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Accept - Balls to the Wall


Accept - Teutonic Terror


Still kicking ass after all these years! No Udo, but hey.

Nothing to See Here - Just Ben & Jerry Stiller

~ circa 1978 ~

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spurs Update

I forgot to post about the Spurs vs. T-Wolves game Wednesday. It seems that it's the losses or the easier wins that I forget. Another reason that I fell into that trap is the entire Spurs Nation has been waiting for our first back-to-back-to-back, which started tonight. It wasn't much of a contest, but what did you expect?

This Minnesota team is just not the same without Ricky Rubio, who was lost for the season a few weeks back because of a torn ACL. They were also playing without Nikola Pekovic (ankle issues). But these things will likely help this team in the future, as it provides good game-minutes for first round
Image Source (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

pick Derrick Williams, and time for JJ Barea to mesh with this team a little more. It was never really in doubt as we jumped out to a 32-16 lead after 1-Q, and withstood a sub-par 2nd-Q to lead by 9 at the half.

Learning that Tony Parker was feeling tightness in a hamstring, the rest of the squad would have to play without him for 2½ quarters, as Pop chose to retire him for the evening. But welcoming Stephen Jackson back to SA in his first home game was easy, and Pop's challenge would be met.. quickly, as the Spurs went on a 20-8 3rd-Q run to take control for good. We would lead by as much as 27, but finished of the WIN 116-100. (Here's ESPN's boxscore..)


Just a few hours ago the Spurs began their first back-to-back-to-back of the season at home vs. the Dallas Mavericks, after having just played them in Dallas on St. Patrick's Day. Parker is in street clothes, as expected, but so is Tiago Splitter (unexpected back spasms). It was only yesterday that we learned of the signing of former Trailblazer Patty Mills, and then just today Boris Diaw was signed after being bought-out (given up on by) Charlotte. Wow!

So with this turn of events, and no "real" PGs, Manu would start the game, and Gary Neal would be his back-up at the "point". I say it that way because Manu's almost a PG anyway. That can't be said about too many shooting guards in the league. It was defense, however, by
Image Source (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

both teams that was the theme of the 1st-Q. Our youngsters were providing the home spark early in this one, as a DeJuan Blair dunk & jumper would close out the 1st 24-21.

Offenses would pick up markedly in the next stanza. Bonner would hit 3 threes, and then here comes Boris Diaw. Literally hours from being in Charlotte, the guy hits the floor for us! Gotta love Pop. Green, Kawhi and Diaw together would spark the crowd with key defensive stops, and a 52-45 halftime lead.

As is the case sometimes, Spurs came out FLAT for the 3rd. We failed to share the basketball; Mavs made key changes on offense; and there was too much standing around on offense. The 15-4 Mavs run put us behind 63-58, but after a timeout, Bonner & Neal would hit some quick easy ones after great stops, followed by Diaw's first points as a Spur. Then with the game tight and the crowd tense, both Manu and Neal would hit critical threes. 70-63 after 3-Qs. So after their 15-4 run, we ended the 3rd on a 12-0 run.

But we weren't finished. Just as soon as the 4th-Q clock went from 12:00 to 11:59, Jackson, Manu, and Green would add 10 more to Jason Terry's 2 to complete a 22-2 run, and a lead of 80-65. Both Terry's and Dirk's frustration were becoming obvious as Terry was swiping randomly at balls, and Dirk even complained about Kawhi's defense one too many time for a quick technical. We held Dirk to 5 of 21 shooting, 16 pts. and 2 boards. Nice! They would come to within 11, but it was our relentless defense, and scrappy play that led us to a wonderful 104-87 WIN. Heck, Eric Dawson even came in and recorded 6 pts. on 3-3
Image Source (Soobum Im-US PRESSWIRE)

shooting and also had a sweet block.

Six guys in double figures (two more with 8). Total team effort. Super defensive display, and a statement game that evened the season series 2-2. The biggest difference between this game and the one last Saturday was on the boards. Timmy pulled down 12, Kawhi & Jackson grabbed 8, and Manu had 7, as we out-rebounded them 54-34! Huge fix right there.. Kudos, gentlemen! Here's the ESPN boxscore..

One more thing. Last week when I learned of the Jefferson/Jackson trade, I was like "Ehh, I see that it saves us a lot of money, but ehhh...". Then I learn the deal for Patrick Mills is going through. Realizing with TJ Ford's retirement, and Cory Joseph just not taking shape yet, I was still like "Ehh - I guess that's OK". Today when I heard they pulled the trigger on grabbing Boris Diaw, with whom one of the worst teams in the league became disinterested, I was again like "Hmm... ehh.. I guess he's a big body we need. But ehh.."

