Friday, May 11, 2012

Some LIVE Videos from the Mass Chaos Tour

Long post - This is an update to my prior post, Godsmack & Staind - Mass Chaos on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Here is a collection of videos I chose for this post - These were recorded at the Alamodome's Illusion's Theater on May 2, 2012. My wife & I were there, and enjoyed it immensely. You'll see why.

Except for the Halestorm video, all credit goes to Jasonjayeah for these great vids, and what a super job he did!

Halestorm - A Familiar Taste Of Poison


Staind - Spleen

Staind - For You

Staind - Not Again

Godsmack - Intro & Awake

Godsmack - The Enemy

Godsmack - The Oracle

These two were the highlight of the concert for me. The Oracle is an incredible instrumental on the newest album of the same name, and I loved the opportunity to see them perform it live! Then the little medley they played inside Keep Away made for a very unique experience. I know they've put Mistakes at the beginning of other songs before, but although I can't really place what it is they're playing, I know it's definitely theirs. And it's amazing.

Godsmack - Keep Away (with embedded medley jam)

Godsmack - Batalla del los Tambores

I will have the Staind setlist updated at the Godsmack & Staind - Mass Chaos post very shortly!!


  1. I want to thank you for sharing these videos & your input, as myself & fiance, and a close friend & his wife, attended both the Binhamton NY show & the Syracuse show, 2 days later....the first show having the Gold VIP passes. I've seen several videos on You Tube & other sites, taken with both cellphones & digital camcorders, and none come even close to the quality shown here! In most cases, the audio was seriously distorted due to being too close to stage monitors, or from questionable equipment.

    Once again....thank you!!!

  2. You're very welcome! Jasonjayeah is the one who uploaded them to youtube.. I got lucky and ran across him at, and just happened to find Jason's videos at youtube that way. Did you also check out my concert "review"?

    Thanks for visiting - I hope you'll come back! :)