Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher (LIVE) San Antonio, TX 6/22/2012

Courtesy Jason Jude, (Jasonjayeah Productions)

This is the best one of the show, IMHO. This guy Jason uploaded videos of the entire show, and so yeah, I watched most of them. For the most part, David Lee Roth .. well he stunk it up. The way he "changed" Hot For Teacher actually turned out pretty good, but in most of the famous, classic, legendary tunes, he either: (1) decided he'd rather change things up a ton, or (2) he just refused to sing them the way we know them, or (3) he ~couldn't~  sing them the way we know them.

You can judge for yourselves by following the link to the rest of the videos from the concert.

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