It only took a game and a half for Jack. I don't miss RJ at all. You can count on Stephen to score the basketball. You can count on him to mix things up on defense, and make things happen. And he's been here before - he knows. Then Diaw does a 1-day turnaround, and I'm already impressed with his poise inside. I've been saying all along that we've needed an experienced BIG to help out. And you know what? He's also a pretty good ball player too. Then Pop finally puts Eric Dawson in to show what he can do, and what do you know. He does NOTHING BUT produce. Has anyone ever gone 3-3 with 6 pts. and a block in just over a minute?

Well done, Spurs.. Well done!

DUI Checkpoint Refusal


Melons in Love

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Cool Marshall Amp Fridge


More info, pics, and a video..

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A System of a Down Set

Sugar - System of a Down

Aerials - Toxicity - probably my favortie..

BYOB - Mezmerize

Revenga - Mezmerize

Radio/Video - Mezmerize

Lost in Hollywood - Mezmerize

This is another one of my favorites.. The harmonies are mesmerizing for me. Pardon the hatred.

Holy Mountains - Hypnotize

Soldier Side - Hypnotize

My House is Clean

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Some NFL Stuff

Well Peyton Manning is now a Denver Bronco. So much for all our memories of him in white and blue trim. I do actually think that he is, if not the very best, one of the top three QBs ever to play the game of football.

I've always said Joe Montana was the best ever. I also think John Elway and Dan Marino were in a class by themselves for their uniqueness at the position. Then there's Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and of course, Bart Starr & Johnny U.. Brett Favre, Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, and Terry Bradshaw, etc..

Then there's Tom Brady, who is probably at this very second, the 2nd best of all-time. Peyton could very easily change this. Could he unseat Joe Montana in my mind? Maybe, but the next 2-3 years will surely tell. It's no secret that I hate the Patriots like no other team in the league. And as much as I respect Brady for being such a great player, I must mention that the season when he went down was rather pleasurable. But although diverging, this adds to the dilemma: As happy as most Brady-haters were, the Pats went 11-5 that 2008 season. The Colts just embarrassed themselves with a 2-14 record in 2011 without Manning. Hmmm...

They now have the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft, and will probably take Stanford's Andrew Luck, or possibly Baylor's Robert Griffin III. Meanwhile, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Dallas Clark, RB Joseph Addai, and QB Curtis Painter have all been waived. (Source)

Not only that, but Peyton Manning has apparently un-retired Frank Tripuka's #18 so he can wear it, himself. Did I really just read this? Did he really just say this?

So then possible clipboard holder Tim Tebow goes from being yesterday's news in Denver literally to today's news in New York, as he is officially a member of the NY Jets. Mark Sanchez now must have a perfect season. I just hope the powers that be in the Jets organization subdue the drama from day-1, and allow the guy to play 7-10 plays a game regardless of Sanchoke's performance.

Meanwhile my Cowboys have done a great job this off-season. Terence Newman was cut, thank God, and newly signed free agents are CB Brandon Carr from KC, QB Kyle Orton, S Brodney Pool, RB(FB) Lawrence Vickers, G's Mackenzy Bernadeau & Nate Livings, and LB Dan Connor from CAR. Now onto the draft! (Source)

Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward retired. It's pretty sad. The guy was a faithful WR for the Steelers for 14 years! Not only that, the Steelers were his faithful employer for the entire duration. And he was pretty darn good..

This whole "bounty" thing that's been going on for the last several weeks with the Saints, and a handful of other teams, really has me upset. Today one of the best coaches in the league was suspended for a FULL season because of someone else's bounty system. No way did Sean Payton deserve this punishment. Gregg Williams has been banned indefinitely, but he should've been the sole victim in all of this. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made an example of too many parties involved in this fiasco. And the worst part is the person who initially spilled the beans should be beaten to a pulp.

All joking aside, I have no doubt this type of thing goes on in almost every locker room. What is not being understood is that the bounties are not for injuries, but rather game-changing plays. Football is a physical game, and while I appreciate the efforts of late to keep the game as safe as possible for its players, I think they have now gone too far. Here is what former SF/DEN/OAK LB Bill Romanowski had to say about it.

What's next? Banning a boxer from boxing because he hurt someone?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Congrats, Bruce!

San Antonio Spurs' retired forward Bruce Bowen had his jersey number 12 sent to the rafters in the AT&T Center tonight.

What a great honor for a super person. I totally believe we wouldn't have those three championships if it weren't for Bruce. Congratulations, Bruce! Stick around and teach Kawhi a few things, OK?

Image Source (Photo by William Luther/San Antonio Express-News)

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Benxi, China

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Russell Westbrook Has a Lot to Learn as an NBA PG

A must-watch!

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I've always felt this. He has not learned the idea of finding the open player. He has one of the top NBA scoring leaders on his team, and yet, it never seems like it's his first option to find a way to get Kevin Durant the ball.

College Fan Territories Map


This one's pretty accurate, as fan maps go. Thanks for putting Texas State in there!

Making Wheelchairs Obsolete



Here's Tek RMD's homepage.

My Dad would've absolutely loved this!

