Wednesday, July 25, 2012

John Petrucci Introduces His New Pedal

Here is a Blabbermouth article about Dream Theater's John Petrucci's new modulation pedal.

"The Dreamscape has four knobs: Speed, Depth, FX Level and one that chooses between the six integrated signature tones and one additional TonePrint. Further, the pedal has a three-way switch for toggling between Bright, Normal and Dark, which is an overall tonal shaping feature chosen
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by Petrucci. Finally, The Dreamscape also contains all of the great features included in other TonePrint pedals such as true bypass, one-screw-battery-access and a sturdy design made for life on the road."

Most importantly, here is the video contained in the article:


The effects. The imagination. This is only a tiny part of why JP is the best guitarists of all time.

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