Monday, June 11, 2012

Dream Theater - Misunderstood (LIVE)

in LA, 2007 (probably a re-post, but hey.. some things are worth re-posting)


I continue to learn more and more about the band that I've loved for 20+ years. Believe it or not, I just learned the existence of Mike Portnoy's Twelve Step Suite a few weeks ago. Just recently I also learned the following fact, when seeing what Wikipedia had to say about Six Degrees of Inner Turbelence:

In the song "Misunderstood", John Petrucci wrote and played the guitar solo, and then reversed it. He then learned how to play this reversed version, and after recording it reversed it once more. This resulted in a solo that sounded like his original solo but with a unique twist to the way the notes played. His use of such a technique was predated by George Harrison, on the Beatles song "I'm Only Sleeping". (Source)

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