Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big NBA FA Deals? Not So Fast..

by's Sam Amick

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A visual comes to mind as it relates to the most unique of NBA free-agency periods that has unofficially begun. Picture a pool surrounded by the league's general managers and owners, all of them turning left and right to see what the other is doing while peering down at the water with a shared look of trepidation.

This is a pool party, after all, so someone will have to jump. But with big men Nene, Tyson Chandler and Marc Gasol waiting for them in the deep end and the talent level of free agents so shallow compared to last year's class led by LeBron James, no one is in the mood for a cannonball just yet.

"I think what you're seeing is that nobody considers anyone in this free-agent market to be a clear-cut, franchise guy that we have to do everything within our power to get," said one agent with a client near the top of the mediocre mix. "No one wants to be the first to give that stupid, crazy contract and have that article saying what a sham the lockout was."

As a result, the third day of talks between agents and teams came and went without any major news of a big-name player leaning hard in the direction of a particular team. While oral or signed agreements are not allowed until Dec. 9, after the tentative collective bargaining agreement is ratified, a mutual understanding of some sort is still possible. But the pace has been even slower than expected.

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Your Prescription is Ready

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The Power of the Pentatonic Scale


Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale using audience participation at the event "Notes Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus" from the 2009 World Science Festival.

Do people instinctively know the sound patterns of the pentatonic scale? Is there a base level of musical knowledge in all of us, just waiting to be tapped? Or is the pentatonic scale simply so common in Western music that it has become ingrained in all of our minds? (Source)

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1925 New York Postcard


Happy Barn is Happy


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Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

(the largest cave in the world)


Son Doong Cave Wiki

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Here is a nice article about a trip into the cave.

Prohibition Protest

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Help from Above?

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The legend goes that there was a hole in Texas Stadium so God could watch his favorite team play. Well Texas Stadium, now demolished, is no longer the home of the Cowboys. Now playing in new Cowboys Stadium, it is obvious that a new legend just might be establishing itself.

Dogs Make Everything Better