Friday, May 18, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Case

-- has nothing to do with race.

The sooner all you black protesters realize this - the better.

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And why is it that it doesn't make national news when tons of people are upset about a white person's seemingly wrongful death? It's because we don't feel it is necessary to collectively come together and publicly RIOT every time a white person is wronged. It is always an issue with race for them whenever one of their own is wronged - in this country.

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A lot of people are pissed off at the way Kelly Thomas was murdered. But do you see mobs of white people protesting, and causing civil unrest because a handful of police officers beat him to a pulp? No. What you see there is an organized effort to investigate a group of officers who went overboard in their attempts to subdue a non-violent person, resulting in his death.

If you oppose the actions of the officers involved in the Kelly Thomas case, but are also blinded by reverse-racism in support of Trayvon Martin, then maybe you need to rethink exactly what you stand for. Go take some time and think about what it means to protect your own human life. Go take a moment to realize that George Zimmerman didn't want to pull the trigger any more than Kelly Thomas wanted to plead for his life for 15 minutes, while cops beat him to death.

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