Monday, March 26, 2012

Tiger Finally Wins!

Image Source (Photo by Phelan M. Ebenhack, AP)

Just in time for Augusta in a few weeks, Tiger finally manufactured 4 rounds good enough to grab a win - his first in 2½ years - at Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando. He's won Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill event 7 times now, and appears to be back in the fold.

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Note: I'm really not a Tiger Woods fan. For most of his career I've usually cheered for someone to beat him, simply because I was so against all the media attention he always drew. - (25% of the coverage was Tiger Woods, whether he was in the hunt or not, pulling much-needed publicity from weekly winners while he struggled from time-to-time.) - Not to mention his arrogance during every interview he ever gave.

No, no one in a long, long time has done what he has for the game of golf, I surely get that. But while he was dominating for so-o-o long, my "thing" was rooting for someone to step-up and challenge him. Phil, Freddie, Ernie, Vijay, you name him.

This win is huge for the golf world. It shows he's got his mind where it needs to be, and that he's brought his game back from the depths of no man's land. He also appears to have matured in the sense that he acknowledges the fact that he isn't God's gift to the game of golf (nor women), and he seems to have come a long way as a person the last few years.

Now once again I challenge the field: Are you paying attention?

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