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Regarding Our Credit

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How About Some Metallica Chardonnay




Even Mosquitos Don't Like Mosquitos

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...especially after spraying them with mosquito repellant!

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An Incredible Reflection Photo

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JFK: The Single Bullet Theory

The JFK Altgens photo taken just after the assassination began

One simple post here. I've done hours, days, weeks, months, years of research about the John F. Kennedy assassination. No I'm not a "leader" nor recognized personality in either of the races to 1) prove JFK was shot at by more than one man, nor 2) prove Oswald acted alone.

I'll start off by saying that in most of my research, observations, and findings, I simply cannot say beyond a reasonable doubt that the final head-shot was Oswald's. The "back and to the left" evidence from the Zapruder film is pretty clear to me. Many many people will claim that there is a multi-millisecond head movement forward just after the instant of the bullet's impact. It's so minute that it's almost non-existent.

However, in what has become one of my most thorough dives into all the information that I can possibly get into in a matter of a few days, for the first time in my life I think I honestly believe that the Warren Commission might just be correct about the single bullet theory.

Kennedy and Connally were not lined up in the limo like this (as Oliver Stone would have you to think). Rather, they were lined up like this. Connally was situated several inches more inboard the limo, and was also several inches lower. Here are three images as proof: 01, 02, and 03. Not only that, at the moment of impact, Connally was turned considerably to his right, as anyone can see in a frozen frame 223 of the Zapruder film. It is in the next frame, 224, that both are struck by the single bullet. And it is obvious when you look at three consecutive gifs, which are toggled between two consecutive frames:

The following frame toggle (223-224) shows Connally's right shoulder drop considerably, along with the right lapel of his jacket being "blown outward":

I have included the very next two frames toggled (224-225) for the simple purpose of not leaving it out, but also for illustrating that nothing significant has changed here, other than possibly the position of Connally's hat, which is in his right hand, begins to move:

But here is the crystal clear evidence. Both men are undoubtedly reacting to something serious, at the same 1/18th of a second in the transition from frame 225-226:

A bullet from Oswald's rifle from the Texas School Book Depository's 6th floor right window has just gone through Kennedy's back (the C6 vertebrae, which affects deltoid movement, and hence both elbows raised), exited his throat just below the Adam's apple, continued through Connally's back around his right armpit area, exited below his right nipple, and continued to shatter his right wrist, and finished its path in his thigh.

Prior to a few weeks ago, I would've told you that there is NO WAY one single bullet could possibly go through all those layers of clothes, make three separate entry AND exit wounds, hit vertebrae, spinal cord, an arm radius bone, still cause a seventh thigh wound, and then somehow turn up as a "pristine bullet" recovered from a stretcher at Parkland Hospital. What most people don't realize is that "magic bullet" actually looked like this, and this.

Bottom line:
• Were there multiple shooters that day? I wouldn't bet $10 Oswald acted alone.
• Were there three shots? No way. Many witnesses (35+) account for many more.
• Was the motorcade already being shot at by frame 210-ish of the Zapruder film, just after they round the corner of Houston & Elm? Yeah I think they were! Who knows.. Many witnesses account for gunshot sounds as early as this, and there are a few pictures that show both JFK & Connally reacting quickly to the right.
• Did Oswald fire the head-shot? I don't believe so.
• Is the 2nd shot, Single Bullet Theory a bunch of BS? Not at all. I believe this is one thing they got right.

If you are still not convinced about the single bullet theory, read this one article.

Here is one of the best JFK Assassination closeup videos that I've ever seen. Judge for yourself:

For the first time I will say this. Having been a long-time conspiracy advocate, I have lately been humbled by my latest findings.

Sources: 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05

Casey Anthony Photographed In Ohio

Casey Anthony was hanging out in Ohio this past weekend... and now new photos - the first since her release from jail - have surfaced showing the 25-year-old hiding in plain sight during a mid-day shopping trip.

Casey was photographed on Sunday - trying to blend in by wearing an Ohio State University baseball cap, a tight-fitting top and glasses as she walked around town... stopping at an Old Navy to check out some dresses.

Anthony has several relatives who live in Ohio - but it's unclear if she has spent time them. Sources extremely close to Anthony tell us she has been bouncing around the country ever since her release from jail after being acquitted of murdering her daughter.

Next stop - no one seems to know.

Actually, she apparently is supposed to appear back in Orlando tomorrow for a probation "check-in".

Here's the full TMZ article - complete with 27 pictures, if you feel like it.

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How Much It Really Costs


This could prove to be a very valuable resource. Muahahahaaaaa! Add up the total of that $6 value meal - go ahead!

New 5FDP

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Looks Like A Suspect Has Already Emerged


Cool Math Clock

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Talking Dogs Arguing


Mishka even has her own Facebook page..

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Fantasy Football 2011: A First Look

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All these teams are making tons of moves, and yet a crappy team - like the Bills - do nothing. OK very little. Lots of new young QBs in the league.. Who do the Raiders have? Just J.Campbell & K.Boller. Ouch! And who are their WRs? The same ones you remember from the last few years, except now Jacoby Ford is ahead of all of them. Ford-Murphy-HeywardBey-Schillens -............

Ndmunkong Suh and Nick Fairley - together? OMG.. I feel sorry for Detroit's opposing QBs.

#1 projected RB: A.Foster -- #1 projected WR: A.Johnson -- Wut? It'll never happen, not this year.. not this team.

The Cincinnati Bengals' #1 WR is Jerome Simpson. Who? #2 WR is rookie AJ Green. Goodbye Carson, Ocho, TO, ...and fans. Wait - We got Cedric back..

Chiefs have now given Matt Cassel tons of good targets to throw to. With Charles in the backfield, this offense could be even better than they were last year. Go look at their WR corps now.

Ochocinco - if he ended this coming season as the #1 fantasy WR, would you be surprised?

Panthers got J.Shockey AND G.Olsen?? Bears now have only K.Davis as an adequate receiver. Saints will be just fine with J.Graham.

Could Seahawks fans be any more upset? Sidney Rice is a great add, but WRs don't do very well with bad QBs. I smell 30 carries a game for Lynch, with which he likely won't live up to the expectations he foreshadowed in last year's playoffs.

Cowboys? Who knows... My team could go 13-3, and they could go 6-10.

Clever Marriage Proposal


Shower Dials Speak The Truth