Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did Flight 93 Really Crash Near Shanksville, PA?

Tons of suspicious questions are raised at this site. If you're a "truther" like me, you'll want to go check out this guy's collection of information about the "9/11 crash in Shanksville, PA" and all the questions that are raised.

Be sure to check out other areas of the site, such as the inconsistent timeline, suspicious debris, and theories, and of course there are hundreds of great images!

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Flight 93 was said to have crashed with 5,500 gallons of jet fuel still on board. What happened to the remaining thousands of gallons of jet fuel, and why wasn't there a huge fire around the crater when the first witnesses arrived shortly after the crash? And why was there never a thick black smoke plume trailing high up in the sky like you'd expect to see from such a deadly plane crash? Why is there only one small fire truck at the crash scene with little or no firefighting efforts going on?

Why did none of the tall dry grass growing right up against the rim of the crater get burned, and why was some of the dirt inside the crater free of charring and soot from the crash?

What happened to the large tail section from Flight 93 after it apparently only left a faint impression in the grass compared to the deep impressions its wings supposedly made? Was it found in the woods as only one young witness seems to described? If so, why haven't we seen a photo of it?


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