Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vote For Miss Survivor

All you Survivor enthusiasts, this is certainly for you. If you're a fan of Survivor, and have watched all the seasons (or most of them), then this should be no trouble for you - especially for you men out there. But I know Survivor has tons of women fans.

It's pretty easy.. All you have to do is go to the site, take 20 seconds to read the rules, and then write-in your top-5 Survivor women of all-time.

Or you can click the banner image..

I wanted to be thorough, so I found a place where I could quickly revisit the one's whose names I couldn't remember. So here is a Wikipedia link to help you out in that manner. Google-searching their names will bring up images, and almost instantly refresh your memory.

Myself.. I had to make a chicken-scratched short list of (GULP) 29 of them.. ordered by how I figured they'd end up ranked on my list. I was pretty surprised how difficult it was to pick only FIVE.

Here are mine:
1 - Stephenie LaGrossa
2 - Amanda Kimmel
3 - Jenna Morasca
4 - Natalie Tenerelli
5 - Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper

And I made it a point to include my next five in the comments, although I doubt they'll be considered: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Natalie White, Christa Hastie, Jenna Lewis, and Ashley Trainer.

Have fun with it, but go vote!

Thanks to Sugar's Facebook for reminding me!

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