Friday, August 31, 2012

Computer Issues, and a Frustrating Story

Thank you to kboyk2 for his comment on a forum that saved me from what I was certain was an unrecoverable PC condition.

Firefox locked-up. Ctr-Alt-Del, and ending task on Firefox did nothing. Hard boot did nothing. When I realized I still had control of my PC, I decided to do a normal "restart".

Then Windows7 was locked in "logging off" mode for hours. Hard-booting and then hitting F8 for safe mode didn't even work, and once it booted, it was just stuck in logging off mode again. Other than F2, for Boot options, I had no control of my own PC.

Here was the comment from kboy2k that was the answer:

"I figured it out on my own-- but anyway -- you must hold down the power off key for 10 seconds (2-3 seconds wont work- this puts in sleep mode) - after ten seconds release - it - then wait a minute then power on and windows should boot up fine=-- worked for mine." (Comment Via)

Learn something every day.

When I figure out why Firefox locked-up like I've never seen any program lock-up, I'll let you know.

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