Thursday, March 28, 2013

Damageplan - New Found Power (Full Album)


I've been to a ton of concerts, and seen almost everyone I've wanted to see. One of my biggest regrets, however, is not seeing Pantera live. In fact I regret not seeing a few other bands live, as well, but Pantera is certainly my #1 regret.

I did get to see Damageplan in July of 2004, but it was a show I was going to to see another band, and at the time who knew what was about to happen later that year. I knew who he was, and I knew the significance of the band, but didn't pay attention like I honestly should have. Rest in Peace Dimebag - We all miss you!

1. "Wake Up" 4:29
2. "Breathing New Life" 3:49
3. "New Found Power" 3:25
4. "Pride" 4:17
5. "Fuck You" (featuring Corey Taylor) 3:09
6. "Reborn" (featuring Zakk Wylde) 4:02
7. "Explode" 3:13
8. "Save Me" 3:36
9. "Cold Blooded" 4:57
10. "Crawl" 5:30
11. "Blink of an Eye" 4:19
12. "Blunt Force Trauma" 4:57
13. "Moment of Truth" 6:51
14. "Soul Bleed" (featuring Zakk Wylde) 5:13

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