Friday, February 17, 2012

We Have our Godsmack & Staind Mass Chaos Tickets

and it's gonna be incredible!

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This is pretty awesome! My wife and I ordered these tickets a few weeks ago, but I'm proud to announce now that we will be there. Both Godsmack and Staind are two of our favorite bands. We've seen them SEVEN times already separately, and now they're touring together? You'd better believe we're gonna be there. It will be an AWESOME show.

And tickets were reasonably priced, compared with a lot of the others these days, like the new Van Halen tour. Even tickets for Staind's last tour were $50 minimum.

Here's a Godsmack/Staind set:

Godsmack - "What If"

Staind - "Not Again"

Godsmack - "The Enemy" (IV)

Staind - "Paper Wings"

Staind - "The Bottom"

And the best for last, of course:

Godsmack - "The Oracle"

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