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Internet 2011 in Numbers

(an article by Pingdom)

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So what happened with the Internet in 2011? How many email accounts were there in the world in 2011? How many websites? How much did the most expensive domain name cost? How many photos were hosted on Facebook? How many videos were viewed to YouTube?

We’ve got answers to these questions and many more. A veritable smorgasbord of numbers, statistics and data lies in front of you. Using a variety of sources we’ve compiled what we think are some of the more interesting numbers that describe the Internet in 2011. (Source)

• 3.146 billion – Number of email accounts worldwide.
• 27.6% – Microsoft Outlook was the most popular email client.
• 19% – Percentage of spam emails delivered to corporate email inboxes despite spam filters.
• 112 – Number of emails sent and received per day by the average corporate user.
• 71% – Percentage of worldwide email traffic that was spam (November 2011).
• 360 million – Total number of Hotmail users (largest email service in the world).
• $44.25 – The estimated return on $1 invested in email marketing in 2011.
• 40 – Years since the first email was sent, in 1971.
• 0.39% – Percentage of email that was malicious (November 2011).

• 555 million – Number of websites (December 2011).
• 300 million – Added websites in 2011.

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Dunk of the Year Candidate

Here's the article about it.

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Turning an Indoor Cat into an Outdoor Cat


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Just a Quick Notice

OK I made a few changes to the look of the site. The main priority was to change fonts, and that I have done. So as a result, a lot of PAST posts may not be formatted correctly. I will be going back right now to change a few of the most recent ones, but that's it.

I have also gone back to the pure white background, and along with a couple other very subtle change that you probably won't even notice. I sincerely hope the new look is appealing to you! We needed a change.

Spurs Update

Friday night the Spurs were in Minnesota for a little revenge against the scrappy young T-Wolves team we were playing when Manu broke his hand. No, I'm certainly not placing any blame here, but they did put it to us pretty good in that game (Jan. 2), 106-96, shooting 58%.. including 57% from three (12 of 21).

Fast forward to tonight. This game went pretty much as you'd expect. Both teams played great defense, as neither team allowed the other to get on too much of a run at any one time. Spurs jumped out to the early 10-2 lead, which was 22-21 by the

Image Source (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

end of the 1st Q. Sets of 4-6 point runs seemed to be the theme in this one, as that early 8-point lead was our largest.

• 31-27, Spurs.. Minnesota timeout.. 36-33, Wolves.. timeout Spurs. Halftime was 42-41, San Antonio.

• 49-44, Wolves.. Spurs' timeout.. Then back & forth throughout most of the third. Not sloppy, turnover-wise, nor bad-shots, just good defense. But Nikola Pekovic was owning us on the low block, for some reason, and it seemed like Tony & Tim were the only ones who could get shots to fall. Tied at 64 after 3 Qs.

Timberwolves pulled away by 6 early in the 4th, countered by Parker making 7 straight for us. Then Pekovic continued more of what he started in the 3rd Q. I'm guessing he took us a little by surprise, as it didn't seem like we were quite prepared for him. A Gary Neal three put us ahead 79-77 with 3:32 left, but then the Spurs decided to go cold. We missed our last 7 shots...

It boiled down to the T-Wolves simply executing better down the stretch.. They scored 10 more to finish us off 87-79. The LOSS could be attributed to the fact that we didn't seem to share the basketball nearly enough tonight (17 assists on 31 FGs, 55%). Compare this to our game vs. Atlanta 2 days ago (29 assists on 42 buckets.. 69%). With Minnesota's execution in the last 4 minutes, I have to give them all the credit. Simple as that.

Tops: Love 18p & 16r.. Pekovic 14p & 10r.. Rubio 18p & 10a. TP 20p &3a.. Splitter 12p & 7r.. Timmy 9p & 10r.

Next two are a back-to-back in both Dallas & Memphis - Sunday & Monday. Which game do you think Duncan will sit? I'd lean toward Dallas, since they've got a lot of players beat-up. But you never know, since right after our day of rest of Tuesday, comes another back-to-back at home against Houston & New Orleans.

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Room with a View

This is the view from one of the rooms at the Ladera Hotel in St. Lucia, West Indies. (Click to enlarge!)


Lots more photos from the area..

Not Judging Ya


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spurs Update

Monday night the Spurs were in New Orleans to face the 3-13 Hornets, who were riding a 7-game losing streak. Spurs are coming off an OT win @Orlando, and two last-minute losses at home vs. the Kings, and in Houston.

Unlike most games recently, we didn't get off to a hot start, and trailed 12-5 almost 4 minutes in, before a Spurs' timeout, Image Source                                                                   followed by an RJ three.

It still took some time before we began seeing the familiar Tony-to-Timmy pick and roll time and time again. We led 30-28 after 1 Q.

