Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wrong Number Text

Earlier tonight I got a text from someone, and it was obviously a wrong-number situation - apparently from a kid who was about to begin school. So I decided to play along with the person, whom I did not know:

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Alex: Hey Ms. Fuentes! It's me Alex sorry to bother you if you were already asleep. I had a question on the dress code.
Me: What's your question?
Alex: If I wear a strapless shirt with a jean button up long sleeve jacket over (all-day) tomorrow will that be acceptable?
Me: That's fine
Alex: Okay thanks! (:

Feeling a little guilty, and thinking I could end up getting this kid sent home from school, I decided to let her off the hook.

Me: You're welcome, but this isn't Ms. Fuentes.
Alex: Who is this? o:
Me: [My phone number].. Not Ms. Fuentes.
Alex: Ummm okay....? Thanks anyways.
Me: Lol No prob.

And then I get this:

Alex: No this is Ms. Fuentes! I know how she acts smart and says that's fine. >:D
Alex: Beach ahhaa
Alex: *Bwahahaha

So this girl thinks I am Ms. Fuentes acting as if I'm not Ms. Fuentes.

Me: OK if you say so
Alex: Nope, I know so. Goodnight stranger :3
Me: Ok but if you can tell me how to prove to you that I'm not Ms. Fuentes, I will.
Alex: Say whaaaa?....

And I'll just leave it there for the time being.

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