Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation Link Dump

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15 Lives Ruined by Reality Television (via EHOWA - NSFW)

The Web Is Running Out Of Addresses

Thailand's 13 Most Totally And Utterly Repulsive Dishes (via Gorilla Mask - NSFW)

9 Sports Stars Who Were Banned From Their Sport

100 Great Quotes About Life And Living (2nd Edition)

The 20 Funniest Internet Reactions To The NBA Finals

How to Grill (Almost) Everything (via Look At This)

Ten Foods In Your Kitchen That Contain Gruesome Poisons (via The Presurfer)

Freedom In The 50 States (via EHOWA - NSFW)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation Rules

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Posts are gonna be a little slow this week until I get back home from a much-needed week's vacation. OK, it's much more needed for my wife than for myself, but it'll be great to be along with her on this much needed vacation of hers.

I'll have a link dump I've been preparing tomorrow to keep you all busy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad!

This picture was taken last father's day, and I hold it in high regard. I will probably look at this image every single father's day, and a lot of other days in between. Father's Day will never be the same again. This one's the first.

I miss you, Dad!

All The Time




Captain To Base - We Have A Bra Blocking The Roadway


A what?

A Bra.. a brassiere.

Well pick it up & move it, and get on with it!

Ma'am you don't understand. This one's like ..really big.

You mean like 42 triple E?

No, I mean like 90 meters double swimming pools.

Good Advice


...but not in Texas. We don't get any rain in Texas - EVER.