With Duncan resting, Tiago makes the most of his playing time. Along with Tony, Gary Neal, and later Duncan, himself, he kept us in the game in which both teams were finding success on the offensive end. We led 56-55 at the half - 2 quarters of basketball in which Tony already has 11 assists.

The game continued to be close throughout the 3rd Q, as the Spurs' biggest lead was 3, but also fell behind by 6 at one point. Another RJ three and a Parker layup closed out the 3rd at 80-79 Hornets.

Jarret Jack continues his hot night (26), as he & Vasquez erase our early 4-pt. lead. Coming down the stretch, defense is prevailing, but so is Tony & Tim. Spurs led by 4 twice before two Hornets' timeouts, only to see the score tied on a Cerl Landry tip-in with 5 seconds left. So then we drew up a play, and this happened:

Video Source ..sorry, I couldn't find a clip with Bill Land and Sean Elliott.

Timmy finished with a season-high 28pts. 7rebs. on 11 of 19 shooting, turning back the clock yet again, and making all of us who were upset about him being held out of the Houston game eat our words. Tony Parker recorded a career-high 17 assists, and added 20 points. He's the first player this season to score 20 and record as many as 17 assists. A great Spurs WIN 104-102, although this is the only time this season that the Hornets (1-8, and now 1-9 on their home floor) have scored 100+ pts. Yeah, that's another serious concern!

Obviously focusing on their defense at home vs. the Atlanta Hawks, the Spurs take a quick 1st Q timeout down 13-9. From that point on, (6:54 left in the 1st), we would hold them scoreless for 5min. 42sec. (19-13 SA). A Green 3, and a Tiago layup ends the 1st Q at 24-18 SA.

Image Source (D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images)

Our lead of 6 became 9 in a few minutes, and for the first time in many games, we have finally find ourselves in a game where we are apparently going to hold a lead throughout. Leading 30-26, Spurs went on a 16-6 run --> 46-32. Jeff Teague then scores 7 in the final 2 minutes, to our 2. Our halftime lead is 48-44.

One minute into the 3rd, and Pop pulls Tony, Blair, and Leonard. A minute later our lead was 50-48, and Matt Bonner & the second team, for the most part, decides to pull away and never look back. It's the first time in 5 games that the excitement has surfaced. Already 2 of 3 from three, and 3 of 4 overall, Matt Bonner decides to ride his hot hand. Bonner hits two more threes, and several buckets by Tony and DeJuan help increase the lead to 15. 76-61 after 3 Q. Yeah the D has stepped it up, and we hold them to 17 in the 3rd.

Our D holds strong as we complete a 14-2 run and lead 84-63 with 8:33 left. With Duncan now done on the bench, Tony & Tiago carry us with the pick 'n' roll again, as Blair and Kawhi begin to take over. Cory Joseph sealed the win with a left-handed break-away dunk. And as our old guys rested, we get the 105-83 WIN in our best overall team game in more than a week. For this one, the box score says a lot. 29 assists on 42 made baskets is exactly what you want. We also out-rebounded Atlanta by 10, 44-34, a stat that when in reverse fashion, has no doubt contributed to many losses lately. Shooting percentage wasn't really a factor here (51% - 44%), but going 11 of 23 from three certainly helps. Thank you Matt Bonner (5-7 from three, RJ, Green, and even Tony also hit 2 each).

Tony Parker now has 37 assists in his last 3 games. I like this. And one other thing: It's about time we finally beat a team badly who didn't have "an off-night shooting". Hawks shot 43.8%. No argument can be made that "they had a bad shooting night". And we only shot 51.2%.

Next is a 3-game road trip to Minnesota (Fri.), @Dallas (Sun. the 29th), and the next night at Memphis on Monday the 30th.

Sad Kitty is Sad

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This one's for you, Mom! Oh, and Tippytoes too..

Female Stereotyping

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The Rock of Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland

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The Rock of Cashel was the traditional seat of the kings of Munster for several hundred years prior to the Norman invasion. Few remnants of the early structures survive; the majority of buildings on the current site date from the 12th and 13th centuries. Cashel is reputed to be the site of the conversion of the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th century. The picturesque complex has a character of its own and is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture to be found anywhere in Europe. (Source)

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Phil Mickelson's Top-10 Shots

(excluding majors)


And let's not forget his famous backwards shot:





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Sorry.. I just haven't found much of anything that you haven't seen before.

It's not me - it's the Internets's's fault.

Thanks, Steven


Beautiful Aurora over Iceland


Dude - Your Hand..

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Hello, Patriots?


That is a classic! Or well, it's gonna be.

On a related note, check out just how close the voting is at for the first 84,040 votes nationwide: (link)

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UPDATE: Still 50/50 through 283,000 votes..

UPDATE II: Still 50/50 through 353,626 votes..

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ACTA Explained

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We MUST act against ACTA, and all legislation aimed at limiting our Internet!