Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is Reese


Does anybody - who has a LOT of land - want a very loyal, sweet, non-aggressive dog??

Please disregard the super-old chair!

We would like to give her away to a good home. Regardless of the level of attention she receives, she can't stand being confined in a large backyard. She loves to come inside, and is very good with our 2 dachshunds. I've never found a potty mess of hers in the house, and she even knows several commands. She's a great watchdog - She'll bark outside when our dachshunds bark inside, and she'll bark at anyone who's near our house. She's never been aggressive that we've seen, in fact she's pretty shy. It's very difficult to get her to come to us, and get her back inside when she has gotten out.

And that's the issue. We have a 30-year old wooden privacy fence, which contains a backyard that's about 60 x 25 yards. If there's a storm nearby, or she just feels like it otherwise, she'll find an old slat and chew on it until she can squeeze out. It comes in waves depending upon storms, and how well we fix the places from which she escapes. A few years ago, she escaped and was even gone for days. Weeks went by, and we thought we'd never see her again. We got a call from a guy almost 5 miles away saying he had our dog.. 33 days later. And she was even spayed! The reunion was a pretty special moment, as she went nuts when she heard my voice.

The fact remains.. We'd rather her have a place to run - like acres & acres. She continues to damage an old fence that would cost us thousands to completely replace, and if it's not the fence, she'll find a way to dig out.

Reese's specs:
• 7 years old, is spayed
• Rottweiler - Sheppard - Chow - mix
• About 50-55 pounds
• Knows "sit", "paw", "kiss", "lay down" -- Somehow can't figure out "come". Guess we didn't work hard enough on that one.
• 100% potty-trained
• Hates storms, and will let you know they're coming hours in advance
• Left ear won't stand up

Please let me know if you'd like to give her a good home!

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