Monday, March 19, 2012

She's Trashed


It Appears Peyton Manning is Headed to Denver

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Urup Island, Sea of Okhotsk, Russian Federation

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Here's some Wikipedia information: Urup -- Sea of Okhotsk

And here's the Google Maps location for your zooming pleasure.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spurs Update

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OK I've gotten a little bit behind again with my updates. For this reason I'm going to link you to ESPN's recaps of the three games, with a little bit of my own commentary along the way.

Wednesday the Spurs began a 3 games in 4 nights stretch. The last two of the three are back-to-back, and on the road - @OKC & @Dallas.

Wed, Mar. 14 vs. Orlando: ESPN's boxscore & recap. This might be the game of the year so far. Nothing like a dominant performance at home against a very good team, right? Last game of the 7-game home-stand after the Rodeo road-trip. Richard Jefferson's last game as a Spur, not to mention what was thought to be Dwight Howard's last game with Orlando, was a close game most of the way, except for our 10-pt. hole early in the 1st-Q. Both teams shot very well, and it wasn't until about 2:58 left in the game when we took a 10-pt. lead and took control.

Image Source (AP Photo/Bahram Mark Sobhani)

Whenever we have 6 guys in double figures, only 6 turnovers, make 13 of 26 from three, and make 86% of our FTs, we're gonna be tough to beat - especially at home. Tony had 31 & 12 asst., and Duncan had 21 & 13 boards as the Spurs WIN 122-111.

Fri, Mar. 16 in Oklahoma City: ESPN's boxscore & recap. Our third and final meeting with the Thunder this season started with a bang, as we would jump out to a 30-16 lead just before a James Harden three ended the 1st-Q. Blair and Green were outrageously effective in this one. They were huge contributors to a Spurs' 27-pt. 2-Q lead (63-36). So yeah we're kicking their tails at this point, but Harden & Ibaka lead a 12-2 run of their own to close the half (65-48).

Russell Westbrook exponentially extended the excitement of this game by almost
Image Source (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

single-handedly keeping the Thunder in the game in the 2nd-half (he had 13 3rd-Q pts. and 7 more in the 4th). Down 16 with :32 left in the 3rd-Q, the Thunder went on a 14-0 run over a 3:55 span, and it was suddenly a game - and the OKC crowd was well aware! Spurs were 0-7 with 3 turnovers during that span. Enter Danny Green.

Green's 8 pts. in less than 3 minutes, combined with 4 from Tony & 4 from Timmy, countered Westbrook's and Harden's clutch play. Durant would nail a big three with 1:20 left to close to 107-105, SA. Four timeouts later, we would make all the plays down the stretch. A Duncan lay-in, a spectacular Danny Green steal of an in-bounds pass, and three FTs would seal the awesome Spurs WIN, 114-105. Danny Green's performance of 21 pts., 4 reb., and 5 steals was incredible, but Tim Duncan proved he is gonna be a force to be reckoned with for a while: 16 pts., 19 reb., and 5 blocks. It marks the first time since 2003 that he's recorded that many boards and blocks in a game. And he's old? And as good as Westbrook played, I think he still may have been in awe (Notice and then click on the title).

Sat, Mar. 17 in Dallas: ESPN's boxscore & recap. After 2 straight games of mostly dominance, my Spurs have to play the reigning World Champions, who were resting, waiting for us. We came out a little flat, and got behind 23-12, and 28-19 after 1-Q. Things would change, though, as
Image Source (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Stephen Jackson makes his second Spurs' debut. He and Splitter would bring us back to within 2. The end of the 1st-half marked a classic Dirk/Duncan rivalry. Down by two after 2-Q, Rodrigue Beaubois began to make a statement, but the game would stay pretty close until back-to-back threes by Jason Terry and Jason Kidd led to the Mavs' biggest lead since the 1st-Q. (68-58).

This would be a 10-pt. lead that would become a Maverick basis for the rest of the game. They would extend it to 13, then we would cut it to 5. Then in less than another minute they would extend it to 13 again. Down the stretch, Beaubois, Terry, and Vince Carter would hit all the key shots the Mavs needed, while it seemed as if we took too many threes to try to catch-up too quickly. That just snowballed, and the threes continued, without going inside. Spurs shot 3 of 8 from three in the 4th, but in contrast the Mavs hit 6 of 10, for a total of 11 of 24 for the game! I doubt they've hit 11 in a game this year.

Nevertheless, we played tough and tired, and withstood a great shooting night by the Mavericks - while being out-rebounded 48-35. We also missed 8 of 18 FTs. These are two things that must be addressed if we're gonna win a title this year. The Spurs' 106-99 LOSS gives the Mavs the 2-1 series advantage for the season, but we get enact some revenge this next Friday.

Three full days off, and then it's a home-stand vs. Minnesota and Dallas Wednesday & Friday. However, the Dallas game at home Friday begins our first of two back-to-back-to-backs. Luckily the middle game of the three is at New Orleans, so I expect Pop to seriously rest a bunch of guys.