Sunday, December 12, 2010

Analysis - Celebrity Bong Hit

OK Watch this video of Miley Cyrus smoking something out of a bong. Fast forward if you like, but pay attention to her reactions.

This was "said" to be salvia that she's smoking. It's totally legal, yeah. But I challenge any of you to go to Youtube, and search for salvia trip or salvia high. What you saw is not what happens when someone smokes salvia.

The people who are somewhat protecting her (I say somewhat because why in the hell would they allow this video to be recorded of her? I ask... ) are only declaring it is Salvia because Marijuana is for the most part illegal.

Miley has definitely taken a regular bong hit of marijuana. All you have to do is watch how she acts. Not only this, but I will also say that I guarantee it's not her first hit of the night. Neither marijuana nor salvia hits you that quickly.

What this video shows is a now legal 18 year old smoking weed for probably the 2nd or 3rd time that night.

I feel for you Billy Ray!

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