Saturday, December 18, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

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Actually I guess they're not kidding. These are actually for sale here, and in some stores across the nation, according to this related article.

Inventor Andrew Lewis proudly displays his new product

Lobster Heaven

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spurs Warning #1

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Just in case you haven't noticed, or maybe it's that most of the country doesn't care, my San Antonio Spurs are off to an NBA-leading 21-3 start. That's on pace for a final regular season record of 71-11, which would be incredible, like a record or something.

No, I'm just kidding. That was a Kenny Mayne soundbite. I know the Bulls went 72-10 in '96 or something. I also know that everyone under the sun was saying the Miami Heat would win 70 this season. Yeah right.

Lastly I know from experience that San Antonio gets very little positive media coverage. But just like in '99.. 2001-'02, '03, '04 (0.04), '05, '06 (Manu foul on Dirk), '07, and '08, we are serious title contenders. Do I hear #5 in this Dynasty? I think it's very possible.

Here are the NBA standings as of the completion of games on 12/15/10:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

High School Basketball Player Snaps

Fast forward to about 1:00 if you're short on time. Or you can try to figure out what prokoved #10 in white.. I can't find anything.


Need Some New Pillow Cases?


Role Reversal


A Few More Great Marching Band Performances

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Ohio State's "Script Ohio"

University of Tennessee's "Circle Drill"

UC Berkeley's Marching Band "16-bit"


For you Leah!

Oh Hi


Liquid soap, too! Man I hate that when I go to wash my hands, and that little ball of dried-up soap forces my quirt all the way onto my arm, shirt, and floor.

Now That's A Good Waitress


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Dear Youtube, PLEASE fix this. Thank you. That's all..

Visualizing Slavery

One of the most important maps of the Civil War was also one of the most visually striking: the United States Coast Survey’s map of the slaveholding states, which clearly illustrates the varying concentrations of slaves across the South. Abraham Lincoln loved the map and consulted it often; it even appears in a famous 1864 painting of the president and his cabinet.

The 1860 Census was the last time the federal government took a count of the South’s vast slave population. Several months later, the United States Coast Survey—arguably the most important scientific agency in the nation at the time—issued two maps of slavery that drew on the Census data, the first of Virginia and the second of Southern states as a whole. Though many Americans knew that dependence on slave labor varied throughout the South, these maps uniquely captured the complexity of the institution and struck a chord with a public hungry for information about the rebellion.

The map uses what was then a new technique in statistical cartography: Each county not only displays its slave population numerically, but is shaded (the darker the shading, the higher the number of slaves) to visualize the concentration of slavery across the region. The counties along the Mississippi River and in coastal South Carolina are almost black, while Kentucky and the Appalachians are nearly white.

Continue to the rest of the article, and be sure to click the image at the beginning to get to the interactive version of the map - with helpful descriptions around different regions of the south.


Forget Big Brother


Redneck Innovation

And a lot more here..


Now the one with the golf ball is definitely something I would do - but then again I have tons of golf balls lying around.

Shot With Perfect Timing


Did You Know?

The sum of the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666?

I didn't either..


Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Analysis - Celebrity Bong Hit

OK Watch this video of Miley Cyrus smoking something out of a bong. Fast forward if you like, but pay attention to her reactions.

This was "said" to be salvia that she's smoking. It's totally legal, yeah. But I challenge any of you to go to Youtube, and search for salvia trip or salvia high. What you saw is not what happens when someone smokes salvia.

The people who are somewhat protecting her (I say somewhat because why in the hell would they allow this video to be recorded of her? I ask... ) are only declaring it is Salvia because Marijuana is for the most part illegal.

Miley has definitely taken a regular bong hit of marijuana. All you have to do is watch how she acts. Not only this, but I will also say that I guarantee it's not her first hit of the night. Neither marijuana nor salvia hits you that quickly.

What this video shows is a now legal 18 year old smoking weed for probably the 2nd or 3rd time that night.

I feel for you Billy Ray!

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Poor Inside Kittehs


Makes me think of another "inside cat" I know very well. Then again nevermind - he wouldn't stay outside long enough to poop.

Well, That Narrows It Down




Hey, Bully!