Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back From Vacation Safe & Sound (OC)


Hey everyone!

OK so very soon after my fantasy draft last Friday night, the wife and I took a short vacation to the coast. It seemed as if we were attempting to meet hurricane Isaac in Galveston. As it turned out, you would've never known by the weather the last two days down there, that there was a hurricane coming. We had a cool couple days, and made it home with a day or two to spare.

I'll have a few pictures to upload in a few days. Just know that I'm now back to posting at regular pace, and aside from normal fantasy football operations, things will be back to normal here at One For The Road.

Above is a picture I snapped quickly of the back of a truck with my phone. It was only afterward that I realized it was Michael Jordan's head. Must have been a truck carying a gigantic load of Michael Jordan cologne. At least that's what the truck says.

More to come about our little trip. Stay tuned!

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