actually. Both teams were seeminlgy scoring at will near the end of the half, as Tiago, Jack, and Mills were leading our charge, but Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins were surely responding. Halftime: 58-57, Spurs.

Thankfully, our hot shooting continued out of the halftime break. Not 4 minutes went by and we had already strung together a 12-4 run, thanks to points by all-5 starters! The back-to-back scoring-fest returned with Manu now in the lineup. Our growing advantage at the free throw line was starting to pay off, as we would close out
Neal dominated -Image Source (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

the 3rd-Q 97-86, with eight different Spurs scoring. The bad news is Manu would collide with Tyreke Evans, not to return. As terrible as it looked (Source), Manu would only suffer a laceration.

The Spurs opened the 4th-Q extending the 3-0 run they were on, to a 16-4 run that blew the game wide open. With the lead now 21, and Gary Neal hitting everything he's putting up, we look unstoppable, yet again. After a Kings bucket, we had another 5-straight (115-91), and from then on, all we had to do was not turn it over. It was a close one for a half, but our shots continued to fall - even through the final seconds. The 127-102 WIN was simply a second-half domination 69-45 that was too much for Sacramento (or most teams, for that matter) to overcome. Spurs had SEVEN guys in double figures, and no one had more than 17. Here is the boxscore..

We just went 6-0 in two separate B2B2B's - something no other team has done this season.. Not to mention it's 5 wins in 7 nights.


Friday night the Spurs played the LA Lakers for the 3rd time in 10 days. This time it was back in San Antonio, where we were dismantled inside by Bynum's 30 boards, (60-33 overall) a week ago Wednesday in a 98-84 loss. Of course we countered with revenge this past Tuesday 112-91 in LA. But the "best 2 outa 3" would feature Kobe Bryant's return from a 7-game shin injury. Once again Timmy would have Tiago starting along with him, and yes - we like this very much.

Spurs' starters were solid to begin - especially in defense as we were up 15-7 half way through the 1st-Q. Kawhi was super on D, holding Kobe to just 5 1st-Q pts. on 2 of 4 shooting. Meanwhile Manu would come off the bench to score 7. But it was old-school Tim Duncan whose strong early 10 led us. Our 1st-Q lead was 32-25.

Not 3½ minutes were gone and the score was tied, however. Gasol & Barnes led their initial charge, but just as soon as we were down 3, our defense would tighten down. Already exhausted chasing Kobe around, Kawhi would hit a huge 3 to spark us on 9-5 run that included a sweet steal and
Bynum frustrated all night long -Image Source (AP Photo/Bahram Mark Sobhani)

following assist to Manu for a crowd-rearing three. The half would end with a lot of good defense, and a 56-52 Spurs lead.

The return to action saw Kobe come to form, somewhat, as he would score 9 in just over 4-min., but our offense was just getting warmed-up. Spurs would score almost every trip down the floor: Tony, Timmy, Tony, Diaw, and then Manu would score 10 3rd-Q points, while guarding Kobe for this stretch. After the opening 3rd-Q bucket Kobe hit, the 14 of 18 Spurs 3rd-Q shooting (78%) brought the score to 91-73. And just as Sean Elliott was beginning to point out how the Lakers' players were reacting to our domination by not getting back on defense, hanging their heads, and a flat-out folding with their attitudes, Matt Bonner and Gary would open the 4th-Q with 7-straight to open up a 98-73 lead.

Just one of our many pieces, Gary Neal, always seems to find a way to shoot late nails in coffins with his play. He would score 6 in the 4th. But halfway through the 4th, the Lakers would wave the white flag, and put in Jordan Hill & Andrew Goudelock. DeJuan Blair, with 6 4th-Q pts., Jack, and Mills would bring it home, with our stars resting. For the 4th straight game, we win by 21+. The 121-97 Spurs WIN effectively proved to the national media, and more importantly to the Lakers themselves, that the road to the 2012 Championship certainly goes through San Antonio! For the first time in almost a year, the Spurs' big-3 all scored 20+! San Antonio's pts. differential in our last NINETEEN games is +12.6, and that includes our 7 and 14 point back-to-back losses at Utah and at home in that terrible Lakers game, respectively! Here is the Spurs/Lakers III boxscore..

Spurs have 4 games remaining, and of course, they are two back-to-backs with a day of rest in between: Home games vs. Cleveland & Portland Sunday & Monday, followed by road games at Phoenix & Golden State. Yeah we can still win 50 - in a season with 16 fewer games than usual.

Here are the west standings through all games of April 21, 2012:
Click to enlarge! Source: ESPN