Thursday, September 22, 2011

13 Places Google Doesn't Want You to See

A TruTV article

The White House - Formerly blacked-out, now with uncensored but out-of-date imagery

The Pacific Northwest, USA

Here's one that gives us chills. What exactly are we not seeing here? The site is close to the Washington-Oregon border and is rumored to have something to do with FEMA, HAARP or, really, anything at all. Prison Planet readers inspected the site in person and could find no identifying details other than an ominous fence and unmarked entrance.

Unknown Area, Russia

Another one that is so mysterious, no one has a clue what it is. One commenter on the website Siberian Light speculates it's either "a radar station or missile interceptor," while another notes that the image of the surrounding area appears to have been copy-pasted from another part of the country.

North Korea

You've no doubt heard about this country, one of the members of the supposed "Axis of Evil," but few have ever visited. You won't see it on Google Maps, either, as the entire country exists in images but without highway markers, street names, or any other identifying details.

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  1. Great article. I have another one for you, try finding the US embassy in Baghdad. Even though Google will point you to it, it is not visible on the satellite maps. Google stitched together various images to make the current image.

    I find that interesting because that it the largest US embassy in the world.

  2. Yeah I'll go check it out. I was looking around North Korea the other day and zoomed in on a few cities. I noticed that a ton of their buildings either had blue roofs, or they're colored to hide stuff. That was pretty crazy too!