Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here's a Judas Priest Set

Today I learned that the first song on the first released Judas Priest Album is "One For The Road".

The Ripper - Sad Wings of Destiny, (1976)


Diamonds & Rust - Sin After Sin, (1977)

A Joan Baez cover. Here is hers..

Better By You, Better Than Me - Stained Class, (1977)

This is the song that brought Judas Priest to court - The James Vance vs. JP court case regarding alleged subliminal messages resulting in two teens' attempted suicide, and the death of Ray Belknap. The plaintiffs lost the case. James Vance died three years later of an intentional overdose of pain meds. (Source)

Beyond The Realms Of Death - Stained Class, (1977)

Truly the band's masterpiece without any doubt, this is. Rather odd that those teens were so perplexed by the last song, and its silly "Do it" sounds, but this one is so much more touching, and powerful. A very underrated rock song.

1980's British Steel was regarded as Judas Priest's masterpiece album, but I disagree. It contained the hits Living After Midnight, Breaking The Law, and United. It was rather "mainstream", and the result was SUPER publicity in the United States. No doubt it's great but they had already released some seriously good stuff by this time, and would go on to do so afterward.

This was followed by Heading Out To The Highway, and Hot Rockin' from 1981's Point of Entry - furthermore a breakthrough into the mainstream in the States and Worldwide.

But back to the good stuff.

The Hellion/Electric Eye - Screaming For Vengeance, (1982)


Screaming For Vengeance was the Platinum album which also contained You've Got Another Thing Comin'.

The Sentinel - Defenders Of The Faith, (1984)


Love Bites - Defenders Of The Faith, (1984)


Some Heads Are Gonna Roll - Defenders Of The Faith, (1984)


Then came Turbo, 1986, which spawned several more hits. The most popular of which was Turbo Lover. But the album's gem was Parental Guidance, in my opinion.

Ram It Down - Title track, (1988)


Backtracking a bit.. but for a reason. Last but not least is the hit that began it all for Judas Priest, (other than the controversial Rocka Rolla). Another masterpiece:

Victim Of Changes - Sad Wings of Destiny, (1976)


Once she was wonderful
Once she was fine
Once she was beautiful
Once she was mine.. she was mine

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