Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spurs Update

We lost a game we should've won in Milwaukee Wednesday night. But as has been consistent with the last few games, our opponents continue to shoot a great percentage. Tony took it a little bit too much upon himself near the end of this one, and tried to do a lot of it himself. Nevertheless, RJ had a chance at the buzzer, and it didn't fall this time.
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L 103-106

I'm glad we beat Houston (in San Antonio) tonight. Those guys don't need to get it in their heads that they can beat us. After two preseason games in which we split victories, we have now split two regular season games. And there will be two more in the next three weeks. Sigh.

It was close the whole game, and it sucked that we had to go to overtime to win, because the play under their basket with only 12 seconds left should've been determined a shot-clock violation. After a Duncan block on Kyle Lowry that didn't hit the rim, Danny Green touched the ball only to save it from going out of bounds. Amidst the chaos, the shot clock should've ended, but was shown to be shut off at :05 (before Danny Green touched the ball during his under-the-basket save), and the Rockets were awarded the basketball under their own basket. Scola then hit a running hook-shot with a few ticks remaining on the clock to tie the game and send it to OT.

At any rate, Tony had hit a crazy shot that I thought would give us the win with 1:22 left. Nevertheless the aforementioned screwed-up play happened, and we have to win it in OT.

If not for the fact that Kyle Lowry hit two nasty threes - one in the final minute of regulation, and the other in the final minute of OT, it would've been a lot less exhausting. Duncan missed 3 of 4 FTs, and another wide-open jump shot. Two minutes and 28 seconds went by in OT before anyone scored. But it was (once again)
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an RJ three at 1:08 and a Duncan post-move shot after a Houston timeout that gave us a 4-point lead. Immediately after Lowry's second amazing three (96-95, Spurs), Parker draws a foul which leads to two crucial made FTs, followed by a stellar defensive stop, and rebound by Kawhi Leonard. He then ices the game with a FT, and two more from Tony, and it goes down as a 101-95 Spurs OT WIN.

Saturday night we host Portland, and that one will be TOUGH. Then Monday night it's Phoenix here in SA. I would hope we can get that one because the next two after this will be a difficult back-to-back on the road, at Orlando and Miami next Wed-Thurs.

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